You’re an innovation brand leaping forward in the world of inventions. Or maybe, you’re the voice of a futuristic technology changing the world. You need a font that conveys a sense of modernity and cutting-edge style. 

If you’re searching for fonts that compliment your brand’s unconventional personality, meet modern futuristic fonts! Futuristic fonts complete your brands with their ever-evolving and fresh looks. 

Technology and modernization are the way of the future. Brands that evoke a sense of forward-thinking have been embracing futuristic fonts to stand out from the crowd. These fonts have become popular for their cool, sci-fi-inspired looks. 

But you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use them, as futuristic fonts are available on Canva for free. In this article, you’ll find how to give your brand the innovative, dynamic look it deserves with the best Futuristic Canva Fonts.

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What are Futuristic Fonts?

Mostly belonging to the sans-serif family, futuristic fonts are famous for their unconventional design and geometric shapes. They are often used to convey a sense of modernity and novelty. Their special features differentiate your design from the rest. 

As in the name, they suit perfectly well where the design hints toward the future. If you’re a technology, gaming, or fashion brand, futuristic fonts are your jam!

Here’s what makes the futuristic fonts stand out:

  • Geometric shapes like squares, circles, and triangles give these fonts a sleek and modern look.
  • Futuristic fonts often have clean, sharp lines reflecting precision and sophistication. 
  • The bold strokes and sharp edges don’t miss to give a strong and impactful appearance. 
  • Many futuristic fonts have digital effects like pixelation or glitches, giving off an innovative vibe. 
  • Canva futuristic fonts come with unique designs that push the boundaries of traditional fonts. 

Similar to futuristic fonts, sci-fi fonts on Canva also gives off a sense of modernization. Their intricate and mechanical details are mostly used in sci-fi-themed designs. 

Walking in parallel, techno fonts give a technical look to the engineering and industrial fields. 

Choose the right Futuristic Canva Font for you

Let’s look at the best Futuristic Canva Fonts that’ll take your designs ages ahead of time. 

FontFont typeBest suited forStyles on CanvaEmphasis
MokotoDisplayTechnology companies, startupsOneRegular
LasticaDisplayGaming, fashion brands, creative agenciesTwoRegular
CYN ModulatorDisplayDesign studios, technology companiesOneRegular, Bold
Architype van der LeckGeometric sans-serifAutomobile brands, architecture firmsOneRegular
PattanakarnDisplayFashion brands, technology companies.EightRegular, Bold
Cosmic Octo HeavyDisplayGaming and technology companiesOneRegular
TT Lakes NeueSans-serifCreative agencies, fashion brands, startupsFiveRegular, Bold, Italic, Bold italic
AstronSans-serifDesign studios, automotive brandsOneRegular
BicubikDisplayStartups, design studiosOneRegular
Space AgeDisplayGaming and technology companiesOneRegular
Mokoto GlitchDisplayCreative agencies, startupsTwoRegular

Best Sci-Fi Futuristic Canva Fonts 

Selecting the right futuristic font depends on your branding needs. Each font offers a different personality which makes your brand shine bright. Have a look at the best Futuristic Canva Fonts before you have your pick. 

1. Mokoto

Designed by Drizy Studio, this Display font grabs your attention with its all-caps lettering. Its sharp edges, straight lines, and geometric orientation make Mokoto look futuristic. 

The absence of special emphasis doesn’t hide the cutting-edge effect created by this robotic font. 

If you’re a startup looking for a brand that captures your spirit of modernization, Mokoto will do the job for you!

2. Lastica

Lastica’s simple, minimal, and modern look makes it novel yet easy on the eyes. Its rounded edges and smooth curves give Lastica a soft feel.

In the bold emphasis, this font becomes ready to create an impact while being playful. Designer Alex Jacque made this Display font the right fit for your gaming companies or creative agencies. Its uppercase lettering offers an attention-grabbing and intense look. 

3. CYN Modulator

Taking a break from the robotic-looking fonts, have a look at CYN Modulator. A display font, it has multiple edges in every letter. These edges give the font an unusual and eccentric look.

