You may be a high school or college coach looking to redesign your sports jersey. Or you could be a sports organization or a designer who weaves magic in sports-related designs. One thing you’d want is the set of best varsity fonts to give your designs an old-school, strong look.

Varsity fonts have become synonymous with sports and memories traveling through generations of sports lovers. You won’t find a letterman jacket without a varsity letter font that identifies with the spirit of the sport. 

You can easily recognize these letterman jacket fonts from afar that evoke a sense of strength, team spirit, and confidence. They’ve become popular worldwide for the emotions of the American sports culture they carry within. 

If you want to convey this old-school vibe through your designs or fonts, look no further. We’ve brought the best varsity fonts for you in this article.

What are Varsity Fonts?

So far, you’ve guessed that varsity or letterman jacket fonts are used in sports-related design and branding. These fonts are mostly bold and blocky and have an athletic-inspired design.

From team logos to merchandise, your love for sports would be incomplete without the varsity letter fonts. 

The varsity fonts mimic the typography used on traditional letterman jackets.

What makes them special?

  • Their bold, impactful look makes them perfect for headlines, titles, and other prominent text.
  • With sharp angles, strong lines, and blocky lettering, they flaunt a sporty aesthetic.
  • Many varsity letter fonts have block letters that add to their bold look. 
  • With no room for flashiness, varsity fonts use a limited palette with black, white, and a couple of accent colors.
  • You get several variations from bold to italic and regular to outline to play with your designs. 
  • Their look makes them unique yet versatile. Varsity fonts can be used for posters, flyers, or logos too.

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Choose the best varsity lettering for your designs!

Have a look at the best varsity fonts to choose the one for you. You can get some of them for free. But some have a licensed version to purchase. 

Don’t forget to check out the license before you select your letterman jacket font. 

FontFont typeFont styleFont emphasis
College FusionDisplay2Regular
College FontSans serif4Regular
Soccer LeagueDisplay, serif4Regular, Italic
College Block 2.0Display1Regular
Varsity TeamSerif1Regular, Bold, Italic
Sablon UpSerif2Regular
Sporter FontSans serif1Regular
Sports Font PackDecorative display8Regular
Atlanta College Slab font1Regular
Old Sport Athletic fontDisplay2Regular

10 Best Varsity / Letterman Jacket Fonts

Here’s a list of the best varsity fonts:

1. College Fusion

Starting the fonts league on a high note is the College Fusion font. Designed by GlitzyGraphix, the font comes in two variations. On the thinner end, the cursive script college fusion 1 compliment its bold, blocky counterpart, college fusion 2. 

With sharp curves and geometrically shaped edges, both versions of college fusion create an impact. You can fuse the two variations to create a new font. 

Packed with four extra fonts; Stencil, Grunge, Hollow, and Outline; this typography gives a vintage, collegiate feel with a hand-drawn look. 

2. College Font

A display font, College, is widely used for logo creation. This Envato-offered typeface is packed with four fonts. 

With the regular, outline, filled, and combined fonts, the college font family looks masculine and gives a gutsy feel.

The all-caps varsity font comes with bold, thick lines and sharp corners. These features make college font perfect for your high school or university athletes to flaunt their passion for sports. 

3. Soccer League

As in the name, Soccer League, a display serif font, is perfect for everything sports. A font by Vladimir Nikolic, it’s packed with four spells of fonts to work the athletic magic on your designs. 

It comes in regular, college, regular italic, and college italic styles. The college font styles have an external outline which sets them apart from the regular font styles. 

An all-caps font, it has sharp curves, multiple bold edges, and a clean condensed look in each character. 

4. College Block 2.0

A revamped version of college font, college font 2.0 is designed by SharkShock. The updated font has characters 30% taller than the original version, making it look like school athletes longing to join a university team. 

The letterman jacket font also has characters a little thinner than the original version and flaunts a 3D feature. 

Packed with bold, italic, and regular emphasis, college block 2.0 is here to take your sports designs to the next level.

5. Varsity Team

A serif font by Don Marciano, Varsity Team has written sports all over. This bold, fancy font, donned with clean, sharp edges and thick lines, makes up for a classic varsity font with a modern twist.

Packed with bold, italic, and regular emphasis, the varsity team only supports uppercase alphabets. 

This highly legible font is mostly seen on university jackets, making it a perfect letterman jacket font. 

6. Sablon Up

A font by Youssef Habchi, Sablon Up is a serif font. Get the sports wave up with this five fonts packed varsity typeface. 

The all-caps typeface comes with regular, college, outline, college alt, and outline alt fonts. 

Sablon College is the upgraded version with an outline on the regular condensed typeface. Hollow in the middle, the Sablon outline is only the font outline as in its name. 

The alt versions have a faded look with creases all over the characters. The alt font gives an old, worn-out look to the font, like the letter on an old cherished jersey.

7. Sporter Font

A sans serif font, Sporter is designed by Bankit Tri Setiadi. Sporter is a bold font with clean, thick edges with slightly rounded characters. 

It’s packed with uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, and punctuation. With Sporter’s multilingual support, you can now have sports designs for local teams and regions. 

Make an impact in the first look with this strong, bold font.

8. Sports Font Pack

A font pack by Anastasia Feya, the Sports Font pack, comes with eight different fonts. Each font belongs to the decorative display font family.

A sports font pack through and through, this varsity letter font pack comes with Simple, Golf, Soccer, regular, Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Volleyball fonts.

What makes these fonts unique is the creative designs over each character that showcase the grip and design of balls used in each sport. 

This font pack is your jam if you want to create designs for these specific sports!

9. Atlanta College

Designed by Graphicsauceco, Atlanta College font is a minimalistic varsity letter font. This bold slab font supports uppercase and lowercase alphabets and numerals. 

The varsity font only has a single style with condensed, bold, regular characters surrounded by a thin outline.

Take the font to your regional language with its multilingual support!

10. Old Sport Athletic Font

The Old Sport Athletic font was designed by Michael Adkins and published by the Fontry.

It’s packed with two styles. The old Sport 02 athletic NCV style comes with bold strokes and round curves. While the regular style has a thin outline around the bold, condensed characters. 

The display font supports both uppercase and lower characters and numerals. 

Check out the Best Varsity Fonts on Canva

Canva never disappoints with its broad palette of fonts. If you don’t want to download or purchase the Letterman jacket fonts, you could simply use the fonts available on Canva. 

Have a look at the varsity letter fonts available on Canva. 

1. Yearbook Solid

The slab serif font, Yearbook Solid, is ideal for the letterman jacket fonts. It’s an all-caps font with bold, clean edges and supports numerals and special characters.

2. Sports World

Designed by Sergiy Tkachenko, Sports World is a bold serif font. This old-school sports font comes in all-caps alphabets. 

It’s packed with bold, thick strokes and sharp edges. 

3. Anton

A sans serif font by Vernon Adams, Anton comes with an italic emphasis in Canva. This font has uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numerals, and special characters. 

The characters are taller than regular, and the strokes look condensed. 

4. Norwester

Designed by Jamie Wilson, Norwester is a display and sans serif font. It’s packed with all-caps letters, but the first letter looks slightly taller than others when written in lowercase. 

The font looks clean with geometric, sharp edges.


Nothing kick-starts a sports session like a treasured team mascot. And nothing completes a sports team like the varsity fonts. After going through the best varsity fonts, you can create a sporty look in your designs in no time. 

Now you know how to use the varsity fonts to sprinkle a sense of pride, tradition, and collegiate feel in your designs. 

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