Do you feel your designs are looking boring and plain? Do you think they aren’t attractive anymore? If so, then it must be because you have enough of your daily fonts. If you have used the same fonts for a long time, then it’s easy to get bored and feel your designs aren’t as good as before, which can be annoying and discouraging at the same time.

So how about changing this boring style and trying out something new? If you are ready, then today we are going to introduce you to the cute Google Fonts!

They are way better than your old, plain, and simple-looking typefaces because they actually have a style, personality, and appeal, which makes them much better choices even for projects like documents.

With their adorable and cute style, they will not only help you get more fans but will provide you with self-satisfaction as well!

The best part about these fonts is that they are perfect for a variety of design projects, including websites, advertisements, personal projects, and many more, which makes checking them out a worthwhile option!

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12 Cute Google Fonts For Quirky Designs

Your wait finally ends. Since here’s a list of cute Google fonts, you will need to make your designs look more interesting. Make sure to check them out!

Swanky and Moo Moo

Start off with Swanky and Moo Moo by Kimberly Geswein, a cute font based on a young person’s handwriting, which looks really adorable! The letter design is pretty unique and looks exactly like real handwriting, which helps it stand out. If you are a fan of handwritten fonts, then this typeface can help you with a variety of projects, such as letters, greeting cards, and home décor. Also, if your work isn’t too professional, then maybe you can use this font for your Google Docs too!


Did you like Swanky and Moo Moo? If yes, then you should try out Gaegu, which is another handwritten font. It’s designed by JIKJI SOFT and is way simpler when it comes to design, but still, it looks handwritten because it doesn’t have perfectly straight lines.

Readability-wise, it’s excellent as well, since it’s so clear and feels great to look at! If you are a student who takes notes on an iPad or tablet, then Gaegu can help your notes look much better.


Chilanka, a cute Google font, on the other hand, is almost a perfect font like Calibri and Ariel, but then you realize it has some clean and beautiful curves that set it apart.

It’s designed by SMC and is an excellent font for headings because of its display style, which can easily attract a large audience. Maybe it’s time to change your website’s logo. Or maybe you need to replace your heading font? Chilanka can be an amazing choice!

Hi Melody

Let’s make this list more fun by adding more unique fonts, like Hi Melody, which is another handwritten font but has some spaces on its letters, which makes it look adorable. It’s designed by YoonDesign Inc., and it’s a good choice for texts such as notes, descriptions, letters, and invitation cards. However, if you think it might do well for display designs, then you can try it out for that too!


Of course, we started this list to get away from boring fonts that don’t look cute, but Jua is different! It’s bolder, cleaner, and has rounded ends that look absolutely adorable. This font was designed by the Woowahan Brothers and may work for a variety of projects; it doesn’t matter whether they are displays or texts. For instance, its bold and readable style allows it to be a perfect display font, while its boldness in small sizes helps it to be used as important text or subtitles.


It’s time to get rid of perfect fonts, so let’s take a look at one imperfect yet adorable font like Margarine! This font was created by Astigmatic and is based on marker writing, which explains its fuzzy and cute look.

It’s bold and good at display, so of course it can’t be used for texts, but home décor, logos, website designs, and advertisements are some good ideas to try out with it. Lastly, this font is more likely to perform well for personal projects and crafts, so feel free to have a lot of fun with it.


Here comes another bold, or maybe extra bold, Google font, known as Modak! This font is designed by Ek Type, and it’s popular because of its squishy and sweet style, which makes it look appealing.

Modak can be a good replacement for many popular display fonts, like Lobster, because of its interesting and lively look. Also, if you like graffiti art, Modak can work for you too, since its design is probably based on street and graffiti art.

Rum Raisin

Tired of boring and plain display fonts that look too professional? No problem, since Rum Raisin by Astigmatic is here! Fortunately, this cute font doesn’t follow a plain style and adapts to a much sweeter design that includes cartoon-styled letters and small dots at the ends of some letters, which looks appealing.

This font is ready for display work, so consider trying it out for flyers, T-shirt designs, and posters.


If something is interesting, then it’s because of its imperfections, and that goes for fonts too; therefore, here’s Slackey. It’s designed by Sideshow and has a design that features random small and big areas on letters, which makes its design pretty interesting. Slackey can be good for fun projects such as crafts, t-shirts, or kids and school designs because of its childish look.

It also looks a lot like the Spongebob font, and if you love that iconic show, then you must try this font out.


Did you like our previous marker font? If yes, then taking a look at Sunshiney might not be a bad idea! This font was also designed by Sideshow, but unlike the other marker fonts, Sunshiney is not perfect; it looks like the handwriting of a kid, which helps it have more personality and uniqueness. There aren’t many fonts that fit well for kids’ designs anyway, so if you are a teacher, then Sunshiney can come in handy.

Just Another Hand

Sadly, we barely got to talk about brush fonts, so let’s show some love to them by using Just Another Hand. This font is designed by Astigmatic and is known for its long and adorable brush stroke-like letter design.

People don’t use brush fonts that often, so using even one can make your work more interesting and fun to look at, which is why Just Another Hand might be a good choice for you. It works perfectly with a variety of display projects too, so do not miss it out.


This list has come to an end, so let’s finish it with a fun font like Atma by Black Foundry! At first, Atma may look like another boring font, but after using it, you realize it’s not as simple as it looks. Its design is pretty different than that of plain fonts, which can help it stand out.

However, if its thin style still bothers you, then why not try its bolder versions? They may even help you increase Atma’s use for display purposes.


Cute Google Fonts are so fun to use, especially when you have choices like Jua, Modak, and Atma! Using such fonts will not only make your design more interesting but will also help you stay motivated, so get them right now!