The 90s were probably the best decade, as they introduced us to many iconic movies, songs, sitcoms, and video games. Surprisingly, it was also the era when the digital world started growing, which gave birth to many amazing retro 90s fonts. If you try to remember, there were many movie and game logos designed with some decently popular 90s fonts that are unforgettable even today.

However, with time, their usage has decreased as people are busy with modern and futuristic fonts nowadays. But if you want to add a good vintage vibe to your upcoming designs and projects, then you have landed on the right page.

The good news is that today we are going to showcase to you some of the best fonts used in 90s advertisements, movies, and every other iconic medium.

Using these fonts in your projects will not only make your designs look eye-catching, but will also encourage others to get back to the 90s as well, which will surely give good nostalgia vibes! Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s get straight into the article so that you can live in your old days again.

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Popular 1990s Fonts For Vintage Projects!

Here’s the list of 1990s fonts; the best part about these typefaces is that all of them are used in popular movies and games, so keep reading to know more about them.

1. Times

The Matrix Title

Times is a retro-modern display font that has been used as the main logo and poster of the popular movie Matrix in 1999. Since the font has a sci-fi and futuristic vibe along with a vintage style, it became the perfect choice for this movie’s logo and fitted well with it. 

However, one important thing you should know about it is that Times was edited a bit, especially for the movie. In the posters, its letters are sliced and rearranged with horizontal lines because it gives off a good glitch and futuristic vibe.

2. OCR-A


Remember Forever Young by Interactive? It was the favorite song of everyone in the 1990s, and its cover was so adorable that people can’t even forget it today. Surprisingly, that adorable cover was designed with a techno-retro font called OCR-A. 

Both the main text and subtitle on the cover are designed with OCR-A, because this font was a common choice for electronic music in those days. And that’s the reason Interactive also decided to use this typeface for its iconic song, which led to its huge success.

3. Powerhouse


The current GTA games are amazing, but nothing beats the first versions, and the best part about them is that they used a popular 90s font, Powerhouse! Powerhouse, created by The Designers Republic, was used in the cover art of Grand Theft Auto in 1997. 

Yes, you read that correctly; this font is an amazing pick for logos, and its cool look made it an even better option for GTA cover art. Flames were additionally added to add a speedy look because cars are often used in this game. 

4. ITC Bauhaus

In the 1997 movie The Fifth Element, Bruce Willis drives his flying cab with a control panel set that has been designed with an extremely beautiful font. 

The movie creators didn’t mention the font, but it has been found that the 90s font was ITC Bauhaus! It’s a clean display font with amazing legibility, and that’s the reason it was picked for the control panel text because even in small sizes, it looks amazingly clear.

5. Aachen


Pulp fiction still remains one of the best movies ever made, and the reason we are talking about it is that this movie’s logo was designed with a popular 90s font, Aachen! It’s a display font with a decent vintage look, which helped the movie gain a lot of attention with ease!

Aachen, designed by Colin Brignall and Alan Meeks and published by ITC, is still a good 1990s font, and if you use it for your designs and logos, then you are a lot more likely to get attention. 

6. Arnold Böcklin


Arnold Böcklin is one more display font you need to know about because it was used in a popular show, That ’70s Show, in 1998. At that time, this font was so popular that they used it as their title, although they had many popular choices available.

Arnold Böcklin can be used for logos just like That ‘70s Show did with their title; it makes eye-catching designs that are hard to ignore. And since a popular show has used this font, there’s no way you will not stand out, so feel free to try it out soon.

7. Compacta 


Compacta is probably the best 1990s font available in this list because an amazing fact about it is that this font got to become the logo of Mission Impossible. However, in the poster, the font doesn’t look the same because it has been sliced horizontally to give a cool look.

What’s more, Compacta is a bold display font with grunge looks, designed by Fred Lambert. And as its design suggests, this font is a perfect choice for your retro-styled projects, whether they are t-shirts or cool-looking advertisements.

8. Banco


Need some more interesting fonts used in the 90s? If yes, then consider giving Banco a try! In 1994, Banco by Roger Excoffon was used as the main text of Earthquake, a popular music album. The best thing about this font is that it’s not like other display fonts we have already seen in this list because its design is completely different.

9. Cooper Black


Cooper Black is a popular font and is used by many people every day, but do you know how it became so famous? Well, it’s because, in 1996, De La Soul used this font as the main text of their new album Stakes Is High! And that’s where Cooper Black’s popularity got the crowd going.

Cooper Black is an extremely versatile font because of its design, which helps it become the main and even the background text in many types of projects, whether they are based on kids’ designs or business.

10. Optima

As the last font of this 90s font list, we have Optima! This decent display font is a popular pick for stylish designs that deserve attention. which is the reason popular car advertisements like the 1990 yellow Pontiac Sunfire have used it. The font looks really classic and elegant, making it a good choice for fashion brand logos or more car advertisements!


The fonts used in the 90s were simply amazing, and that’s why we still love them! If you were looking for some good vintage fonts to be used in 90s font projects, then it’s a good idea to check out the typefaces mentioned above! From designs to styles, they have everything your projects need, and all of them have been used in popular movies and advertisements, which makes them even more useful.

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