Although the internet is full of many beautiful modern and futuristic fonts, designers are suddenly becoming attracted to grunge fonts! You may think that people loved them a long time ago, so it’s impossible for them to come back.

But the truth is that these retro and urban fonts enter the trend every now and then. It doesn’t matter what year it is, they will always make a decent comeback and make everyone fall for them!

If you are also in search of some street and grunge-styled fonts, then consider your search has ended already. In this post, we are going to present some of the best grunge fonts on Canva.

Searching for some decent grunge fonts is quite hard, especially because it’s the 21st century where people often pick crispy and modern fonts. That’s the reason you must read this article till the end.

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What Is A Grunge Font?

Remember the street, dirty, rock-styled fashion and music from the late ’90s? That’s what is called the grunge style. And any font inspired by that rock punk style can be called a grunge font! Most of the time, these fonts aren’t clean; they have a rock star and pop culture vibe to them, making them stand out from the crowd.

Millennials are in love with these fonts as this style was introduced in their growing years. So, if your target audience is current adults, using grunge fonts can help your projects succeed quickly. Greeting cards, logos, posters, and brand titles are some of the places where these fonts would suit the most.

Lastly, make sure you check out Canva. It’s an amazing design tool that can help you create projects in a matter of seconds. All the fonts listed below are available in Canva, so make sure you use them for your upcoming projects.

12 Distressed Grunge Fonts From Canva

Below is a list of some of the best-distressed fonts you will ever find on Canva. They are all perfect for your projects, so using them becomes a worthwhile option.

1. Zuume Rough Bold

Loved The Walking Dead series? If yes, then it’s guaranteed you will love Zuume Rough Bold as well, since it looks a lot like their logo! It’s a decent, bold sans-serif font that can make your designs even more iconic than ever.

It’s really aesthetic and can attract so many audiences, so designing some projects like logos, branding posts, headlines, and posters would be a highly beneficial idea.

2. Thicker Destroy

Looking for some thick grunge fonts that can add an impactful vibe to your designs? If so, then you don’t need to look any further. Here we are introducing you to Francesco Canovaro’s Thicker Destroy.

A great thing about this font is that it has over 900 Greek, Cyrillic, and Latin glyphs, which gives you the opportunity to design outstanding projects. Not to mention you get access to hundreds of languages, which increases this font’s viability even more!

3. Rustic Printed Stamp

If you want to send your audience to the 90s, then this grunge font named “Rustic Printed Stamp” can easily help you. It has a stamp-like design with stretched letters, which easily helps the viewer remember the good old days.

You can use Rustic Printed Stamp as often as you want. From logos to banners to actually printed stamps, this font works perfectly for all your fun designs. So if you are a Canva user, make sure to give it a try.

4. Edo

Edo is probably the best brush font on Canva; it’s not only beautiful, but it’s a fan-favorite font as well. You can simply design any text with this font and it will turn into a masterpiece instantly, which is why you should try it soon.

Whether you are designing marketing banners, labels, branding logos, or advertisements, as long as you have this font, you can create some appealing projects that will steal people’s attention.

Lastly, since it’s a bold brush font, it gives you great readability, which will make your texts more recognizable to grunge lovers.

5. Kooperative Scratched

Fonts that are inspired by scratched letters always make designs look spooky and dirty, and in this category, nothing beats Kooperative Scratched.

It’s a font that looks like scratched letters. At first, you may think it’s hard to use this font since it’s really unique. But the great thing about this distressed Canva typeface is that it can be a good idea for Halloween decorations.

So for next Halloween, make sure to try Kooperative Scratched and make some spooky designs!

6. Lava Pro Grunge

As the name suggests, Lava Pro is a vintage font that was made especially to be used as a grunge typeface. If you want your projects to have a rock star-style vibe, then Lava Pro Grunge could be a good choice for you.

Its vintage style will always keep your design alive, so create some logos, headlines, and branding projects with it soon!

7. Inlander Texture

Need some decent retro feelings in your designs? No problem since the Inlander Texture is here. It’s a cool grunge font that is an expert at making texts look quirky and classic.

You can design multiple projects with it since it works well just about everywhere. Whether you’re trying your hand at painting or designing a book cover, if you want a classic and sharp look in your project, keep Inlander Texture in mind.

8. JA Jayagiri Sans Rough

Although there are hundreds of grunge fonts on Canva, JA Jayagiri Sans Rough is something you can never forget about. It has a stunning letter style, which can always make your design the center of attention.

Not to mention, with its amazing legibility, people can see your logos from long distances if you use Ja Jayagiri Sans Rough. Everything about this font is just perfect, so what are you waiting for? Try it right now!

9. Intro Rust

Intro Rust is not a single font because it’s a huge bundle of 214 different typefaces. This package was designed by Svetoslav Simov and is considered one of the biggest font bundles ever. If you want multiple fonts with just one purchase, then Intro Rust could be a good choice.

With hundreds of grunge fonts available in the bundle, you can create countless combinations and projects, which can give a boost to your design career.

10. TT Milks Casual

When it comes to grunge fonts, TT Milks Casual is the only typeface that has a clean design yet doesn’t fail to work as a distressed font. Anyone who wants a sweet retro design for their project should always trust TT Milks Casual.

It’s good for logo designing, branding, marketing, greeting cards, and more. There are endless designs you can create with it, so do not waste your time and get it all ready!

11. Gagalin

Everyone misses the comics from the 90s and if you are one of those people, then it’s time to bring back that style and add it to your designs. Introducing Gagalin, a retro font inspired by the font style of classic comics.

It’s a good choice for display designs, so use it for logos, headlines, posters, and any other project that will need attention. It will steal the spotlight and will make your design everyone’s favorite.

12. Hertical Texture

Here comes the last font of the list, which is named Hertical Texture. Anyone who enjoys ancient and vintage lettering will be immediately drawn to this typeface. So make sure to design some decent display projects with it.

Its retro style can take anyone back to the 90s, so if your audience is adults, then using Hertical Texture is a must, since they will love it for sure!

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