In most cases, a business or a product can get noticed if it has a great logo that can be seen by everyone on the spot! However, if you choose the wrong font to create your logo, then there’s no way people will be attracted to you.

And this can cause a big loss of your money. Therefore, if you aren’t able to choose the right fonts for your logo design and can’t find any good typefaces, then why not try stretched fonts?

Stretched fonts are one of the most amazing styles of typefaces. They are wide, beautiful, and easily readable. Furthermore, these fonts are designed in large sizes most of the time, so that you get noticed for sure!

All these reasons are enough to prove how good stretched fonts are. If you are interested in using them, then below we have mentioned some of the best-stretched fonts.

Make sure you try out most of these fonts since all of them are perfect fits for your designs, so purchasing them is a worthwhile option!

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What Is A Stretched Font?

As the name suggests, stretched fonts are typefaces that have been narrowed or widened so that they can stand out even more. When a font is stretched, it can be noticed really easily.

That’s why stretched fonts are so popular. There are two types of extended fonts:

Horizontally stretched and Vertically stretched.

Horizontally extended typefaces are wider than usual, and vertically extended ones are taller typefaces.

Lastly, these fonts add a great modern feel to designs. Especially Streetwear designs. That’s the reason they are used for branding purposes most of the time!

10 Best Stretched Fonts You Must Try

1. Stretch Pro

As the first font of this list, we present to you Stretch Pro, which is a great sans-serif font. It’s actually basic Helvetica, which has been stretched horizontally.

When you start designing text with this font, the middle letter of your text will become wider, which can make your logo even more attractive.

Furthermore, using this font for projects that need a futuristic touch can be a great idea too, since this font has a modern style.

2. Stretch Sans

Stretch Sans is also a horizontal sans-serif font, which is really similar to Stretch Pro. It also has a beautiful modern design, which can easily make your brand stand out.

Stretch sans is a great choice for both formal and informal projects. This means that no matter what you design, you will always get a stratifying result.

Lastly, the letter design in this typeface is also dazzling. All the letters look really charming and they can easily attract people towards them.

3. Smear Sans

Smear Sans is a trendy bold that is always ready to make your designs look extra stunning. This font has some great geometric characters that can easily add a futuristic style to your project.

If you are using this font for large designs like headlines or logos, then you won’t regret it at all. Smear Sans includes numerals, punctuation, and upper weights as well, which gives the chance to create many amazing combinations.

4. Revolution Extended

If you love fonts with a metallic style, then Revolution Extended is something you will surely love! This font has a really unique letter style, which can easily remind people of futuristic movies.

The robotic-styled letters are eye-catching and can steal anyone’s attention with ease, so poster designing with this font will be really easy. Also, if you are a gamer, try this font on your thumbnails.

5. Switch Stretch

Switch Stretch is easily one of the most beautiful stretched fonts with its bold body and alluring style. It has some great horizontally extended letters which greatly increase its readability, making it easy to read.

If you loved the above fonts, then it’s guaranteed you are going to buy Switch Stretch too since it’s not too different from them.

6. Sucre | Vintage Condensed

Modern and futuristic stretched fonts are great, but extended vintage fonts are just something else! We present you with Sucre! which is an amazing vintage font.

Adding retro vibes with vertically extended letters is a piece of cake for this font, so for printed designs, there can be no better choice than this amazing font!

Note that this typeface is a paid font, so you must buy its licence or you won’t be able to use it for commercial purposes.

Check out this font

7. Modius Extended

Although Modius Extended has a really simple design, its stretched letters and bold letter style make it really aesthetic. If you want your designs to be simple yet attractive, then this font could be a good choice.

And just like every other font in this list, Modius Extended also has a great modern look, and this quality makes it usable just about everywhere.

Lastly, Modius Extended has both regular and bold weights, which gives you the opportunity to design posters, logos, headlines, and even T-shirt designs.

8. Glendale – Extreme Expanded Sans

Designed by Saridezra, Glendale is a sans font that has extremely stretched letters! If you love multipurpose fonts, then Glendale will surely become your favourite since it can be used just about everywhere.

With its three different styles—light, regular, and bold—Glendale is ready to make you stand out from the crowd and design even better future projects.

Just make sure you buy its licence as soon as possible since it’s not a free typeface.

9. Gimbal Extended

Do you need a modern display font that is extended as well? If yes, then pick up Gimbal Extended now! It’s an amazing font that is so much fun to use because of its stretched letters.

Prioritize it for display purposes like logos, headers, and headlines, since those are the places where it can work best.

Just remember it’s a demo font but also free to use, so do not hesitate to design anything with it!

10. Presta

Let’s end this post with Matthew Messiah’s creation: Presta!

If you need more than one font with just one purchase, then make sure you try Presta, since this font has 12 different styles.

Each style is distinct from the others, allowing you to create a plethora of amazing designs for a few dollars. Lastly, this font has both upper and lowercase letters with bilingual

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