Cute things never fail to stand out; their attractive and innocent look can always captivate people, no matter what the situation. This applies to all things, whether they are kids, animals, or even fonts! Whenever you are in search of fonts that would make your design more famous than ever, cute typefaces have always got your back!

They have been used by designers for a long time, and it doesn’t matter how much you use them; they also remain timeless and help you market your designs very well. So if you are in need of some beautiful, charming, and cute fonts for your next project, look no further!

Here we have a large list of some of the cutest quirky fonts available on Canva. They can add a dazzling look to your designs and make them stand out more than ever, which is why trying them out is a must!

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What is A Cute Font?  

Cute fonts are a category of adorable and lovely typefaces that are mostly used for display purposes. They are usually large, colorful, and childish.

They are effective everywhere, but especially with children. Kids enjoy charming typefaces regardless of their age because of their bright and appealing style. It makes them an ideal choice for book illustrations, birthday party decorations, and other kid-related projects.

Additionally, some adorable fonts have a wonderful handwritten feel, making them an ideal choice for quotes, logos, branding, and invitation cards! All of this clearly demonstrates how adaptable and wacky cute fonts can be, which is why you must use them for your upcoming project.

Cute Fonts On Canva For Kids

Here’s a list of some of the best kid’s Canva fonts that are cute & quirky. They are perfect for every type of project, so make sure you try out all of them:

1. Bryndan Write

cute canva font

Let’s start this list with Bryndan Write, which is a simple yet really adorable font. It works well for both text and logos and with its clean legibility, anyone can notice it from afar.

If simplicity is your priority, then having this typeface with you can feel like a blessing. You can use it for invitation cards, quotes, printing work, and more because of its outstanding versatility.

2. Dreaming Outloud

Cute Canva Fonts

Dreaming Outland is actually a font family designed by Elena Genova. This family is an amazing set of some cute fonts that can make your projects look extra stylish.

What’s more, this family has eight beautifully designed handwritten typefaces that will always make your projects more elegant than ever. If you love writing quotes and posting them on social media, then Dreaming Outland can be a great choice for this task.

3. Lazydog

Cute Canva Fonts

Are you looking for a sweet and friendly font? If yes, then end your search here, since we are introducing you to the Lazydog. It’s a really charming font designed by Paul Neave as a handwritten font.

Its cute and adorable looks are just way too captivating, which makes it a perfect choice for kid’s designs. If your kids have an upcoming party, then do not forget to use Lazydog for it!

4. Sigher

When vintage and cute styles are fused, they create perfection, and that’s why we are presenting you with Sigher! It’s a handmade grunge typeface that can easily take your audience back to the 90s.

It doesn’t matter whether you use it for text or display; it will shine everywhere. So make sure you try it out soon and stand out with ease!

5. More Sugar

Cute Canva Fonts

Tired of thin typefaces? No problem, here’s More Sugar! an adorable and chunky font that is filled with just a lot of cuteness. It’s a handwritten font with a simple and artistic touch.

Because of its unique style, this font can adapt to any style and be used anywhere, whether it’s a birthday party’s decorations or a business logo.

6. Vintage Rotter

Cute Canva Fonts

Here comes the most stylish font of the list, which is also known as Vintage Rotter, a monoline script font that should be used for places that need a lot of aesthetics. It’s a really good font for formal situations, so try using it for wedding invitations, greeting cards, quotes, branding purposes, and printing as well!

7. Mansalva

Cute Canva Fonts

Designed by Carolina Short, Mansalva is an amazingly cute text typeface that should be a part of your documents for sure. It has a really unique and charming style, which can make anyone fall in love with this font.

So if you want your texts, documents, quotes, and paragraphs to look even more attractive than before, then make sure to use Mansalva.

8. Genty Sans

Cute Canva Fonts

Need some more typefaces like More Sugar? No problem! Here’s Genty Sans, an adorable and bold font with really stylish lettering. If you are a fan of display fonts, then it’s guaranteed that you are going to love Genty Sans.

Its amazing looks and readability make it a good choice for any kind of project, which is why it’s known as a perfect font.

9. Gaegu Bold

Cute Canva Fonts

When it comes to cuteness, we can never ignore Korean and Latin fonts. Presenting Gaegu Bold, which is a bolder version of a popular font named Gaegu. This typeface’s letter style is really cute; it looks almost like comic letters. If you want to use this font, then try it for texts, comics, or even logos.

10. Pecita

Cute Canva Fonts

Love handwritten fonts? Here’s another cute hand-made font named Pecita! This typeface has so many cute and small letters that it can melt anyone’s heart in just a few seconds.

It doesn’t matter whether your audience is kids or adults; Pechita is something that fits with just everything, which makes it the best friend of every designer.

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11. One Little Font

Cute Canva Fonts

Nowadays, it’s really hard to find some good fonts for kids, but don’t worry since the One Little Font is here. As the name suggests, this is a really cute typeface with really adorable small letters. Kids will surely love it, so you are allowed to design their books, t-shirts, bags, or pillows with it.

12. Handyman

Cute Canva Fonts

Handyman is a really underrated font; most people ignore this handwritten typeface, but you shouldn’t, since it’s really unique and dazzling. It has amazing readability as a display font, making it a great option for large headings and banners. Try designing some logos with Handyman; you will surely see its worth eventually.

13. Le Petit Cochon

Cute Canva Fonts

There are so many cute fonts on Canva, but only a few made this list, and one of those is Le Petit Cochon. It’s another bold and childish font that can instantly put a smile on your kid’s face. However, if you want, you can use this typeface for branding purposes as well. Its aesthetic look will help you attract more customers easily.

14. Sweet Apricot

Cute Canva Fonts

Before this list ends, let’s not forget Sweet Apricot, which is probably the best handwriting font on Canva. Just like its name, this typeface is really sweet, can steal anyone’s heart in seconds, and leaves an amazing impact on designs with ease.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it for logos, headings, or texts. It will fit everywhere and provide you with a lot of success!


Picking some cute fonts for your project can be a hassle, but you don’t need to worry about that anymore. In the above list, we have mentioned all the cute Canva fonts.

The entire list contains many perfect fonts; if you are looking for some good typefaces for your upcoming project, then do not forget about these fonts. They can make your designs look stunning and help you stand out without any problem.

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