Whether you’re a high-end fashion brand or an upscale luxury automobile brand, one thing that speaks of elegance in your products is the luxury fonts that make up your brand typography. These fonts exude class and convey a sense of exclusivity. 

Luxury fonts are growing popular, but not every brand uses them. Luxury accessories, automobiles, clothing, beauty products, gourmet foods, and lifestyle brands use luxury fonts. Choosing a luxury font that best suits your identity can become tedious. You might feel overwhelmed finding the right elegant font for your business. 

Look no further; Canva has a vast collection of free luxury fonts. In this article, we’ve listed the 12 best luxury fonts on Canva that’ll add richness of class to your brand.

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Choose the best Luxury Canva Font

Don’t worry if you don’t know which luxury font to choose. Let’s look at the best luxury fonts on Canva that’d transform your brand from ordinary to classy. 

FontBest suited forStyles available on CanvaFont Emphasis
AltaFashion, Jewellery, and Beauty brandsRegular and LightRegular
HattonWatch brands, hotels, restaurantsRegular, Black, Bold, LightRegular, Bold
The Seasons LightLifestyle, fashion brandsRegularRegular, Italic
Frunchy SageLuxury weddingsRegularRegular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic
Brown SugarLuxury accessoriesRegularRegular
Antic DidoneLuxury hotelsRegularRegular
CardoAutomotive, technology, and hospitality brandsRegularRegular, Bold, Italic
Dream AvenueLuxury accessories, fashion, and beauty brands RegularRegular
The SeasonsLuxury Lifestyle brandsRegularRegular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic
TAN PearlHigh-end electronics, perfume brandsRegularRegular
Maharlika Brands have a traditional, sophisticated look. RegularRegular
Cinzel DecorativeFine dining, art, and jewelry brandsRegularRegular, Bold

Best Luxury Elegant fonts on Canva

Brand typography sets the tone for your brand personality. Choosing luxury Canva fonts depends on the tone of your brand. Luckily, you can spend your time on important business questions as we present a list of the best luxury fonts on Canva that you need. 

1. Alta

Luxury Fonts on Canva

The first luxury Canva font is Alta. Belonging to the Sans-serif family, Alta comes in all uppercase alphabets. Its straight and sharp edges give it a feel of sophistication and eliteness. 

Its unique geometry and standalone design give it a modern and sleek look. Alta is your go-to choice to give your customers a sense of elegance and grandeur. Choose Alta and use its bold emphasis to make a powerful statement with your fashion, jewelry, and beauty brands. 

2. Hatton

Luxury Fonts on Canva

Designed by Pangram Pangram, Hatton is a serif font. Its highly contrasting thick and thin strokes give it a bold and classy look. With a wide range of emphasis from Hatton Light to Hatton Bold, you can create the typography of your choice. 

Its slight curvy and contrasting edges make Hatton a perfect match for any vintage products brand. If you’re a traditional brand nurturing your years-old heritage, choose Hatton to convey your heritage to your customers.

3. The Seasons Light

Luxury Fonts on Canva

The Seasons Light font is a great example of serif fonts giving off chic looks. The blend of its contemporary and casual laid-back look makes it the first choice of any luxury lifestyle brand.

The italic emphasis gives the classic modern serif font a calligraphic and vintage handwritten look. 

If you want to convey your easy-going and mellow personality through your brand, The Seasons Light designed by MyCreativeLand is your jam.

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4. Frunchy Sage

Luxury Fonts on Canva

Are you looking for a feminine font? Your search ends with Frunchy Sage. This sans-serif font has a romantic, feminine vibe around it. 

Though it belongs to the sans-serif family, it looks like an old-timey handwritten font. The delicate curves and slightly flowing lines add to its beauty. 

The thick and thin contrasts and the italic handwriting look make Frunchy Sage the perfect partner for your luxury wedding brands. 

5. Brown Sugar

Luxury Fonts on Canva

Brown sugar is another serif font with contrasting thick and thin edges. The all-caps typeface comes with thin flowing lines which connect one edge of the letters with another. These lines give a continuous look to the letters and add little calligraphic strokes to the serif font.

