Yet again, the groovy trend is taking over social media. From ads to logos, everything is designed with retro fonts and designs, and it’s because the groovy trend has come back! And why should it not be? The designs and vibe of the groovy trend are always fun and give off amazing nostalgia, which is loved by almost everyone in this world.

Are you also looking forward to joining this vintage trend? If yes, then consider taking these groovy Canva fonts with you, because they can help you create some decently groovy projects everyone will fall in love with! Whether past or present, they are always popular, which will allow your designs to stand out more than those of your competitors. So, what are you waiting for? 

Stick to this article till the very end and check out every font, as each of them has something special you need to know! Lastly, always remember that you will need Canva to use this font, so get a Canva subscription for a better experience.

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Groovy Fonts?

A groovy font is inspired by old styles or vintage fashion and lifestyle. They are often grungy and will remind you of the fashion of the 80s and 90s, which is why they are called groovy fonts. The majority of groovy fonts are display fonts because they have cool designs that are not only easy to read but can attract vintage design lovers with ease too! 

Not to mention, when you look at this font, you will feel heavy nostalgia, and since people miss such feelings, groovy fonts never fail to become the trend. Canva has a huge collection of some of the best groovy fonts, and below, we have mentioned the best ones!

10 Best Groovy Fonts On Canva

Here’s the list of groovy Canva fonts you will ever need for your future projects, so feel free to check out each typeface in peace:

1. Kare

When it comes to designing display projects, there’s no better option than Kare! Designed by Fontfabric, Kare is a highly bold display font, considered a perfect fit for any kind of design intended to be displayed. Whether you want to design an advertisement, posters, or prints, this Groovy font on Canva will allow you to create some outstanding designs with its strong looks and amazing legibility, so feel free to check it out soon.

Kare is available only with the Canva Pro

2. Nectarine

Nectarine is a fun tropical font with groovy vibes, designed by Prioritype Co! It’s also another display font, making it a good choice for your retro summer logos and t-shirts. The letter style of this font is inspired by 90s fashion, which is why every letter’s lower part looks bubbly and groovy.

While this font may not work for many types of projects, it’s just a perfect pick for summer, beach, and tropical designs because that’s what it’s made for.

3. Sceageus

A wavy font is all we needed in this groovy list, and that’s why Sceageus is here. It’s a decent display font with a wavy style which looks really satisfying when used on retro projects. The wavy style of Sceageus may indicate the heat of summer, so it’s better to use it for hot and summer projects as well.

It is a good choice for some summer clothing too, as it will give them a cool look.

4. Tan Kindred

Reverse contrast display fonts fit really well in any designs that need a good grunge look, and that’s why Tan Kindred is here. It’s an old-school display font inspired by the hippie style, which also gives off impressive classical vibes. 

Tan Kindred is extremely stylish, and this can help you create some outstanding projects that will always attract customers no matter what! Lastly, try to create some fashion brand logos to see Tan Kindred’s full potential.

5. Genty

Since we are talking about stylish, groovy fonts on Canvas, let’s not forget Genty! It’s a stylish display font designed by Ilham Herry and inspired by the street art of the 1990s. Its big and bold letters are enough to keep everyone’s attention on you, while your beautiful looks will make people have an interest in you.

Street art is something many people love, which means when using this font, your designs aren’t going to get ignored at all.

6. Tan Nimbus

Like Tan Kindred? If yes, then consider giving Tan Nimbus a try too! It’s also a display font designed by TanType with the same idea. But the difference between these two fonts is that Tan Nimbus is thicker and bolder, making it a much better choice for professional logos and advertisements. When used with the right background and colors, this font will become the center of attention, which will surely make you popular in no time.

7. Lucky Bones

Lucky Bones is a fun retro font on Canva, specially designed to relieve stress and feel refreshed. Its design is super cute, and the letters look adorable, which will help anyone forget their stress and get lost in the 90s with the groovy vibe. 

If you are having a hard time working on a project, then consider using Lucky Bones on it because its charming style will help you finish that work as soon as possible.

8. Bugaki

Bugaki is something we must not ignore, as it’s a good Groovy font on Canva for some professional-looking logos. It’s designed by Kulokale Studio and has a strong personality, which will allow you to create some eye-catching designs. Even advertisements and t-shirts look outstanding once they are designed with Bugaki, so when you use them for logos, it will surely bring a lot of customers to you.

9. Tan Newyork

Tan New York by TanType is a totally new concept to this list because it’s a blackletter and a groovy font at the same time! Its bold letters are just fun to use, and the vintage vibe will help you attract large crowds. Each letter of this font is carefully designed, which makes it a good choice for some important projects like professional logos or advertisements.

10. Shrikhand

Whenever you need a beautiful, groovy touch to your projects, just use Shrikhand! It’s the perfect Groovy font on Canva, designed by Jonny Pinhorn, for every single type of display design. It doesn’t matter whether you want a new cool-looking T-shirt or want some stylish packaging in vintage style, Shrikhand is ready for every display project you will bring.


It’s always hard to ignore Groovy fonts; they are beautiful, good picks for displaying, and never get out of style, which is why they are so useful to designers. If you also want to try them out, then check out the list of groovy Canva fonts above! You will find many outstanding choices for your upcoming projects, so pick the one that works best for you.