Looking to create a malfunctioning impression on your fonts? You won’t be the first to want the distorted sci-fi look to their designs. Technological, gaming, and music brands want the cool digital glitched or pixelated appearance that draws more eyeballs to their texts. 

Glitch fonts have become popular in recent years due to their aesthetics, giving a nostalgic feel of the times when technology was not evolving. These distorted fonts were common in the older video games many grew up playing. 

These fonts don’t fail to give a rebellious feel that perfectly suits the technological industry, which comes up with new inventions each day. 

With their unconventional and distinctive appearance, glitch fonts have become the go-to choice of many brands looking to add a fresh, futuristic angle to their branding. 

If you want to give your branding the feel of beautified distortions, we’ve brought the best glitch fonts to you in this article. 

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What Makes the Glitch Fonts Special? 

A few features that make Glitch fonts attractive for many are:

  • The irregular lines, edges, and pixelated texture that simulate the look of digital errors make them blend well with any technology-related design.
  • Their unique and distinctive appearance comes from the irregularity in the character spacing. 
  • The distorted fonts are primarily bold and attention-grabbing, making them the ideal partner for marketing materials. 
  • Their unconventional nature is not hidden from users, which conveys a sense of edginess
  • Glitch fonts have a futuristic and retro appeal depending on the font style

Fact check: VHS fonts are glitch fonts that mimic the look of a video cassette recorder. The distorted aesthetics of the VHS fonts give off the retro vibe of the VHS tapes. 

If you like the retro-futuristic vibe of the VHS era, the bold geometric shapes, pixelated textures, and neon colors of the VHS fonts have made them popular, like the glitch fonts. 

Choose the best Glitch Font for you

Ranging from fashion and creative brands to gaming technologies, distorted fonts can make your brand capture your audience’s attention within minutes. Have a look at the best glitch fonts to find your right fit. 

FontFree/LicensedEmphasisBest suited forBest paired with
Hacked fontFreeRegular, Bold, ItalicCyber, technology brandsHelvetica or Avenir
Debug fontFreeRegular, Bold, ItalicSoftware development, gaming companiesProxima Nova or Montserrat
Uncracked glitch fontLicensedRegular, Bold, ItalicGaming, music industryFututra pr Neuropol X
System glitch display fontLicensedRegular, BoldGaming, tech industryBank Gothic or Bebas Neue
Glitchy fontLicensedRegular, BoldFashion brands, the music industryProxima Nova Soft 
Glitch InsideFreeRegular, BoldGaming, moviesDIN or Eurostile
Son of a GlitchFreeRegular, BoldGaming, entertainment industryPixelar
BugfastFreeRegular, Bold, ItalicTech, gaming industryPT Sans or Exo
Mokoto GlitchLicensedRegular, BoldGaming, automobile, tech industryRoboto or Open Sans
Neo Pixel pixel hologram LicensedRegular, Bold, ItalicEntertainment, music industryGotham or Agency FB

10 Best Glitch VHS Fonts

Let’s look at the best glitch fonts hand-picked for you below. 

Before you start enjoying the digital aesthetics of these fonts, make sure you have read the license carefully for the paid fonts. 

1. Hacked Font

First on the list is a monospaced display font called Hacked font. It was designed by David Libeau. The characters are distorted toward the lower end, which gives the font a rough and edgy look. 

The characters have smooth curves and sharp edges, cut at multiple places giving off a glitched look. 

As in the name, this font gives off a cybersecurity code vibe. This font will perfectly conceal your brand’s personality in your designs. 

2. Debug font

Designed by Type Factory, Debug is a minimal glitch font. The all-caps display font has a pixelated appearance. It looks like the font used in computers for debugging. 

This monospaced display font has a regular, bold, and italic emphasis so you can infuse your creativity with the code-like font. 

Perfect for headlines and text blocks, you can find this font in games and sci-fi movies. 

3. Uncracked – Glitch font

Uncracked is one of the few glitch fonts that support lowercase alphabets. Typefactory designed this display font which naturally has the attributes of bold and italic emphasis. 

Every character in this font is followed by their shadow. The irregular lines create uniformity and add to the visual aesthetics. 

Use Uncracked, and never let your audience forget your brand!

4. System Glitch

As in the name, System Glitch font looks like the text on a malfunctioned computer system. Its uneven lines and edges come out from every character to give it a rough and edgy look. 

The characters of the all-caps font have many edges and sharp corners. Only the lower half of this display font is distorted, still making it appealing to the eyes. 

If you work with experimenting with new ideas and innovation, this font designed by Andrew Pixel is your go-to choice to convey a sense of edginess. 

5. Glitchy Font

Designed by Andrew Pixel, the Glitchy font has a pixelated appearance. Its bold all-caps lettering with jagged edges makes it highly attention-grabbing. 

This display font is available in bold and regular emphasis. With its unique distorted look, Glitchy font is perfect for showcasing your creativity and innovation with ease.

6. Glitch Inside 

Another display font, Glitch inside, has a pixelated and distorted look. The spiky edges and lines give a futuristic look to the font. 

Designed by Maknastudio, the font supports only uppercase alphabets and has regular and bold emphasis. The characters of Glitch inside make it an ideal choice for gaming brands and sci-fi movies. 

7. Son of a Glitch

Unlike the other distorted fonts, Son of a Glitch has a structured distortion. All the characters of this font have a pointed pixelated distortion in the center. 

The uniformity in the distortion gives it a creative look. Darrell Flood designed this display font to support regular and bold emphasis. 

If you’re a part of the entertainment industry, you can make your audience laugh with lighthearted humor with Son of a Glitch.

8. Bugfast

A font designed by Chequered ink, Bugfast is pixelated, which gives it the feel of all characters moving at high speed. It resembles the type used in computer programming and debugging tools.

It comes with regular, bold, and italic emphasis, adding to the all-caps letters’ beauty. 

Bugfast can convey your agile personality with its speedy character. Make your branding reflect high-speech tech development with this display font.

9. Mokoto Glitch

Designed by Drizy, Mokoto Glitch makes you think of an old computer displaying retro VHS fonts. The geometric-shaped characters of this font have jagged lines along with smooth round edges. 

The font is available in regular and bold weights. It only supports the uppercase alphabet. This digital font is perfect for any automobile or technical brand. 

10. Neo Pixel pixel hologram glitch

Neo Pixel pixel hologram glitch perfectly resembles the VHS fonts with their neon colors and huge pixelated characters. The font looks like a typeface from an old video game. 

Kaer_shop designed this display font which comes in regular, bold, italic emphasis. The pixelated blocks give a beautifully distorted look to this font.

This holographic font is a good choice to take your entertainment brand to your audience with its retro yet futuristic appearance. 

Glitch fonts used by famous brands

Hacked fontHP and NVIDIA
System Glitch fontNike and Apple
Uncracked fontXbox and Sony
Glitchy fontMTV and Burger King
Son of a GlitchConverse and Coca-Cola


1. Can glitch fonts be used in combination with other font styles?

Yes, when you use glitch fonts in combination with other fonts creates a unique and interesting design. 
As a designer, you can always experiment with your way to more creativity!

Are glitch fonts available in multiple languages?

It depends on the specific font. Some glitch fonts are available in multiple languages, while others support only a few languages. 
Before purchasing any font, do check their license and specifications. 

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From sci-fi to retro, from music and fashion to gaming, the best glitch fonts never miss a chance to create curiosity and bring attention. Put on the cap of sci-fi and create striking designs with our hand-picked distorted fonts. 

After reading this article, you can bring out the creative retro or innovative tech side of your brand’s personality with the best glitch fonts.