Are you a designer wondering what to create next? If this is your problem, then trying out some bubbly fonts could be a good idea! Bubbly fonts are one of the best types of fonts because they are not only beautiful but fun to use as well!

Blending into any kind of design and making it more appealing than before is their specialty, which makes them a favorite of many people. Another great thing about them is that most of them can add a good retro and vintage feel to your designs. So, if you love retro fonts, then using these bubbly typefaces can be really exciting.

Furthermore, they are highly versatile, which means no matter what project you have, you can use them and make your designs look iconic. So, if you are interested in designing with bubbles, you will need to find some good ones.

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Finding the best ones at the moment can be hard, and that’s why we have already compiled a list of free bubble letter fonts! To know more about them, make sure you read this article till the end and download each of them!

Nuke – Y2K Bubble Font (50% OFF)

Nuke captures the lively spirit of urban creativity, taking you back to the exciting Y2K era. Each letter is carefully designed with dynamic curves and playful edges, radiating energy and personality. It’s the perfect choice for creating headlines and eye-catching displays that make a lasting impact.

From t-shirts to posters to stickers, this font can be greatly used for display purposes and can create beautiful designs for streetwear.

What is A Bubble Font?

Bubble fonts are cute, rounded typefaces that look like real bubbles most of the time. They are really different from normal fonts because they add whimsical, simple, and childish vibes, which makes them a perfect choice for a kid’s design.

You can design many things like kid’s story books, greeting cards, kid’s crafts, gift boxes, and many more. Also, if you want, you can use these fonts for other purposes like titles, branding, or friendly projects.

You should avoid using them in formal settings since they only work in informal ones.

Furthermore, many fonts from this category are great retro fonts too. So if you need a classic and vintage look in your design along with some childish style, then using bubbly fonts is a must!

Now that you have gathered some info about these cute fonts, let’s take a look at the list so that you can choose the best ones for your upcoming project.

Free Bubbly Fonts You Must Check Out

Here’s the list of 12 bubble letter typefaces. The best thing about them is that all of them are free. So purchasing them isn’t a problem, which makes it even easier for you to try them out!

1. Bubblegums

free bubbly fonts

First comes Bubblegums, a highly attractive and round-shaped font by Pizzadude. A special thing about this font is that the letters in it look inflated, exactly like real bubblegum. This feature makes Bubblegums easily stand out from the crowd and attract every person around them.

Therefore, designing a logo for gum or sweet brand can be a really great idea. It has good readability, which means no matter what you design, people will understand you very well. Using this font can help you reach your targeted audience with ease, so ensure you try it out!

2. Bubble Bobble

bubbly fonts

Introducing Bubble Bobble, a playful and fun-to-use font that was designed by Almarkha Type. Just like Bubblegums, it’s another cute font that looks like an inflated balloon.

The Bubble Bobble works best on any design that lacks cheerfulness and positivity. Whether they are quotes, greeting cards, or T-shirts, Bubble Bobble is always ready to add its funny style to designs and make everyone smile.

Furthermore, if you are designing something childish or decorative for a party, then this font can come in handy and make the environment even more lively. That is the reason you should install this free font!

3. Balonku

best bubbly fonts

Balonku is an amazing display font in which letters look like soap bubbles and balloons. Many people consider Balonku a great choice for birthday parties, funny books, and any informal design.

Furthermore, this font has uppercase and lowercase support along with punctuation, which makes it even more viable. Lastly, if you want, you can design greeting cards, invitations, comics, stickers, and toys as well.

Just remember, as long as your project is informal and it lacks joy, you can use Balonku and make your designs more stunning than ever.


free bubbly fonts

BABEL GAMEE is a unique, bubbly font that was inspired by the logos of old candy shops. If you loved buying sweets from such places, then it’s guaranteed this BABEL GAMEE will refresh your childhood memories.

If your work is related to candies, then this font can be really useful to attract more customers. Also, BABEL GAMEE’s design makes it a perfect choice for occasions like Halloween and Christmas. So make sure you design it with the goal of gaining more customers rapidly.

5. Beanbag

free bubbly fonts

Who doesn’t love chubby and squishy fonts? They are really adorable and fun to use, and that’s the reason we have added the Beanbag to this list.

Beanbag is a cute bubble letter font that has the ability to fit into every kind of design, but just like every other bubbly font on the list, make sure you use it for formal designs as much as possible.

You can choose to design logos with Beanbag or use it for greeting cards. The choice is yours! Lastly, do not forget that this font was designed by Bright Colors, a great graphic designer who gave us this lovely typeface.

6. Magical Mystery Tour

bubble fonts

As the name suggests, Magical Mystery Tour is a really mystical typeface, which is always ready to add some elegant beauty to your designs.

Although it’s a bubbly font, it has some shadows and a horror look, which makes it a perfect choice for scary designs and Halloween projects.

Therefore, make sure your next spooky project is well designed with the Magical Mystery Tour.

7. JI Chunky Caps

bubble fonts free

JI Chunky Caps is probably the simplest font on this list, but you must not underestimate it at all. It’s because this font is just something else when used effectively. For example, its large letter size and clear letter size make it a perfect font for large screens.

Therefore, using it for billboards, posters, and headings can be a really great idea. Its simple style can help you easily add it to kids’ designs as well. JI Chunky Cap’s bubbly effect is simply amazing. Kids will surely adore it!

8. Gretoon

free bubble letter fonts

Gretoon never fails to leave an impression of the past whenever it is used, so for a classic vibe, you should try it! Actually, this font is inspired by the comics of the 80s, which is why it will work perfectly for any vintage project.

Additionally, you must not forget about its letter style either, because those shining soap bubble effects are just really attractive.

In the end, all these qualities prove that Gretoon is an all-rounder font that can be used for many purposes, so design something amazing with it.

9. Keep On Truckin

free groovy bubble fonts

If you are looking for the best bubbly font with a groovy vibe, then your search ends here since we are presenting you with Keep On Truckin. A sophisticated and well designed font that will surely take you back to the 90s.

Designed by Brain Eaters, the Keep On Truckin is still a top pick for many people when it comes to classic designs. With its beautiful bubbly style, you will always attract attention no matter what, which makes using this font a highly worthwhile option.

10. Balloons

bubble fonts

It’s impossible to create a list of bubbly fonts without listing Balloons, since it’s an amazing font that is hard to forget.

Joseph Dowson’s Balloons is a really sweet typeface. If you want to design something special for your child, then this simple font can help you.

It has a really normal style, which means adults aren’t going to be attracted to it, so trying it out for kids can be a good idea.

11. An Alloy Ink

If you want to stand out from the crowd quickly, then designing with An Alloy Ink is a must! It’s a bubble letter typeface that was designed by Wahyu Eka Prasetya to add more cheerful and dazzling vibes to any project.

The great thing about this font is that it’s highly noticeable, so if you are in search of a font that can help you get more attention, then you should give a chance to An Alloy Ink.

It’s suitable for many things like branding, logo designing, watermarks, and many more, so you must try your luck with it.

12. Chiki Bubbles

Let’s end this post with the cute and friendly typeface Chiki Bubbles! You must have seen so many cute fonts, but this one is just something else. It’s a bright font with a lot of happiness filled within it.

Prioritizing kids’ design is a must when using this font, since the charming color and sweet style will surely be loved by kids. So design their quotes, greeting cards, banners, and T-shirts to make them smile.

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