Among the entire typography industry, playful fonts are probably the most loved and fun typefaces to use because of their friendly and approachable looks. In the past, we didn’t have too many of these typefaces, but as society became more advanced and more friendly with each other, these fonts started gaining popularity rapidly! 

They evoke an excellent amount of peaceful and happy vibes, which encourages people to design something with them again and again, which is one reason they will always be part of the trend no matter what! 

Furthermore, the best part about these fonts is that they are good everywhere, whether it be a document, kids’ design, party decoration, or a product logo. Their playfulness allows these fonts to fit in everywhere and make people happier! Therefore, if you are thinking about using these playful typefaces, then you are at the right place, as today we are going to talk about some playful Google fonts.

There’s also a good amount of variety to choose from, so feel free to take your time and check out each font by yourself. Just like always, make sure to stick around till the end, as this list has many good fonts you are still unaware of!

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10 Quirky Google Fonts For Friendly Designs! 

Finally, here’s the list of quirky Google fonts you were looking for. Always remember that they are free to use, so do not hesitate to try them out!


Let’s start the list with a really energetic and playful font, Bangers by Vernon Adams. This font is inspired by comic book-style texts, which are full of energy and fun to make the comics look more dramatic and interesting. This style was used in 20th-century comics, especially the superheroes. However, this style isn’t used anymore, but it still heavily represents comics to this date, which helps to provide a good sense of nostalgia to your designs. Therefore, consider it a good choice for comic books, comic-related products, or even t-shirts.


Do you like cheerful cursive fonts? If so, then Bonbon is something you should try out! It’s designed by Cyreal and looks like something a teenage girl would write in her diary, which looks extremely adorable and fun to use. So, if you are also a fan of such cute handwriting, then consider using this font for some decorations, DIY coffee mugs, and many more personal projects. Unfortunately, it may not fit into professional projects, so it’s best to keep this font for personal and fun designs only.


Since you liked Bonbon, it’s confirmed you are a fan of cute handwriting, so why not try out Chilanka as well? It’s designed by SMC, Santhosh Thottingal and follows a simple handwriting style that will work extremely well for a lot of projects.

Readability is the only problem with such handwritten fonts, but since Chilanka is pretty simple, it’s easy to read. You can use it for stationery designs, school decorations, and even book designs as well. The design is really playful, so it will easily fit anywhere.


At first glance, Chilanka and Gaegu may look similar, but if you look carefully, you will realize Chilanka is way smoother while Gargu has an imperfect design, which sets them apart! However, that doesn’t mean Gaegu by JIKJI SOFT Isn’t a good option, since it can be an amazing pick, especially when you are looking for imperfect or scribbled designs, as they look really beautiful as well!

Gaegu is yet another perfect font for many school designs and home decorations. It can even evoke nostalgia because of its unusual design, so feel free to try it out.


Do you like these handwritten, playful Google fonts? If so, then here’s another one, which is known as the Jua by the Woowahan Brothers. This font may look a little bit like the previous two fonts, but Jua is much cleaner and bolder, which helps it get much better readability.

Having this style also means Jua is extremely versatile and can be used for a good amount of projects, whether it be logos, home decoration, school designs, or advertisements. This font has so much versatility in it, so feel free to check it out.

Patrick Hand SC

Writing with a marker is really fun as it provides smooth and thick outlines that look really satisfying, and if you like that, then Patrick Hand HC is something you should try out.

It’s designed by Patrick Wagesreiter, and it features the same style as markers, which helps it easily become a decent, quirky Google font. It’s got good readability and a good design, so why not try it out for some professional designs like logos, headlines, or some personal projects as well?

Poor Story

Poor Story is a Google font for playful designs that’s based on kids’ handwriting. Kids often have poor handwriting, but they still look creative and playful, which is why Yoon Design created Poor Story.

This font also has an imperfect letter design, which looks really interesting and can easily add personality to any design. It’s best to use this font for personal designs in case you want some nostalgia for your school days, or you can use it for school designs as it will allow kids to relate the font to their handwriting.

Rum Raisin

Rum Raisin by Astigmatic is our next font, and fortunately, it’s not another handwritten kid’s Google font, as it features an interesting new and bold design that looks really interesting.

This font is good for display purposes because of its look, which is why it will be a good idea to use it for logos, headlines, website designs, and advertisements, as it can easily become the center of attention in such places. You can even use it for personal projects like t-shirts and other crafts, but it’s still best for professional use.


Do you like SpongeBob? If so, then Slackey will be your favorite font from now on, as it has the same style as the SpongeBob fonts! Slacky is designed by Sideshow and is famous for its cartoon-style design, which can be fun to use in many places. Slackey is a bold display font, so do not worry about its readability and use it for display purposes on designs like classroom decorations, YouTube thumbnails, and website headlines.


Retro fonts are already so fun to use, and when fused with playful style, they become even more interesting. Here’s a similar combination known as Ranchers! It’s designed by Impallari Type and looks bold from the bottom while being thin from the top, which is really unique and adds a good vintage style to the font.

Rancher’s readability is amazing, and the design is pretty too, so feel free to use it anywhere you want, as it can fit anywhere, whether you want it to be a professional design or just a simple decoration at your home.


The best part about Google fonts for playful designs is that they fit just everywhere; you can use them on your product logo or even personal projects, which makes them a perfect fit for everyone. So, if you want to try them out, we have listed out the best kid’s Google fonts. Feel free to check them out.