Who doesn’t love thick fonts? They are probably the most used fonts in every era and industry! Thanks to their ability to represent any design without having to worry about issues like bad looks or terrible readability.

Whether you go into the past or think about the future, these fonts will always remain useful because, basically, there’s no replacement for them at all. This is one reason today we are going to share some of the best and most useful-looking thick Canva fonts with you!

It doesn’t matter what niche you work in since, from confident-looking to sweet ones, we have every type of bold font on Canva, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for them whenever you need them! That’s why it will be a great idea to consider staying till the end, as this list includes many typefaces you are still unaware of. Also, all these fonts are free to use, so stop worrying about licensing as well.

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10 Beautiful Canva Fonts That Are Thick

Here’s the list of the 10 most fun thick and bold fonts on Canva. They are ready to be used in a variety of projects, so feel free to check them out!


Montserrat is already a popular font used by millions of websites and businesses as their logos, so there’s no better reason to not avoid it. This font is designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and is based on old posters, which makes it a good choice for many retro and vintage-based designs too. Montserrat will easily give you some of the cleanest and most confident-looking display designs, which is why it’s considered the best choice for business designs.

Cubao Narrow

Cubao is based on Filipino sign markers and is often considered good for unofficial or informal designs, as its design may not be suitable for professional projects.

This is actually good because you can use this cheerful font in places like parties, greeting cards, mail, t-shirts, and many more fun and personal projects! Its readability is good, but not the clearest sometimes; however, that doesn’t matter, especially if you use this font for fun.


Lot? More like a lot of boldness! Lot is our next font by Fontfabric Type Foundry, which is probably the boldest font to ever exist. Because its letters are already bold, that’s not enough. That’s why it takes away spaces, fills them, and provides itself with a new and unique design. This design is pretty clever and creative, which attracts many professional websites to it. Most modern businesses have started using fonts like Lot because of their uniqueness!


Wedges by DM Letter Studio is our next fun and adorable bold font to add to the list to make your day better! This font is completely opposite to all the others we have introduced so far, as it has no sharp edges and features a pretty adorable design. This easily makes this font the most perfect choice for personal projects such as crafts, T-shirt designs, greeting cards, and many more. It can even be a good choice for ice cream logos because of its cute design.

Dingos Stamp

Do you like stamps or printed designs? If so, then Dingo Stamp might be the best choice for you, as it’s also based on stamp design. It mostly resembles vintage stamps, so if you are a fan of the old era, then Things Font will be a great choice for your upcoming projects.

Dingos stamp has an outline version too, which looks equally beautiful and may work for a variety of purposes too. So it depends on which version you like the most and how you use it. However, either way, both versions are perfect.


Did you like Lot? If yes, then FAT can be a great option for you too, as it follows an almost similar design but keeps the spaces between each letter for more readability. This font is also extremely bold, just like Lot, and can be used by businesses, websites, or anyone who wants a good, readable, and modern font for their design, so feel free to check it out soon.

Peace Sans

We went through many personal and professional Canva fonts that are thick, but unfortunately, none of them were good enough for both. That’s why here’s Peace Sans by Jovanny Lemonad.

This font has the cuteness of all the personal fonts and the confidence of every professional font, which makes it good for almost any design you want to create with it. Its readability is good enough for all devices and even printed projects, so maybe it’s a perfect thick Canva font? If you think it is, then consider trying it out.

Extenda 100 Yota

It seems like there’s another competitor between FAT and Lot, which is known as the Extenda 100 Yota. This font follows the same letter style as both previous fonts; you can easily notice the extra bold but short design and very little space between letters.

You may have noticed this extra bold style makes fonts extremely attractive and eye-catching, so why not try these fonts for advertisement purposes? A lot may not be the best for it, but FAT and Extenda 100 Yota can work well for flyers and posters.

Erica One

Erica One is a good font for personal projects, as it resembles the fonts used in SpongeBob a bit. This font is designed by Miguel Hernandez, and will be loved by kids for sure, so consider designing some classroom activities with it if you are a teacher or decorating a birthday party if there’s a birthday coming up!

Furthermore, if your brand wants to look friendly rather than professional, then you can use this font, as it will help your customers easily get comfortable with you.

BP Diet

Last but not least, we have BP Diet, which is a pretty regular bold font on Canva because not every font needs to be special. Some fonts, like BP Diet, can have a minimal design and still easily stand out because simple designs are still preferred by many.

However, if you think it’s too simple, feel free to customize it or combine it with other fonts; maybe you can find some beautiful pairings. Just like every other thick Canva font, BP Diet is made for display, so design logos and headlines with it too!


Bold fonts on Canva are really good for all kinds of display designs, whether it be logos, headlines, website headers, or even a T-shirt print. We have mentioned the best ones in this article, so feel free to choose from options like Lot, Peace Sans, and more!