There are many different types of fonts, including script fonts, display fonts, text fonts, and retro fonts, all of which are really popular and each serve a different purpose in its own field. But did you know there are number fonts too? They are probably the most forgotten typefaces, as we usually don’t use fancy fonts for numbers, which makes them really underrated.

However, in some projects like number plate design, movie countdowns, and fitness trackers, their presence is essential. This is why you must make sure you pick the right fonts when working on such projects.

However, since we have already mentioned how underrated these fonts are, it can be challenging to find the best ones. Fortunately, we have a solution even for that, as we have already gathered some of the best Number Canva fonts and listed them down below in this article.

Whether you need them now or in the future, feel free to check them out, as they can be helpful and allow you to design some interesting-looking number projects!

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11 Stunning Canva Fonts for Numbers

If you were never a fan of number fonts, then your mind will surely change now as every typeface mentioned here is capable of crafting unique designs!


Hatton by Pangram Pangram isn’t mainly focused on numbers, but you can’t ignore how elegant and luxurious numbers look in this typeface! They have a modern and stylish design, which gives them a whole new personality and many chances to be the perfect typeface for number plates.

Everyone wants a beautiful and modern-looking number plate for their home, hotel rooms, or cars, so why not pick Hatton for it? It’s elegant, modern, and has perfect readability, which is something no one would want to miss. So, check out Hatton soon, as it’s completely free on Canva!

Noto Serif Display

Did you like Hatton? If yes, then we have something even more elegant, which is known as the Noto Serif Display! It’s a decent serif display font with an even more elegant look than the previous font, which makes it an amazing choice for luxury designs like hotel number plates or for number plates on expensive cars!

Perhaps your next video is about rich culture or royalty; if so, then Noto Serif can be a good countdown font, as it will allow people to predict the theme, which generates more excitement!

Abril Fatface

Wait, so you like retro countdowns more? If that’s the case, then it’s better to use Abril Fatface by TypeTogether! It’s a pretty bold display font that can be used for both display and text designs, thanks to its amazing versatility.

But apart from that, Abril has a pretty decent vintage look too, which can instantly send you back to the 90s! Therefore, if you want your number designs to have a classical vibe, then there’s no better choice than Abril Fatface at all!

Sports World

Surprisingly, sports designs require a lot of Canva fonts because it helps them design team jerseys and logos. That’s why, for such a good niche, there’s no better choice than Sports World by S. Tkachenko!

It’s a bold and strong looking font that was actually made for sports designs, so do not hesitate to use it! Feel free to use it for team names, jerseys, or banners! It has great readability, so people won’t have a hard time differentiating between players and supporting their favorites!

League Gothic

If it’s a bold or goth font, then it’s perfect for all your number designs, which is why we are introducing you to League Gothic by Tyler Finck. It’s a minimal Gothic font with a really good number design, which can be good for a variety of designs thanks to its simple style. Whether it’s a countdown or you just want a simple looking number plate for your home or car, League Gothic can be an excellent choice as long as you are a fan of Gothic typefaces.


Norwester is a geometric condensed serif font, which means it was made especially for display, and since most of the time number designs are for display works, feel free to try it out!

Designed by Jamie Wilson, Northwester is best for those designs where you need a strong and confident font to represent yourself. Which makes it an excellent choice for businesses and companies since a strong personality is important for such work!

Yearbook Solid

So you need more fonts for sports designs? If yes, then worry not, as Yearbook Solid is here to help you out with its sports design! It looks a lot like Sports World at first glance, but it’s actually taller, which provides better readability and makes small letters easy to read. So, feel free to use it just like Sports World with jerseys and team logos; however, if you have any other ideas, then you can try them out too!

TT Octosquares Condensed

Introducing TT Octosquares Condensed by TypeType Foundry, which is a bold and modern typeface designed especially to add a strong impact to designs like metal, So, if you love metal designs, then maybe you can use this font for your car’s number plate to add a bold and confident look!

Its readability is good, and it is free to use; however, if you aren’t a big fan of its design, then you should try its other versions, which also look pretty interesting and strong.

TAN Nimbus

You never need to follow a professional or strict looking design, especially if you are working on a personal project! That’s why we are introducing you to the TAN Nimbus, a retro, bold, and funky typeface ready for some fun projects. Its letter and number design is really beautiful and easily eye-catching, so it doesn’t matter whether you use it for professional work or not; you are going to gain some attention anyway!


Hagrid is another fun font, made especially for personal projects! It’s designed by Zetafonts, and Hagrid has a sweet and adorable look that’s super fun to look at, so maybe designing a T-shirt or coffee mug with it can be a great idea! You can even use it at your school to teach kids about numbers and design some of their crafts with it so that they are encouraged to learn more about them. Hagrid has a few more versions too, so make sure to try them out, as they can be really great picks too!

Black Mango

In the end, we’d like to introduce you to Black Mango, which is yet another modern, elegant typeface with luxury designs. You should use this font if you didn’t like any of the luxury fonts we mentioned at the start, as Black Mango has a really good flowing design that helps it stand out more than the rest. It’s suitable for all number designs, especially luxury and royal ones, so do not hesitate to try it now!


Canva fonts for numbers are underrated as their use is pretty situational. However, if you need them, finding the right ones at the moment wouldn’t be possible, so make sure you pick some of the best Number Canva fonts already! You can use them for a variety of designs and gain lots of success, which is why you should give them a try!