Designed by CYN fonts, every character is made up of multiple geometric shapes. The bold emphasis makes the font more impactful and appealing to the eyes. 

Channel your quirkiness into your branding with CYN Modulator!

4. Archetype van der Leck

The first Sans-serif font in the list, Archetype van der Leck is designed by Freda Sack, David Quay, and Bart van der Leck. Each character of this highly geometric font looks like pieces of a puzzle interlocked together. 

The gaps in the edges make it look like a Sci-fi font on Canva. The thick edges make up for the absence of bold emphasis. 

Archetype van der Leck makes the automobile and technology companies look like a part of science fiction. Use this font to make your science fantasy come true!

5. Pattanakarn

Another display font, Pattanakarn, gives off a simple yet bold style. Its bold, straight lines and sharp angles give it a futuristic feel. 

Designed by Anupap Jaichumnan, Pattanakarn is available in bold and regular emphasis. The typeface comes with a set of multiple fonts ranging from condensed to expanded features. 

6. Cosmic Octo Heavy

Do you want a break from sleek fonts? Have a look at the thick font Cosmic Octo Heavy. A display font, Cosmic Octo Heavy, comes with smooth edges and thick strokes.

Hanken Design Co. designed this futuristic Canva font without any bold or italic emphasis. The heavy and thick strokes with small slits of white space in between make Cosmic Octo Heavy attractive. 

If you want to attract a younger audience with your brand’s playfulness, Cosmic Octo Heavy is for you.

7. TT Lakes Neue

Presenting a Sans-serif font, TT Lakes Neue. Designed by Vika Usmanova, Antonina Zhulkova, Kseniya Karataeva, TT Lakes Neue gives a sleek, modern, simple, and minimal look. 

It comes with regular, bold, italic, and bold italic emphasis, making it suitable to style any way you like. Its slightly curvy edges and straight strokes make it a perfect choice for fashion brands looking for minimalism in their branding.

8. Astron

Designer Mason Mulcahy made Astron a font conveying precision. Its smooth curvy edges, slightly elongated characters, and thin strokes give off a sense of modernity and class. 

The font comes with regular emphasis and supports only upper-case alphabets. Not having sharp geometrical shapes makes Astron stand out from the rest. All characters and numerals have continuous flowing strokes, adding to this font’s beauty.

Brands looking for a high-end font that personifies their modernity and innovation can stop their search at Astron.

9. Bicubik

Similar to Astron, Bicubik is also an all-caps font. It comes with smooth curvy edges and thin strokes with some geometric features. 

Abstrukt designed this Sans-serif font. It comes with only regular emphasis. 

If you are a design studio looking for modernity and invention in your branding, choose Bicubik and emphasize your specialty with its all-upper-case lettering. 

10. Space Age

The name suggests that Space Age belongs to the sci-fi fonts on Canva. Designed by Justin Callaghan, this display font works as both a futuristic and Techno font. 

The font gives a feel of the characters floating in outer space. The straight strokes with slightly curvy edges complement the space created between the strokes.

The font supports only regular emphasis but works its magic as a playful attention-grabbing font for the younger audience. 

11. Mokoto Glitch

Last on the list of Futuristic Canva Fonts is Mokoto Glitch. A font with digital effects, Mokoto Glitch looks like a sketch of objects moving at high speed.

Designed by Drizy studio, this display font supports only uppercase letters. The font has sleek straight strokes with sharp edges making its high-speech look distorted and glitched out. 

Giving a digital feel, Mokoto Glitch is the perfect partner for any automobile or startup brand. 

Let’s have a look at the Futuristic Fonts used by Big Brands

TeslaDIN Next
IntelIntel Clear
AppleSan Francisco
UberUber Move

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Put on your unconventional and innovative personality with eccentric futuristic fonts. From creative agencies to gaming brands and everything in between, the futuristic and sci-fi fonts on Canva are here to level up your branding game. 

After reading this article, you now know how to select the best Futuristic Canva Fonts that make your branding meet the future!