Font selection has never been easy; it doesn’t matter whether you are searching for typefaces for advertisements, invitation cards, or even some sweatshirts or hoodies. Unfortunately, even today, many people think designing sweatshirts is a piece of cake because they are just clothes that are bought by many people every day.

However, that’s not the truth; if a sweatshirt or a hoodie doesn’t have an appealing or beautiful design, no one will buy it. which is why choosing a good font for a sweatshirt has become an important topic.

We know how difficult it is for non-designers to look for some good fonts for sweatshirts, as thousands of choices, unfamiliar terms, and new experiences can cause a lot of confusion. which is the reason we have done this frustrating work already for you!

Yes, you read that right; we have gathered some of the best fonts for sweatshirts and hoodies available on the internet, so you don’t have to. From their readability to their design, everything about them is just perfect; therefore, feel free to use them on your upcoming sweatshirt and hoodie projects.

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10 Best Fonts For Hoodies & Sweatshirts

An amazing fact about sweatshirt fonts is that they come in a huge variety, so when you use them, you get to create endless combinations. Below, we have mentioned some fonts that are perfect for such work, so make sure to try them out!

1. With Love

For starters, we have With Love, a bold display font by KA Designs developed especially for fun and funky creations like sweatshirts, t-shirts, and logos. An important fact about sweatshirts you should know is that most teens wear them; they prefer fun and cool designs, and surprisingly, With Love has both of these qualities, which makes it a perfect choice for your clothing projects.

Lastly, its readability is unmatched, and its design is highly approachable, which can help you design some high-quality hoodies.

2. Urban Java Font

A font list for sweatshirts and hoodies cannot be completed without retro typefaces, and that’s why we are introducing you to Urban Java. A heavily bold display font by Prioritype Co.

This font may not have the best readability, but who cares when the font has an appealing design that attracts tons of customers? Not to mention, the font is based on the 90s fashion style, so by giving people nostalgia, it will bring you lots of customers, which can make your hoodies even more popular.

3. Keep on Truckin’

When it comes to funky and cool designs, it’s hard to forget about Keep On Truckin’, another amazing display font to the list designed by Brain Eaters Font Co.

Keep On Truckin’ is a famous vintage known for its fascinating letters; they are attractive, readable, have a unique design, and are free to use, which is all a font needs to become perfect. 

Fonts like “Keep On Truckin” were often used in the 90s for display purposes and many fun designs, so sweatshirts that use this font can bring you lots of customers because of the heavy nostalgia vibes.

4. Varsity Team Sports

Maybe you aren’t here for normal hoodies or sweatshirt fonts; maybe you need something sporty, and if that’s the case, pick Varsity Team sports font by DonMarciano! It’s a display font designed especially for sports purposes; you can use it for your team logos, customized sports equipment, and even t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

If you are forming a new team and want a decent font to design multiple things, then there can be no better choice than Varsity Team Sports.

5. Abstract Groovy

Who said groovy fonts aren’t a trend anymore?

No matter what century or time, they always come back to trend to show the world why they are the best. And that’s the reason Abstract Groovy is present in this list; it’s designed by Wep and is filled with 90s fashion and style to give you a huge shock of vintage vibes. With its quirky design, you can easily design many outstanding sweatshirts, so do not waste time and get it right away.

6. Airplane Swash

Sometimes a sweatshirt doesn’t have to be too stylish; it can just be simple, and for such tasks, J. Airplane Swash can help you get the job done. It’s a simple display font by deFharo that focuses on being minimal. Although it has a quite simple design, this font looks attractive and can help you create some promising hoodies that everyone will love.

7. Chill More

Optical illusions are still images that look like they are moving. They are really cool, right? So how about having one on your sweatshirt? Introducing Chill More, a display font by KA Designs that is based on optical illusions. which means anything you design with it will look like it’s moving, which can make your shirts unique and stand out of the crowd without any difficulties. 

Lastly, if you are looking forward to selling some summer clothing, then this font can be an ideal option for them too!

8. VCR OSD Mono

VCR OSD Mono is a font inspired by pixel-styled fonts and designed by Riciery Leal. The font is strongly vintage and will remind you of 90s coding and gaming fonts, which surely give off good old vibes. If you are someone who is in love with pixel art and designs, then getting this font is a must. Although it’s not as bold as other fonts on this list, it’s still great in large sizes and easily attracts people.

9. Y2K font DigiBop Duo

Who can forget the Y2K era? probably the best time ever, and if you miss it, then consider using Y2K Font DigiBip Duo by That That Creative! This font is inspired by digital texts, which were often used in the Y2K era to create cute and amazing texts. From logos to advertisements, this font was used in a lot of places at that time. 

Check out our Y2K Fonts guide for more y2k style fonts.

A sweatshirt designed with this font can easily grab attention as it will be based on the Y2K era and will have a charming design, so do not waste a lot of time and get it now!

10. Superstar M54

Last but not least, Superstar M54 is one more sport font to add to the list, designed by justme54s. We had only one sporty font in this list, so adding one more was essential, and for such a place, Superstar M54 was perfect. It looks strong, is bold, and makes your sweatshirt look impactful. 

If you have a sports team and want to design hoodies or t-shirts for it, then this sport font can help you by putting a strong image of your team on others.


There are thousands of fonts that can be the best fonts for sweatshirts and hoodies, but unfortunately, they can’t beat the typefaces mentioned above. From readability to design, they are perfect at everything and can help you design some of the best sweatshirts and hoodies ever, so check them out soon!