Whether it’s 1990 or 2022, preppy fonts are something that will never go out of style. No matter where you go, you will always see logos, advertisements, and headings designed with them. This is possible because these typefaces are timeless; although they were invented a long time ago, people still love seeing them because they help them remember the good old days and enjoy the nostalgia they evoke.

Not to mention, they are really versatile as well, so it doesn’t matter what you are planning to design; as long as you use preppy fonts, you will end up creating something unique. which is the reason why many designers are still in love with these typefaces.

However, if you are a person who heard about this type of font for the first time but still wants to use it, then you are at the right place. Just for you, in this post, we are going to present some of the best aesthetic and preppy fonts available on the internet.

All of them are perfect for all your projects, so make sure you read this article to the end and save your energy and time for future projects!

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What is a Preppy Font?

Preppy typefaces were influenced by the vintage and Y2K fashion trends of the year 2000. When people suddenly became thrilled about the turn of the century, this fashion emerged. They adapted to a new, attractive, cheery, and upbeat fashion trend.

This era was also the beginning of the internet, which helped many graphic designers create these aesthetic, preppy fonts. And since these typefaces were inspired by a popular trend, people really enjoy using them for almost all of their projects, which is why these retro fonts are famous even today.

Furthermore, preppy fonts are really different from display fonts because they are really aesthetic, groovy, and provide a sci-fi vibe. Not to mention, they are mainly used for video editing, while displays are just for logos and headlines. Preppy’s bright and shiny style makes them a perfect choice for videos; even in a moving background, they will be clear, which is why you must try them out soon!

14 Best Aesthetic Preppy Fonts

Here is a list of the top 14 preppy and stylish fonts. Utilizing them is essential because they are consistently a fantastic selection for your tasks.

1. Better Together Script

preppy fonts free

Better Together Script is an elegant font and one of the four fonts in the Better Together family. This font is really cute and becomes even cuter because of its double-lettered ligatures. If you love brushed or cursive fonts with a classic style, then Better Together Script is the way to go for your upcoming projects.

Lastly, it’s free for personal use, which gives you a chance to try it out easily!

2. Palmer Lake | A Quotable Font Duo

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Do you love using the gorgeous fonts that are often used for quotes? If yes, then Palmer Lake will surely become your best friend soon! It’s designed by Jen Wagner Co. and is considered a decent aesthetic font!

The unique letter style used in the font easily makes it a good preppy font, so if you are designing some retro quotes or want to add vintage-styled subtitles to your videos, then choose Palmer Lake!

3. Starborn Font

preppy fonts

Bright and shiny style was the main theme of the Y2K era, and here’s a font inspired by that style, which is named the Starborn font. It was designed and released by Darrell Flood, and it looks really childish, making it a good choice for kid’s videos and designs. You can even design some t-shirts with this and attract many people to buy them.

4. Polka Collecta – Bold Playful

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Need some more playful typefaces? No problem, here’s another preppy font: Polka Collecta Bold Playful. a bold, aesthetic, and vintage font that will make your designs eye-catching for sure. It doesn’t matter how many fonts are around this typeface; its bold and playful look will surely make your designs stand out from even large crowds.

Polka Collecta is a paid font, so make sure to purchase it if you like it.

5. Cheri

A list of preppy and retro fonts can’t be completed if it doesn’t include an outlined font like Cheri by Fontalicious. Cheri is a really amazing font that will provide you with reasonable readability. If you want your designs to become noticeable, then start designing them with Cheri. This vintage font is good for both videos and the arts, so use it however you want.

6. Keep on Truckin’

aesthetic preppy fonts

Groovy and bubbly fonts were also a trend during the Y2K era, which is why “Keep On Truckin” is present in this list. If you want to feel late-90s nostalgia really badly, then Keep On Truckin’ is the way to go for you.

Not to mention, attracting an audience with this font feels almost like cheating because of its vibrant and aesthetic style, which is why trying out this typeface is really worth it!

7. Supa Mega Fantastic Font Duo

preppy fonts for video editing

Supa Mega Fantastic Font Duo is one of those fonts that takes no time to make your brand famous. It’s a highly attractive aesthetic font that has focused mostly on its looks so that it can attract an audience as much as possible.

If you think some of your designs lack attractiveness, then it means it’s time to design them with Supa Mega Fantastic Font Duo!

8. Kindness Matters Font

Looking for some brush fonts with stroke effects? Here’s the Kindness Matters font. a charming font that will serve as a helpful reminder for everyone to continue being kind. If you are bored with bold, aesthetic, or even groovy fonts, then Kindness Matters can be a fresh start for you. It has a really unique look, which is rarely found in many fonts.

9. Love Story

Everyone deserves a good love story, and that’s the reason we are introducing you to a really sweet one, Love Story. It’s true that this font won’t add romance to your life, but it will surely add a nostalgic feel to your life and help your designs become more popular than ever.

It works well everywhere, especially in videos. Just add “Love Story” to your videos and watch them become better than ever automatically.

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10. Brighly Crushed

Brighly Crushed is a bubbly font with a beautiful preppy look. If you want your audience to feel nostalgic vibes in an instant, do not forget to use Brightly Crushed. It has amazing readability, which makes it a remarkable option for logos, headings, signs, and even videos.

Lastly, this font is free for personal use, so make sure to try it before making a decision.

11. Muthiara

Designed by Abo Daniel Studio, Muthiara is a groovy retro font with a really captivating look. If you liked Bright Crushed, then it’s guaranteed that you will like this font as well, since both fonts have a really similar letter style. However, the only difference between them is that Muthiara’s letters are a bit relaxed and stylish.

12. Shorelines Script

Need some handwritten retro vibe in your project? If yes, then Shorelines Script has got your back! It’s probably the best script font available on the internet because it works way better than its competitors.

It’s a good option to add some signature-style designs to your project, no matter how messed up your art looks, when you use this font, it will become beautiful like sea waves.

13. KG Chasing Cars

Kimberly Geswein’s KG Chasing Cars is a masterpiece; it’s simple yet really cute, which makes it an impressive option for any kind of project. It has a really cheerful letter style, which can add life to your designs and make them more viable than before. Not to mention, it may work well for kids’ designs too, so try it for t-shirts, bags, and books!

14. Gummy Bears

Who doesn’t love Gummy Bears?

They are sweet and tasty, and now they have a font inspired by them! People really enjoyed eating gummy bears in the Y2K era, which gave birth to Gummy Bears, a sweet, bubbly font that will add a fantastic retro vibe to your upcoming art. It’s good for display purposes, so make sure to use it for designs that are created to seek attention.

Download Gummy Bears


Preppy fonts are truly amazing; no matter how many times you create designs with them, it’s hard to get bored. Try retro fonts like Muthiara, Better Together Script, and Love Story if you want to add some nostalgia to your work.

Use Starborn, Supa Mega Fantastic Duo, and Cheri if you need more aesthetics in your designs. Never forget that these fonts are really versatile, they will work well anywhere you want. That’s why giving them a try is a really worthwhile option.