Halloween is coming soon which means everything will turn really spooky and scary eventually!

Stores, malls, houses, games, and even websites will change their appearance and add some Halloween decorations to make them look more attractive.

And this is where professional designers get busy with their Halloween-themed designs. Since they will be the ones designing everything for us!

Are you one of those designers too? If so, then it’s guaranteed that you are looking for some witchy and mysterious fonts for your next projects.

Finding the right font in just a small amount of time could be a big problem.

Therefore, to save your Halloween, we have gathered some of the best Spooky Canva fonts! Using these Canva fonts can be a great idea as anything designed with them will surely fit the scary vibe and attract more customers to you.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the spooky world of some mysterious fonts.

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What are Halloween Fonts?

Any font with a scary, spooky, or ghostly style can be considered a Halloween font. Most of the time, these typefaces include bats, zombies, and ghosts around their letters and characters.

They are often bold and large so that everyone can read them properly and understand your message without any problem.

Furthermore, some Halloween fonts even include bones, blood, and slime designs in them, which can easily attract more people to you.

All these qualities make Halloween fonts really unique and different from normal typefaces, which is the reason you must try them out soon.

Best Canva Halloween Fonts

For every designer patiently waiting for these spooky fonts, your wait ends now! Here’s the list of 10 amazing Halloween typefaces:

1. Butcherman Caps

spooky Halloween Fonts

Butcherman Caps are one of the scariest fonts in existence and can give chills to anyone instantly!

This bloody font was designed by Typemondo a long time ago, and even today people haven’t forgotten it.

If you want to benefit from this typeface, then it’s better to use it for headings, titles, logos, and headers. With its large shape and bold style, this font gets enough readability, which means it’s always ready to make your designs extra spooky!

2. Jeepers

spooky Halloween Font

If you are looking for the world’s best Halloween font, then we present to you Jeepers!

This groovy font was designed by Nick Curtis to show the world how mysterious and witchy a font can be.

Many designers consider this font the best choice for Halloween and use it really often to create many amazing designs. This font can perfectly suit logos, banners, greeting cards, titles, and even T-shirts too.

Therefore, if you want some Halloween-themed clothes, make sure to use this font!

3. Balmy

spooky Halloween Fonts

Balmy is a beautiful handmade brush font that would work perfectly when you want to represent blood in your designs!

If used with red, its strokes will help you give a bloody look that would fit well for your Halloween-themed designs. Furthermore, this font has over 400 characters, which means you’ve got a great opportunity to design anything you want!

Balmy would be a great choice when it comes to all types of headings and even texts as well, so try it out soon!

4. Kawit

Do you like werewolves? If yes, then Kawit could be an ideal choice for you since this font shape is like a werewolf’s claw mark!

It is actually a handmade brush font that was inspired by the old lettering styles used in the Philippines.

This font has amazing curves that make it look like claw marks left by a werewolf.

If you have an upcoming Halloween party, then maybe you can use this font to design your house and even scare your friends.

5. Savage

Whether it’s Halloween or not, Savage is something you can use whenever you want.

It’s another handmade brush font that would suit any kind of design fluently.

For Halloween, use this wherever you want since it’s also known as a multipurpose font, which means it can easily fit any purpose.

If you want, then it would be a great idea to use it to represent blood just like Balmy!

6. Jingleberry

Jingleberry is a modern font that was designed by Heaven Castro and released in 2017.

Its name may make you feel like this font can be used only for Christmas, but that’s not the truth since it will work well for Halloween too!

If your kids are arranging a Halloween party, then try using this font. It’s cute and charming, which means kids will surely love it and enjoy the party for sure.

7. Charu Chandan Blood Drip

spooky Halloween Font

Charu Chandan Blood Drip is a scary Indian font that would scare anyone entering your party.

Its letters have blood dripping from them, which can even scare adults.

While using this font, you don’t need to worry about readability since the language used in this typeface is hard for Indians as well. Lastly, make sure to use this font for the background on posters and titles to give a scary vibe!

8. Abys

spooky Halloween Font

Designed by Ioan J. Ajalfa Abys is an attractive brush font that is loved by so many designers.

This typeface is ideal for creating original brush patterns and contains lovely brush characters.

There are more than 146 hand-drawn characters available. This font is so versatile that even students, Youtubers, bloggers, and office employees love using it.

This means for your Halloween-themed designs, Abys won’t disappoint you at any cost!

9. Inlander Texture

spooky Halloween Font free

A spooky design without a vintage vibe would look so boring, so why not try Inlander Texture?

It’s a bold serif font that was specially made for logos, titles, and heading.

When it comes to attracting traffic, texture can be a really great choice, so design a Halloween logo with it and achieve as much attention as you can.

10. Edo

spooky Halloween Font canva

Designed by Vic Fieger and released in 2009, Edo is the last font on this list.

This font looks so similar to Balmy since it’s also a hand-drawn brush font but with extra beauty!

It has an amazing lettering style that will be pleasing to your customers’ eyes from the moment they see it. Furthermore, it will work well with your Halloween decorations too.

Just make sure you use some dark backgrounds with it to give it a horror look.


Halloween is a festival when many designers can show their true skills and create amazing designs.

If you are also a designer, then make sure to use the fonts given above for your next Halloween.

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