Designed by Giuseppe Salerno, this elegant Canva font is for you if you want an elegant yet artsy look for your brand. Brown sugar doesn’t come with a bold or italic emphasis. But that doesn’t stop the font from making a bold statement.

6. Antic Didone

Luxury Fonts on Canva

Give your brand a minimalistic look with Antic Didone! A serif font. This luxury font gives a sophisticated touch to your design. 

Its clean and sharp edges make it perfect for any luxury hospitality brand. Open the doors to your exclusive guests with a friendly and classic vibe of Antic Didone. 

Designer Santiago Orozco didn’t add any special emphasis to the font, but it doesn’t fail to grab your attention.

7. Cardo

Luxury Fonts on Canva

Cardo is an old serif typeface inspired by Aldus Manutis, a Renaissance printer’s work. David Perry designed this font for biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists. 

Cardo adds a vintage and classic look to your brand. The bold and italic emphasis add to its beauty. 

As it’s inspired by the medieval period, Cardo includes a wide range of Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Hebrew characters. Designed with regular, condensed, and extended weights, Cardo gives a strong emphasis to your brand.

8. Dream Avenue

Luxury Fonts on Canva

Designed by Mumtab Art, Dream Avenue belongs to the sans-serif family. It resembles Brown Sugar to a great extent. 

Dream Avenue’s curvy corners are straightened out, but it doesn’t fail to create a contrast with its thick and thin strokes. The thin flowing lines give a continuous look to the letters. 

Its clean and sleek lines make it perfect for luxury brands looking for a contemporary and stylish look. Try Dream Avenue if you want your brand to look minimalist and stylish. 

9. The Seasons

Luxury Fonts on Canva

Another Serif font, Seasons, is another version of the Seasons Light font. The only difference is that The Season’s font comes with a bold emphasis. The chic and casual look of The Seasons gives it a playful touch. 

If you want to connect with your audience in a fun and playful way, this luxury Canva font makes you feel approachable. 

Designed by MyCreativeLand, The Seasons is perfect for a luxury lifestyle brand.  

10. TAN Pearl

Luxury Fonts on Canva

If you like yourself some playfulness, TAN Pearl is your pick! This serif font is elegant yet playful. The smooth and slightly curvy ends and the straight strokes make TAN Pearl stand out to the eyes. 

This font, designed by Tan Type, unleashes your creativity with its elegant flows. If you are a creative luxury brand, take your brand to your customers with this elegant Canva font. 

You don’t need any special emphasis to make your brand stand out with TAN Pearl. 

11. Maharlika

Luxury Fonts on Canva

Maharlika’s ornate and intricate details are ready to make your brand worth remembering. You must be tired of seeing the serif and sans-serif fonts. Freshen up with the Display font, Maharlika! 

Designed by Typeezy, the accurate strokes and a blend of sharp and smooth edges make Maharlika a bold decorative luxury font. 

12. Cinzel Decorative

Luxury Fonts on Canva

After a streak of bold fonts, have a look at Cinzel Decorative. A display font, Cinzel Decorative has a sleek look with fine, straight edges and strokes. 

Natanael Gama designed this classic font which oozes elegance. An all-caps font, Cinzel Decorative makes your brand look refined and classy. 

If you’re a fine dining or gourmet food brand, spread your refined customer experience with your audience with Cinzel Decorative. 

What fonts do the top luxury brands use? 

Now you know which luxury fonts on Canva to use for your brand. Here’s a list of the fonts used by some top luxury brands.

PradaBespoke modern serif
LamborghiniLa Macchina
Rolls RoyceSouvenir Gothic URW T Regular
BurberryProxima Nova
Louis Vuitton  Futura
Dior BeautyCentury Gothic

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Nothing works magic like an appealing brand logo and typography. And when it comes to typography, nothing works better for an upscale brand than luxury fonts. You can now pour your exclusivity and elegance into your exquisite brand using the luxury fonts on Canva. 

From sleek to bold and intricate to sophisticated, get into the league with the big luxury brands by choosing the right elegant Canva font. 

Pick up your devices and get your personalized branding ready in no time! elegant fonts sparkle up your brand identity by taking it up to the ranks of elite brands. 

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