Christmas is a festival of happiness, celebration, and love. However, it can become even better with some dazzling Christmas fonts! Whether you are a website owner or just a normal person enjoying this holiday, you will surely need some good fonts soon.

Because finding the perfect typeface on Christmas Eve can be frustrating. Especially if you need to send some greeting cards to your relatives the next day. Or you are looking forward to changing the look of your website to attract more people.

If you are stuck in such a situation, then here are some Christmas fonts from Canva that can save your day! It’s true there are many websites where you can get good fonts, but Canva has the most perfect ones, so why not try them out?

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Why Christmas Fonts? 

Any font that is designed for this winter holiday can be called a Christmas font. Most of the time, these typefaces are glittery, decorative, and eye-catching. They are so appealing that it’s hard to ignore them, which is why businesses, shops, and website owners use them every Christmas.

Also, these Merry Christmas fonts can be used for other festivals too, which makes them a really reliable type of font.

Benefits Of Canva Pro

If you are wondering why you should choose Canva for your Merry Xmas fonts, then it’s because Canva has just so many benefits. Some of them include:

  • Premium design templates
  • Access to many amazing fonts
  • Free images and videos
  • Unlimited folders and storage
  • Background remover
  • Ability to resize designs
  • Premium stock image library

12 Canva Christmas Fonts

Now that you know the benefits of Canva Pro, it’s time to look at some of their best Christmas fonts. Here’s a list of them, so make sure you try all of them:

1. Daydream

Daydream is all you need for Christmas! A magnificent and stylish font that was designed by Alice Whales. It’s a modern typeface with a calligraphic style that can make anyone attracted to it. If you want more style and attractiveness in your designs, then consider using this font.

Its elegant look will easily blend with the Christmas vibe, so make sure you design some greeting cards with it and make your relatives smile.

Lastly, it’s an ideal choice for logos and headlines as well, which means shop owners can also benefit from this typeface.

2. Brusher

As the name suggests, Brusher is a beautiful and modern brush font that can be easily used in any Christmas design! If you love stroked and handwritten fonts, then make Brusher your favorite since, for such tasks, it’s a perfect pick.

You can design many beautiful logos, headlines, gift cards, and many more things with this typeface. Its amazing readability and large letters make it an ideal choice for large screens.

3. Hangyaboly

For a holiday like Christmas, Hangyaboly is a really good font because of its cartoonist style. This font should be used for kids most often because it has a cute letter design style any kid will love for sure!

Whether a toy store or a candy store, both will look great when designed with Hangyaboly. Also, using this font for greeting cards and gifts is a sweet choice.

Create something cute with it. Your relatives and friends will surely appreciate your designs.

4. Anton

Anton is a highly bold font that was designed by the famous graphic designer Vernon Adams. It’s a really popular font and is loved by so many people in the world.

Anyone who is a fan of bold and large fonts will surely love this typeface instantly. If you want to create something customized for Christmas T-shirts, mugs, or pillowcases, then why not try out Anton?

This font is just perfect for printing purposes, which can make your Christmas extra special.

5. Bukhari Script

A list of Christmas fonts can never be completed without Bukhari Script. It’s another elegant cursive font that can be used for any type of design.

Whether you want to send some letters to your friends or design a Christmas themed logo for your shop, the Bukhari script is just right for everything.

Its dazzling letter style will easily attract people to it, which makes it a highly worthwhile option for your Christmas designs!

6. Jua

Christmas with modern fonts is good, but retro fonts are just too perfect! That is why, to add a vintage feel to your Christmas, we present you with Jua. A Korean and Latin retro brush font that is known to give a groovy feel to any design.

With this cute font, you can easily cherish your childhood memories with this cute font and celebrate Christmas even more happily.
So make sure you design something that will remind you of this Christmas in the future.

7. Tan Meringue

Tan Meringue is another retro font to add to the list, which was designed and released by TanType. This font has some amazing curves, which gives it a good personality.

If you are in love with retro fonts or love using them, then you won’t be able to help but use this font in your next project. Tan Meringue’s unique style makes it a good option for Christmas designs as well.

Try different combinations and creations with it to surprise your audience and customers!

8. Brittany

Fashion brands celebrate Christmas too that’s why especially for them we present Brittany Signature font. A highly feminine and beautiful that can add a majestic touch to your designs.

Christmas designs always don’t have to be cute and simple, and Brittany easily proves this with its modern style. Your friends will surely love “Merry Christmas” T-shirts with a signature design, so why not try it out?

9. Le Petit Cochon

Did you like Hangyaboly? If so, then we present you with another cartoonist font named Le Petit Cochon, which was designed by Konstantina Louka.

It’s probably the most perfect Merry Christmas font you will ever see. It has both readability and a charming letter style, which makes it a good choice for Christmas designs.

However, one unique thing about this font is that it can be loved by both adults and kids at the same time, so with it, you can attract any type of audience.

10. The Season Light

The seasons light is one of those fonts which can be used on any festival or holiday. It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating Easter Day, Halloween, or Christmas; this font will help you every season.

Therefore, if you don’t like finding new fonts for every holiday, then why not try out The Seasons Light? This font has got a thin letter style, which makes it really versatile, so design anything you need!

11. Caveat

The chances of finding a Merry Xmas font for text are low but never zero, which is the reason we have bought you Caveat. A handwritten font that has some cute small letters, ideal for text purposes.

Writing Christmas letters, wishes, and greeting cards would be a perfect use of this font. So if you are looking for such typefaces, do not forget Caveat!

12. Nickainley

As the last font of this list, we present you with Nickainley, another beautiful retro and handwritten font which will make your holidays memorable!

This classic font is just too good for every Christmas design. because it has many amazing features like lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, which makes this font even more viable.

Therefore, for your upcoming projects, do not forget to use Nickainley.


There are so many beautiful Christmas fonts available, and we have listed the best ones in the above list. You can try any of them as they are just perfect for this festival, so make sure you try them.

Lastly, do not forget to use Canva Pro for your upcoming projects, it’s a great tool for designing and all the above fonts are present in it!

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