Are you looking for some cutting-edge fonts for your innovative and futuristic brand? Brand typography makes the brand design stand out. And nothing conveys the sense of technology in your branding like the techno fonts. 

These modern typefaces make your designs stand out with a level of uniqueness. The technological angle of these fonts never limits their versatility. The techno and sci-fi fonts never fail to surprise you with their versatility. 

Choosing the correct techno and sci-fi fonts can reduce the fun of designing. But you can wake up the designer as we bring a list of the best techno fonts. Every font in this list will make your designs unique and exciting. 

So, get ready as you dive deep into the best modern techno fonts.

What makes the Techno Fonts special? 

With their sharp edges, clean lines, and geometric shapes, techno fonts can add a dash of futurism and dynamicity to your designs. The high-tech sci-fi and modern fonts work magic by bringing out the modern look of sci-fi movies, video games, and tech-related brands. 

You won’t be disappointed after using the modern techno fonts that refresh your branding with a hint of cyberpunk and professionalism.

This offbeat and pleasing combination in the best techno fonts is achieved by:

  • The geometrical shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles, bring out the sleek nature of these fonts. 
  • Bold strokes complete the modern and eye-catching look. 
  • The clean and simple lines add to the beauty of minimalism in the fonts.
  • Enhancing thick and thin strokes brings a contrasting look to these techno fonts. 

These features make modern techno fonts an excellent choice for many brands working on technological advancements.

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Techno Fonts Comparison

Before you get immersed in the design world, let’s look at the best techno fonts for you.

FontFree/LicensedFont typeFont styleBest suited for
Noventa LicensedDisplayRegular, Bold, ItalicHigh-end luxury products
Walter LicensedSans-serifRegular, BoldTechnology brands
TechnosLicensedDecorative DisplayRegular, Bold, ItalicTechnology, gaming brands
Good TimesFreeSans-serifRegular, Bold, ItalicVintage, nostalgic brands
NovanLicensedSans-serifRegular, BoldTech startups, design brands
TasleLicensedSans-serifRegular, BoldCreative brands
SpacestarLicensedDecorative DisplayRegular, Bold, ItalicSpace or technology brands
Centauri LicensedDisplayRegular, Bold, ItalicTechnology, science brands
AtaryFreeDisplay Regular, BoldGaming companies
Sphere FezFreeDisplayRegular, BoldTechnology, innovative brands

10 Best Techno Sci-Fi Fonts

Choosing a modern techno font or a sci-fi font depends on your design needs. The rightly selected font makes your design spectacular. Let’s look at the techno fonts we hand-picked before you decide on the one for you. 

Don’t miss out on checking the license of the paid fonts. 

1. Noventa Display Font

best techno fonts

The first techno font on the list, Noventa Display font, has a clean look. Designed by Roompoetliar.std, this font comes with straight strokes, sharp curves, and multiple edges. 

The all-caps and bold look make this font fit for headings and main texts. It’s highly legible, and the perfectly carved-out geometrical shapes increase its simplicity. Packed with support for 57 languages, Noventa Display font makes designing more accessible. 

If you want a minimal and highly legible techno font, look closely at the Noventa Display font. 

2. Walter Modern

best techno fonts

A sans-serif font, Walter Modern is both a techno and a sci-fi font. If you’re looking for a highly stylized font with a technological look, look no further than Walter Modern.

Designova Fonts designed this distinctive font with rounded edges and sleek strokes that give a sense of fluidity and motion. Packed with five font styles, Walter Modern has a solution to all your design needs, from thin to heavy typefaces. 

Its sophisticated look makes it an obvious choice for high-end fashion or tech companies. 

3. Technos Futuristic Font

best techno fonts

Looking for something beyond unique? Don’t let the quest stop till you see Technos Futuristic font. As a decorative display font, it has a stylized appearance in upper and lower case alphabets. 

The bold look and highly sharp edges make Technos an ideal partner for sci-fi movies and video games. Don’t limit your imagination; as with Technos, the possibilities don’t stop. 

Packed with regular, bold, and italic styles, this font is ready to leap in time with your designs. 

4. Good Times Font 

best techno fonts

As in the name, Good Times font gives a happy and vintage vibe. A font by Typodermic fonts, Good Times comes packed with bold, regular, and italic styles. 

The bold letterforms make it highly legible, even in small sizes, and the clean lines give a futuristic look. 

Good Times creates a retro-futuristic design and evokes nostalgia. Make friends with Good Times if your brand and designs need vintage aesthetics. 

5. Novan Font

best techno fonts

Presenting a freely flowing decorative sans-serif font, Novan. Its fancy rounded shape makes it look trendy and luxurious

A Drizy studio font, Novan is perfect for creating attention-grabbing headlines and logo designs with bold emphasis. Being a techno font, it lacks the signature geometrical shapes and is highly fluid. 

Novan is ideal for the space industry or tech companies dealing with artificial intelligence or virtual reality. Take your designs into another dimension with Novan!

6. Tasle

best techno fonts

Your search for bold, eye-catching fonts ends on Tasle. A sans-serif font, Tasle is thick, with uniform strokes and round curves. A thin line runs through all characters, making the letterforms stand out. 

Another font by Drizy studios, Tasle is packed with regular and bold variations. The distinctive letterforms have a fluid-like quality that gives a sense of dynamism.

Make your designs and headings stand out with Tasle!

7. Spacestar

best techno fonts

Are you a fan of abstract designs? Then, Spacestar is the font for you!

A font by Snape Design Studio, Spacestar is a decorative display font. It stands out from the other modern techno fonts because of its abstract shapes. The angular appearance looks clean, with sharp lines and geometric shapes. 

Its technological look shines boldly with the bold emphasis packed with the regular style. Be it for logos, invitation cards, notes, or brochures, Spacestar is ready to take your designs to the moon!

8. Centauri Futuristic Font

best techno fonts

Designed by Togcu Design Co, Centauri is a futuristic techno font. Its sharp, angular lines and bold letterforms give it a powerful look. 

The rounded curves give a fine finish and stylized appearance to the font. Packed with regular, bold, and italic styles, this all-caps font makes a powerful statement with iconic looks. 

If you are a high-performance technological brand, Centauri can create a high-end innovative look for your designs. 

9. Atary 

best techno fonts

A display font, Atary looks simple and elegant in its bold and wide appearance. It features clean lines and geometric shapes that give it a modern look. 

Designed by Almaz Studios, Atary comes with regular and bold variations. Being a techno font, Atary still gives off a playful and retro feel which suits fine for brands with a younger audience. 

Take your young audience for a roll with Atary!

10. Sphere Fez

best techno fonts

Last on the list of techno, sci-fi fonts is Sphere Fez. A display font, Sphere Fez comes with a sleek look and thin, even lines

Its rounded edges and bold, geometric shapes give it a unique look. Designed by Andika Fex, Sphere Fez comes with regular and bold variations.

This all-caps techno font supports multiple languages. From video games to business cards to technological books, Sphere Fez is perfect for any of your sci-fi endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which famous brands have used modern techno fonts?

Here’s a list of the famous fonts which use techno fonts. 

AdidasAvant Garde
Q. Are techno fonts suitable for all types of design projects?

Techno fonts are particularly suited for modern and futuristic designs. They may not be suitable for all types of design projects. It’s important to consider your design’s overall look and feel of your design and decide whether a techno font fits the aesthetic you want.


Choosing the right font can make all the difference in your branding. From the bold lines to the sleek and minimalistic design, there’s a techno font for every design type. 

So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different weights and styles to find the best techno fonts. Grab your audience’s attention and make an impact using techno and sci-fi fonts.