Font pairings have been around for a while, and everyone can easily agree that they make designs more cheerful and energetic. Which makes them really fun to use in a variety of designs! Have you created a project with a bold font that looks boring? No problem; add a handwritten font and watch it look interesting yet again!

It’s true that you always don’t need to use font pairings, but unfortunately, some fonts aren’t good on their own, but when used in beautiful combinations, they provide results that are beyond perfection!

And that’s the reason today we are going to share some of the best inter-font pairings with you! Inter is a fairly new font to the typography world, and although it does well on its own, it becomes just as good with some other fonts.

So, if you have used Inter before and felt it wasn’t satisfying enough, then now is your time, as this article is all about fonts that go with Inter.

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About Inter Font

Inter is a web font that was designed by Rasmus Andersson. This font may be new to its work, but surprisingly, it has a really huge fan following, which is the reason for its popularity. Also, it’s a web font, which means it’s made for digital screen designs like website logos, YouTube channel designs, and social media posts.

Therefore, if you often design any of these for your clients or for yourself, then Inter can be a pretty useful font thanks to its versatile and modern looks!

10 Inter Font Combinations

Inter + Favorit

Inter is a web font that mostly focuses on futuristic designs, which is why a modern font like Favorit by Johannes Breyer can be an amazing pairing for it! It’s a bold sans-serif font that is used mostly for headings, titles, logos, and other display designs.

So, using these modern designs for professional tasks could be a smart choice. They look current and professional, which can help you get clients more easily. Also, this pairing is used by, which explains how well this combination works for professional designs.

Inter + Reckless Neue


Did you know modern and retro fonts work well together? If not, then take a look at the Inter + Reckless Neue pairing, which represents a perfect combination of modern and vintage designs! This pairing is so impressive that it allows you to use it for both topics.

Take a look at, which is a modern website that uses Inter for its logo and Reckless Neue for post headings. Both form a perfect balance between classical and modern life, which helps the site stand out!

Inter + Termina


Craving for more modern pairings? Well, here’s Inter + Termina! Termina is a wide display font, which makes it good for display work, and guess what? has used this pairing for the same purpose, as Termina works pretty well on their website as headings for different sections, while Inter is used as a logo, which in the end results in an impressive modern look anyone would want on their website.

Inter + Lettera

Fan of text fonts? No problem, as here’s Lettera, which is a popular letter font with a pretty cute design that looks so pleasing to look at. Combining it with Inter provides you with a decent heading and text combination that can be used almost everywhere, especially on personal or business blogs!

Take a look at, which has used this pairing the same way, and this simple idea makes their blog look way more clean and unique!

Inter + Whyte


Does using something unique instead of just bold fonts seem like a good idea to you? If yes, then here’s Whyte, which is a regular bold font in its normal version, but what makes it unique is its inktrap version, which ends with some cuts on the corners of letters to make the design look unique.

You can check out for some inspiration, as they use this combo for their headings, logo, and even headings, which explains how well Inter + Whyte goes.

Inter + Agrandir


In this modern world, even businesses have started using interesting and cheerful-looking combinations like Inter + Agrandir! Agrandir is a cool display font that comes with a playful design to attract customers, and when it’s combined with Inter, they form a pairing that doesn’t only attract people but also follows the traditional professional look!

Just take a look at; they do have Agrandir for an eye-catching look, but they used Inter to look professional as well!

Inter + Rebond Grotesque

Inter + Rebond Grotesque is just like the previous font, as it also believes in an eye-catching yet professional-looking design! Rebond Grotesque offers a unique and beautiful style that has never been seen before, and this makes it really attractive to anyone who sees it!

This is the reason uses it as its heading while Inter uses it as its logo. Which is an easy way to maintain the balance between professionalism and looks while still gaining clients.

Inter + Recoleta


Looking for something minimal? Well, here’s Inter + Recoleta! Recoleta is already a popular minimal font that gives some promising results even when used alone, and when combining it with Inter, you get a perfect duo that can craft some heartwarming designs with ease! uses the same pairing, and you can easily see how minimal and beautiful their blog looks with this simple combination.

Inter + Migra


So far, we have talked only about either minimal or professional fonts, so here’s Migra, a decent font that goes with Inter! This pairing is pretty stylish and elegant, so perhaps you can consider it a good choice for beauty websites or hotel designs. However, even if your website doesn’t belong to such niches, you can still use it just like, they don’t focus on either of the topics, yet their website looks elegant thanks to this amazing combo!

Inter + Tiempos

Last but not least, we have Inter + Tiempos, which is yet another fun Inter font combination! Tiempos is a normal bold display font that doesn’t get lots of attention because of its simplistic design, but this problem gets solved easily once combined with Inter. uses this pair for their heading and logo, and you can easily get attracted to their blog once you see how well these fonts work together!


Fonts either break or make your brand’s identity, which is why it’s important to focus on font pairings too since they can do things that single fonts can’t. This is why we have mentioned some of the best fonts to pair with Inter. A choice of every type is available, so feel free to check out each!