Here comes the cursive fonts, probably the most stylish and elegant typefaces that always manage to keep their readability, no matter how complicated the design is. This is one of many reasons why people still enjoy using these flowing fonts on their projects.

They are popular, attractive, and easy to use, so how about trying them out? They are suitable for almost all kinds of occasions, whether it be a party decoration, website design, Vogue magazine headlines, or wall art. Feel free to use them whenever you want.

Luckily, we have already created a list of the best script Google fonts in this article! So, if you are looking for some good choices, take a breath of relief, as we have done your work already!

Furthermore, the best part about these fonts is that they directly come from Google Fonts, which means they aren’t only free but will work smoothly on any website or app, which makes them the perfect match for you!

Therefore, consider staying till the end, as there are many handwritten cursive Google fonts you need to discover!

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11 Handwritten Google Cursive Fonts

Finding good cursive fonts can be pretty hard; fortunately, we have already found the best ones and mentioned them here, so check them out!

Great Vibes

Best Cursive Google Fonts

As a starter, we have Great Vibes, a script font that follows the traditional cursive style with a little bit of curvy design! It was created by Robert Leuschke and is well known for its elegant-looking letter style! This font is mainly used for text-based designs, but in some situations, it can be used for display too if the text isn’t too long.

It’s best mostly for feminine design because, by looking at it for the first time, you can easily tell how well it would do for design related to beauty products, clothes, and logos! So, feel free to try it out soon and experience some great vibes.


Best Cursive Google Fonts

Arizonia is also like every other handwritten cursive Google font; however, the difference is that it follows a brush-like design, which helps it stand out more than the rest. Arizonia was also designed by Robert Leuschke and is mostly used for decorative purposes as its readability is so great.

But just like Great Vibes, it can be used for display designs, especially if the texts aren’t too long. This font also features a feminine design, so beauty and fashion designs would be best for it as well!


Best Cursive Google Fonts

Allura is another good handwritten cursive Google font to add to the list that has a way cleaner design compared to other cursive fonts. It was also designed by Robert Leuschke, and surprisingly, it doesn’t have a feminine or flowing look like the previous typefaces.

This font is mostly used for headlines and titles because it’s pretty hard to read in small sizes. Also, since it’s not feminine, it’s easy to use Allura in many places, like fitness websites or shop logos.


Best Cursive Google Fonts

Normally, it’s hard to express retro and modern vibes through a cursive font, but Satisfy does this job pretty well. It’s a script brush font designed by Sideshow that has every letter connected in its design, like normal cursive writing, which can even remind you of your old days.

Satisfy is way more readable than other script fonts because of its simple design, so consider it a good choice for both titles and texts. It can work well on personal blogs, music websites, and invitation cards!


Best Cursive Google Fonts

liked the clean and minimal Satisfy? If yes, then Pacifico can be a good pick for you, as it’s even simpler and cleaner! Pacifico is designed by Vernon Adams and focuses on a simple cursive style, just like the one kids use in their early days of learning cursive writing.

This also means you can use it in school and kid-related designs too. This also makes it good for personal projects like t-shirts, but if you think it can do even better, then feel free to try it out for display work; it has good readability anyway!

Petit Formal Script

Best Cursive Google Fonts

We have had enough minimal script fonts, so let’s take a look at some more elegant typefaces like Petit Formal Script by Impallari Type! This font is way thinner than the rest of the best Google cursive fonts, but that doesn’t change the fact that it has an elegant design.

However, its thin design keeps this font from being a good text font, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for display projects! If you own an online jewelry store or website, then Petit Formal Script can easily help you stand out.


Best Cursive Google Fonts

Of course, cursive fonts aren’t an ideal choice for display design, but you don’t need to follow this rule if you are using Sarina! It’s designed by James Grieshaber and is based on a marker-like cursive writing style, which actually looks pretty adorable and is suitable for display designs!

Its bold design gives it much-needed readability, which will help you craft many elegant-looking logos and website titles!


Best Cursive Google Fonts

Damion is pretty similar to Sarina, but it’s a bit thinner, which makes it good for both display and text designs, surprisingly. This font is designed by Vernon Adams, and it may be better for futuristic and masculine designs because its looks are nowhere near feminine designs. That’s why it will be an amazing idea to use this font on your masculine product designs, tech websites, or just some fun personal crafts.


Best Cursive Google Fonts

With Rochester by Sideshow, we are back to our elegant-looking Best Script Google fonts because they are the actual charm of cursive designs after all! Rochester is a lot like the fonts we talked about at the start; it’s elegant, beautiful, and best for feminine designs, but not the most suitable pick for text-based format because of its well-detailed letter style.

But at least it’s an excellent choice for display designs, especially if they are related to jewelry or beauty products! Lastly, you can even use these similar cursive fonts as each other’s alternatives as well.


Best Cursive Google Fonts

Inspired by 1950s and 1960s hand-lettering, Sacramento by Astigmatic is a popular font known for its unique design. This font has a very thin letter style, which is hard to read but beautiful at the same time.

If you want to use this typeface, then it’s better not to use it as the main text since it’s not readable enough, so consider using it on backgrounds as it can work well there too! You can even use it for signatures; it will look beautiful!


Best Cursive Google Fonts

Last but not least, we have Montez, also by Astigmatic! If you have liked all the elegant typefaces in this list so far, then you will surely like Montez too, since it has a similar design but with a touch of brush style! Its letter style is unique and features pretty sharp ends, which look so satisfying to look at. You can easily add a sophisticated vibe to your designs by either using them as displays or texts since they work both ways!


Finding the best script Google fonts can be tricky nowadays, but there is no need to worry as we have already mentioned the best ones in this article. So, feel free to pick from choices like Montez, Damion, and Petit Formal Script!