Fonts may not be humans, but they can melt your heart with their cuteness. If you’re looking for feminine fonts that give your designs a cute and playful touch, you’ll know what we mean.

Girly fonts give off the attributes of delicacy, cuteness, elegance, and playfulness. With the right proportion of these fonts, you can give your creative projects a fine and intricate look. 

Choosing the right cute girly font can be difficult. You need to balance out the designs with typography. But you can now design your creative projects without sweat. We bring the best girly fonts to you that’ll bring the tenderness of their look to your designs.  

What is a Girly Font? 

From its name, you can tell those cute girly fonts are designed to give a feminine and decorative appearance. Be it logos or brand designs; these fonts add the playful touch you desire. 

The market has seen a rise in more feminine brands and products. With them has risen the popularity of girly fonts. They make your brand expression appealing to the female audience. 

Many female products, artists, and creatives use cute girly fonts to add a lighthearted feel and elegance to their designs. The beauty, fashion, and cute and luxury stationery industries would be incomplete without the touch of the best girly fonts. 

What makes Girly fonts special?

  • Girly fonts often use cursive and handwriting style or script fonts that mimic handwritten fonts. 
  • They use decorative swirls, loops, and other designs to add a playful look.
  • These fonts have characters with soft and rounded edges that create a gentle and approachable look. 
  • You’d notice that many girly handwriting fonts use pastel colors that are gentle to the eyes and add a pinch of sweetness to the designs. 

Pick the right girly font for your designs

Finding the right mix of elegance and cuteness can be difficult. Fonts should complement your designs, not overpower them. Before you pick your favorite girly font, look at what makes each of the best girly fonts special.

FontFree/LicensedFont typeFont emphasisBest paired with
Metta DahliaFreeScriptRegular, ItalicMontserrat, Open Sans, Playfair Display
GirlyLicensedScriptRegular, ItalicRoboto, Lato, Raleway
ChadelovaFreeScriptRegular, ItalicPoppins, Source Sans Pro, Oswald
Kaylana Handwritten fontLicensedScript, HandwrittenRegular, BoldJosefin Sans, Libre Baskerville, Abril Fatface
Summer RoseLicensedScript, HandwrittenRegular, ItalicCormorant Garamond, Quicksand, Source Serif Pro
Best WishesFreeScriptRegular, BoldFira Sans, Merriweather, Arvo
CallientFreeHandwrittenRegular, ItalicNunito, Noto Sans, Noto Serif
BatllersLicensedScript and HandwrittenRegular, BoldAmatic SC, Vollkorn, Bitter
Quite MagicalFreeScriptRegular, BoldAbril Fatface, Alegreya
RustgiaLicensedScriptRegular, BoldLora, Open Sans Condensed
BacklineLicensedScript, Sans serifRegular, BoldLusitana, Catamaran, Ubuntu

Don’t forget to check out the license before you select your girly handwriting font. 

11 Cute Girly Fonts

The font you choose needs to match your brand’s personality. It needs to be the extension and symbolism of who you are. The cute girly fonts listed below can suit any of your designs that need to appeal to the female audience.

1. Metta Dahlia

A script font by AV Type studio, Metta Dahlia is pretty, fancy, and stylish. It looks friendly and turns the quirky playfulness on for your designs. 

Packed with regular and italic styles, it comes in Standard and Alternate glyphs. These glyphs are from two different worlds – the standard glyph prefers a simple look, while the alternate glyph looks elegant in its super curves.

With multilingual support, ligatures, and alternate characters, Metta Dahlia is a complete package that never disappoints you with its super girly vibe.

2. Girly

If you think about what’s in the name, think twice. Like its name, the Girly font has beautiful strokes and swashes that make anyone fall for it. 

Designed by Ardyanatypes, Lovey Script is packed with regular and italic styles. This script and handwritten font flow freely with two tail-like swashes on either side of the characters. 

It supports multiple languages and comes with alternates and ligatures. Bring the definition of beauty to your designs with Girly!

