Every summer, nautical fonts take over everything, from the biggest logos to the smallest paragraphs. Everything is designed with nautical fonts because they are the best at giving off sea and ship vibes. During the summer, such vibes make people feel cool and refreshed, which is why, once summer starts, you are more likely to encounter designs made with nautical fonts.

But that doesn’t mean you should just enjoy looking at them for the entire summer and feel cool, especially if you are a designer. There must be many summer-related projects pending on your schedule, so why not give them a kickstart with some good nautical fonts?

Canva has a huge collection of nautical fonts, and most of these typefaces are way better than the ones you will find on the internet, so think about giving them a try soon.

Below we have listed the best nautical fonts in Canva for your sea, sailor, or even summer-related projects. Each font is beautiful and will make your audience feel refreshed the moment they look at your project, so make sure you try out each font listed below!

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Nautical Fonts?

A nautical font is a typeface that is based on the sea, sailors, and sailing. Their designs are quite interesting and unique and are always based on something related to sailors, which is why you will see many nautical fonts with anchor or sea wave designs.

When these fonts are used for projects, designers prefer using shades of blue as colors because they represent the sea and give the entire project the perfect vibe and personality.

Nautical fonts are bold most of the time because they are based on strong sailors, which makes them good picks for display purposes. So feel free to design some advertisements, t-shirts, and posters once you get to use the best nautical fonts in Canva.

Nautical Canva Fonts For Sea and Summer Designs 

Nautical fonts will always help you create refreshing projects, so make sure to use the best nautical fonts in Canva, which we have listed below!

1. EFCO Brookshire

The creation of Ephemera Fonts, EFCO Brookshire, is a stylish nautical font you should look forward to trying out if you are a fan of cursive fonts. It has some adorable curves and good flamboyant looks like a real sailor, which helps it easily stand out.

Whether your projects are about nautical subjects or not, this font can easily fit into any kind of project. So, do not hesitate to use it in projects that aren’t even related to nautical designs.

2. IM Fell English SC

IM Fell English SC by Igino Marini is a decent retro nautical font that will take you back to the old days instantly. It’s inspired by the writings on the maps sailors used to use during their travels, so if you are a huge fan of printed letters from the old times, then this nautical font can help you a lot for your upcoming projects related to the sea and sailors. Since this font isn’t bold, it’s better to use it for texts and create some good-looking descriptions with it!

3. Vast Shadow

As its name suggests, Vast Shadow is a vast nautical font designed by Nicole Fally. It’s a display font and is known for its large letters, which allow it to stand out in any project it’s a part of. Vast Shadows has shadows in its designs too, which makes it look more attractive and iconic. This unique style would look extremely good on t-shirts or any other place that needs a good display font.

4. Special Elite

Liked IM Fell English SC? If yes, then consider giving a try Special Elite as well, since it’s also a typewriter font based on nautical designs! The special elite is designed by Astigmatic and resembles the letters printed by old typewriters. This font isn’t only a good nautical font; it’s a great retro font as well because of its printed look, which will always leave a vintage vibe whenever you use it.

5. Sean Slab Normal

Sean slab normal is a good pick for anyone looking for some modern sailor designs. Since it’s a slab font, it’s a great pick for displaying purposes like logos, websites, and even a boat if you are a sailor. This font is not hard to read either; its simplified looks give it good readability, which means no matter where you use it, you are likely to get noticed and people will understand your messages as well.

6. Diplomata SC

Introducing Diplomata SC, a wide display font that will surely remind you of 90s summer and sea designs. It’s designed by Eduardo Tunni and was used often in old movies too, which is another reason why you aren’t going to regret using this typeface. The shining part on each letter of this font is like a cherry on top, which makes it even more attractive and visible even in the biggest competition.

Some movie posters, social media posts, or any project that needs a good nautical touch can make any design iconic, so do not forget about Diplomata at all.

7. Vintage Rotter

It is often believed that nautical fonts can’t be used in professional projects, but that’s not the truth, and Vintage Rotter is here to prove it. It’s a monoline script font based on nautical designs with stylish looks and curves, which makes it really unique from every other font on this list.

It’s a good vintage typeface as well, so if you want to create some classic logos soon, then pick this amazing nautical font for guaranteed success.

8. Awesome Lathusca

Awesome Lathusca by Kulokale is a thin vintage font with an extremely strong personality because it’s inspired by old sailor designs, which helps it become a part of display projects! Yes, you read that right. This font may be thin, but it’s still an amazing pick for your logos, headings, or any project that needs a reliable display font.

Lastly, an interesting fact about this font is that when you use it, it will connect the first two letters of a word, which looks unique and provides a good personality to designs.


It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with nautical fonts or not; once you use them, you will be able to create some iconic designs that will surely be loved by everyone.

So make sure to check out every one of the best nautical fonts in Canva we have mentioned above! They will help you create promising designs that will make you popular in no time with their sailor, sea, and summer vibes!