Script fonts are always outstanding. They have the ability to make any design stand out from the crowd because of their attractive cursive style. Any project that lacks creativity or beauty can look better than ever if you use some good script fonts to design it.

For all these reasons, cursive fonts make excellent choices for branding, marketing, and business projects.

However, this doesn’t mean you always have to use cursive fonts for formal purposes only, since they work well in informal situations too. Whether you are designing a greeting card, a quote, or some fun crafts, the cuteness of script fonts will always enhance the beauty of your projects.

With that said, if you are in search of some elegant script fonts, then you need to look no further since in this post we are presenting some of the cutest script fonts ever!

Finding good fonts can be a hassle if you do it all by yourself. That’s why picking the best-scripted typefaces from the below list can be good. Lastly, a great thing about them is that most of them are free, which means you won’t regret spending time with them!

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What Is A Cursive Or Script Font?

Most of the time, a cursive or script font is a hand-drawn font that is inspired by the handwriting style of the 16th century. This handwriting style was created to make writing quicker and more enjoyable, which consequently gave birth to scripted and cursive fonts.

A surprising fact about these typefaces is that they are really different from display fonts. Script fonts are thin and highly stylish, while display fonts are often bold and simple.

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Furthermore, surprisingly, scripted fonts have more uses than display fonts since they can be used for many purposes, including quotes, logos, headlines, greeting cards, and many more. Formal or informal, cursive fonts can fit well in both settings, which makes them really different from display typefaces.

Lastly, Vimeo, Kellogg’s, and Sharpie’s logo designs easily prove how versatile and stunning these cursive typefaces are.

13 Cutest Script Fonts You Must Try

Here’s a list of some of the best cursive fonts you will ever find. All of them are perfect, and most of them are free, so make sure to try all of them:

1. Choco Chici

Let’s start this list with a sweet handwritten font called Choco Chici. It’s a beautiful script font that was designed by Basnistd. Choco Chici has a really relaxing and soothing style, which will please people’s eyes. You may think this font is good only for display purposes, but as text, it still rocks.

Furthermore, it can add a captivating feel with ease, so using it for invitations, greeting cards, or any other project that needs attention would be a great idea!

2. Lemonmint

Whenever you are working on a fun project and need a good font, there can be no better choice than Lemonmint by Allouse Studio. It’s a cute cursive font that is always ready to make its readers feel refreshed and energized.

As a result, this font is ideal for casual applications such as wedding invitations, store logos, greeting cards, quotes, and gift tags.

3. Barnies

Vintage fonts always add nostalgic feelings to projects, and when mixed with handwritten fonts, they can make any design way too stunning. If you are in search of such a type of font, then trying Barnies would be a good idea.

Barnies is a vintage handwritten font that never fails to add a striking touch to projects. Whether you want to use it for branding purposes or print T-shirts, you will always get something unexpected. So, get your hands on Barnies as soon as possible!

4. Sweet Apricot

Sometimes it’s hard to add happiness to designs, but if you use Sweet Apricot, such tasks are just a piece of cake. Introducing Sweet Apricot, a playful cursive font which is designed and released by AngelinaKovel.

It’s a charming handwritten font that is loved by many designers and font lovers because of its dazzling style. To utilize its full potential, add this font to your kid’s design. This small and cute typeface will work well in such a place.

5. Sentania

There are a lot of attractive cursive fonts, so let’s give them a break and take a look at a highly readable handwritten font like Sentania!

This font is great for signatures, packaging, and even headlines. With its amazing legibility, people can read your message from a long distance. Lastly, you shouldn’t ignore its beauty either. The font is so slim and perfect for any project that lacks elegance.

6. Gerdingan

A font list of cursive and handwritten fonts can never be completed without Gerdingan. It’s a handwritten brush font that can make your headlines more special than ever.

When you use this font, you will notice strokes at the tips of each letter, which makes the design even more attractive. Just like Sentania, Gerdingan also has enough readability, which means for display purposes, there can be no better option than these two fonts.

7. Darlington Signature

Designed by Glyphstyle, Darlington Signature is a modern script font that is best for every project that needs a stylish touch. If you love designing signatures or stylish quotes, then this font is especially for you. It has a futuristic look that looks excellent with handwritten letters.

You can try designing some logos with this typeface too since its eye-catching style has the ability to attract people really easily.
Lastly, Darlington Signature is a free-to-use font, which means you can design with it right away!

8. Fresh Lemonade

Fresh Lemonade is probably the sweetest font you can ever find. It’s a handwritten font that has a really charming and pleasing look. When your audience notices something designed with Fresh Lemonade, it will be hard for them to ignore it.

Furthermore, a great thing about this font is that it can be used in places, whether you want to print T-shirts, SVG designs, stickers, or create some logos or headlines.

Everything designed with it looks stunning, so make sure to give it a try.

9. Otherway

Indeed, there are many beautiful fonts for SVG crafts, but Otherway is something you just can’t help but love. It’s an amazing modern font with a calligraphy style, which is used for SVG crafts most of the time.

Otherway has a unique letter style because each letter in this font is actually drawn by hand, which is the reason it’s so special. Therefore, if you face a hard time finding the perfect typeface for your SVG projects, then don’t forget about futuristic Otherway!

10. Winola

For those who are looking for a decent brush font with a script style, your wait ends here, since we are presenting you with Winola! This font was designed by Typefactoryco and is considered one of the best brush fonts for display purposes.

You can try it for branding, marketing, invitations, home decorations, and even your website too. Its dazzling looks can easily draw people’s attention towards you and make you popular.

11. Grindel Milk

It’s really hard to find bold script fonts nowadays, and if you were in search of such a font, then you will surely love Grindel Milk by Din Studio. It’s a classy and free font that is known to add an elegant touch to every design.

Not to mention, this typeface has a dazzling design that will look good on any fun projects, and your audience and clients will surely love it. So if you want to create something with it, then you can design website logos, labels, headlines, and advertisements as well.

12. Charming Lines

The best thing about cursive fonts is that they are really aesthetic and lovely, which isn’t the reason we have added “Charming Lines” to the list.

It’s a captivating font that came into existence after two beautiful fonts fused together. Charming lines are a perfect choice for any kind of fun project, whether they are greeting cards, posters, or invitations.

If any of your designs lack happiness, then this font can perfectly make them cheerful and cuter than ever before!

13. Vanilla Latte

Let’s end this list with an iconic font called Vanilla Latte, which was designed by ReveryWorks. It’s a bold and playful font that was designed to make projects attractive.

Just like a cup of coffee, this font is full of energy, which means using this font in logos and headlines can easily help you stand out from the crowd. Lastly, it’s a vintage font as well, which means you can get both cheerful and retro style in just one font.

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