If you’ve seen TikTokers using captions in their videos and thinking of using them yourself, you’ve made the right decision. Or, if you’re amongst those who don’t like experimenting with subtitles, let us show you the importance of a well-subtitled TikTok video:

  • They help hard-of-hearing people follow through with the video.
  • They make understanding the message easy without any difficulty with accents.
  • You can add English subtitles to regional language videos.
  • Subtitles help in SEO if you post videos on YoutTube and TikTok.
  • They increase reach by 55.7%.

55.7% is definitely not a tiny percentage. So, if you plan on using captions in TikTok videos, you’re on your way to increased engagement and even more virality. 

But adding a caption can harm your engagement if not done correctly. You need to choose the right TikTok caption fonts to

  • Increase readability. 
  • Blend captions with the video aesthetics and ratio.
  • Capture the video’s mood and your personality.

Do you struggle to choose a TikTok caption font? Read on to pick any of the best TikTok fonts for subtitles as we list them in this article.

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Pick the Best TikTok Caption Font

FontBest suited forCategoryFont emphasisBest paired with
Montserrat Extra BoldModern or minimalistic videosSans serifRegular, Bold, ItalicMontserrat regular or light (to create contrast), Open sans, Lato
The Bold FontHigh-energy content, dance or sports videosSans serifRegularPlayfair Display, Lato
Proxima NovaFashion, beauty, or technology videosSans serifRegular, Condensed, Extra-condensedGotham, Open Sans, FF Din
Komika AxisMusic, art, or comedy videosDisplay fontRegular, Bold, ItalicRaleway
ArialEducational or informative videosSans serifRegular, Bold, ItalicTimes New Roman, Verdana
HelveticaLifestyle, travel, or food videosSans serifRegular, Bold, Italic, Bold ItalicGaramond, Baskerville
MerriweatherHistory, literature, or politics videosSerifRegular, Bold, Italic, Bold ItalicPlayfair Display, Roboto Slab
RobotoTechnology, science, or business videosSans serifRegular, Bold, ItalicLato, Montserrat

What Fonts do TikTok Videos use for Captions?

Choosing the best TikTok fonts for subtitles depends on the features of the font type and the creator’s personality and tone of voice. Though fonts are selected on their readability, these factors determine which font would be the ideal fit for your TikTok video. A few of the best TikTok fonts for subtitles are Montserrat Extra Bold, Helvetica, Roboto, Merriweather, and more

Let’s look at the best TikTok fonts for subtitles that’ll take your videos from basic to brilliant. 

1. Montserrat Extra Bold

Its boldness and clarity make Montserrat Extra Bold the go-to choice of many TikTokers. This sans-serif font is highly versatile, making blending with any video type easy. The simple, geometric design makes it popular in branding and video marketing niches. 

Designed by Julieta Ulanivsky, Montserrat extra bold has excellent legibility even on smaller mobile screens. It comes with Bold and Italic emphasis to make your captions stand out and leave a statement in the fast-paced TikTok space. 

2. The Bold Font

Designed by Sven Pels, The Bold Font belongs to the sans serif family. This display font will look prominent on your video if you use it to emphasize the essential words. 

As in its name, this font works well in high-energy videos. Its sharp angles and edges and condensed look make it more impactful when used to highlight a few words in your captions. 

Pair it with other display fonts like Playfair display to create a contrast in your captions. 

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3. Proxima Nova

When your videos need a modern and sleek look with captions, your search ends at Proxima Nova. This font comes in a diverse range of weights, from extra thin to extra bold. 

Mark Simonson designed Proxima Nova with multiple styles like regular, condensed, and extra-condensed, making it flexible for creating any TikTok caption. The sans serif font can suit a wide range of beauty to technology videos.

If you want your TikTok caption font to have a harmonious personality, choose Proxima Nova.

4. Komika Axis 

Looking to add a little quirkiness to your TikTok captions? Komika Axis will fit you like a glove. This display font is mostly used in comic books or cartoon-style designs. The unevenness of its letters and the varying strokes give it a fun appearance. 

Designed by Vigilante Typeface Corporation, the hand-drawn style gives Komika Axis a personalized touch. It comes in regular, bold, and italic emphasis, adding to the playfulness of the font. 

Its boldness makes it a prime choice for creating attention-grabbing captions. 

5. Arial

One of the most commonly used fonts, Arial, don’t distract attention from the content. Its neutral appearance helps it blend effortlessly with the video content. It’s a sans serif font, so it doesn’t have a decorative end of strokes. It makes the appearance clean and modern.

Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders designed this versatile font that can be used for any content type. It comes in multiple weights and styles, including emphasis like regular, bold, and italic.

6. Helvetica 

Helvetica comes with a modern and timeless look. Its universality makes it an accessible choice for TikTok videos, as its familiarity increases its readability. 

Like the other sans serif fonts, Helvetica has simple, clean, and even strokes and a wide range of styles. It comes with regular, bold, italic, and bold italic emphasis.

Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann designed the font over 60 years ago. Yet, it remains timeless with its wide use over multiple applications. 

Helvetica is a clear, versatile, timeless font still relevant in the contemporary setup of TikTok. 

7. Merriweather

Taking a break from the sans serif fonts, introducing Merriweather, a serif font. The small decorative edges of each stroke make this font look classic. Even with the serif edges, Merriweather is highly legible in small sizes. 

Designer Eben Sorkin has given the regular, bold, and italic emphasis on Merriweather. Its decorative strokes give it a timely and traditional appearance that looks fresh as TikTok caption fonts. 

Add an airy manner to your TikTok captions with the openness of lettering in Merriweather! 

8. Roboto

If you want a code-like look to your captions, use Roboto. Like its name, this font gives off a mechanical and sleek vibe. It belongs to the sans serif family and makes reading the captions easier and faster with its clean and straight strokes. 

Christian Robertson designed it for Google. The letters in this font have a geometric proportion that adds to its modern and clean look. 

Don’t judge this font by its name. Unlike its name, it looks pleasant to your eyes because of its consistent visual rhythm. Roboto is a good choice for any technology-related TikTok video.

Best Font Families For TikTok Captions

TikTok is known for its short content. You get a  short span to make an impact on the viewers. Else, your video would become just another piece of content they scrolled through. To catch the viewer’s attention quickly, TikTok users mostly use a small set of fonts. The commonly used font families on TikTok are 

We discussed the sans serif fonts at length in this article. Their simple and plain look makes them the first choice as the best TikTok caption fonts. 

With their slightly curvy edges and less straight strokes, serif fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia still make your TikTok videos elegant and modern. These fonts are highly legible, even with their decorative edges. 

But to give your videos a personal and organic look, handwritten fonts are used by many creative creators. If you have a DIY tutorial, personal story, or vlog, these fonts would be right up your alley. The commonly used handwritten fonts that maintain readability are Playlist Script, Dancing Script, and Great Vibes. 


Although it doesn’t seem obvious, TikTok captions are essential in increasing the video’s virality and engagement. Choosing the best TikTok caption font can take your video a long way in appealing to the viewers. 

When you’re stuck choosing the best TikTok fonts for subtitles, think of making it readable, easy on the eyes, creating a lasting impact in less time, and suit your style and personality. 

The next time you hit publish on your TikTok video, you’ll see a different reaction after using one of the best TikTok fonts for subtitles. 

Get the creative juices flowing with a bunch of eye-catching TikTok caption fonts!

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