3. Chadelova

Behold another script font, Chadelova. A font by Almarkhatype, Chadelova takes over Girly for its smooth tail swashes. The delicate strokes are looped into ascenders and descenders.

Its mixture of thick and thin strokes gives dynamicity and fluidity to the font. It’s packed with regular and italic styles.

Use Chadelova to give your brands a free-flowing look!

4. Kaylana Handwritten Font

Belonging to the script font family, Kaylana doesn’t fail to impress with its duality as a handwritten font. The letterforms make Kaylana resemble a real handwritten note.

Its irregular baseline and strokes make the letters come to life like real handwriting. A font by Formatika, Kaylana is packed with regular and bold emphasis. The multilingual support makes it possible to create your brand design in your regional language. 

The sleek and stylish letterforms make Kaylana appear luxurious and modern.

5. Summer Rose

Here’s a casual handwritten script font, Summer Rose. Summer Rose knows how to capture your attention without any extra frills and decorativeness.

Showing the raw, relaxed writing style, this font by Graphue gives a personal touch to your branding. 

Unlike other girly cursive fonts, summer rose has thick strokes and is less ornate. But that doesn’t stop summer rose from dazzling your designs and brands with a dash of your personality.

6. Best Wishes

Yet another font from the script, handwritten family, have a look at Best Wishes. Designed by Nirmala Creative, this font is far from the decorative swirls of its cousin fonts. 

Packed with two styles, this girly handwriting font helps you bring out the happy child inside you in your designs. The Best Wishes Regular comes with a solid, condensed fill, while Best Wishes Inline gives a hollow look with just outlines. 

Together they make your designs look funky. So, let your inner child out and into your brand personality with Best Wishes!

7. Callient

Ever imagined how the handwriting of noblemen would look? It must be just like Callient. This girly handwriting font perfectly captures the essence of elegance and delicate beauty.

A font by Riyadh Rahman, Callient exudes luxury with its sleek ink-like flow. The delicate curves and ligatures make it shine even in minimalism

This script and handwritten font is packed with regular and italic styles. Give your designs a refined, noble look with the simplicity of Callient. 

8. Batllers

A font by Maulana Creative, Batllers has a rough look to it. The irregular baseline and quirky strokes give its characters an elongated shape. 

With simple, straight edges with plain swashes, Batllers comes with alternates and ligatures. The regular and bold emphasis creates a strong appearance for the font. 

With its multilingual support, Batllers is ready to take over your feminine brand. 

9. Quite Magical 

A script font by Misti’s Fonts, Quite Magical weaves its magic with whimsical and playful strokes. Joining Best Wishes for its simple anti-frills look, Quite Magical looks simple in the broad, plain strokes. 

Its irregular edges and frisky features make Quite Magical a great choice for fantasy, magic, and creative-themed designs. 

10. Rustgia

Rustgia is a cousin of Callient. But it’s not like a girly cursive font. The letterforms of Rustgia are freestyle, making it a perfect handwritten font that brings a personality. 

The script font is designed by Nirmana Visual and has multilingual support. Rustgia is a complete package ready to transform your logos and brand designs into handmade ones – from uppercase and lowercase alphabets to numerals and special characters. 

11. Backline

Last on the list is a girly cursive font, Backline. A monoline script and sans serif font, Backline, is designed by Rangga Singgih Subekti. 

In a crowd of thin-stroked and fine cute girly fonts, Backline stands out with its bold appearance and thick strokes. But the boldness doesn’t take away its cuteness and fun-loving look. 

The freely flowing swashes and the uniform strokes without any contrast add to the simplicity of Backline. With support for multiple languages, Backline is highly legible. 


Using girly handwriting fonts is like wearing a piece of delicate jewelry. Their subtle touch makes your designs alive with a sense of lightness. After reading this article, you’d know the best girly fonts to sprinkle the fairy dust on your designs.

Make your designs approachable to your audience in no time with the best girly fonts.