Every popular content creator and business needs high-quality digital assets that help them stand out. While creating such things from scratch may sound like a good idea, there are better options available, including Envato Elements and Storyblocks.

If you have been working in digital media for a while, then you must have heard of these two names often. That’s because Envato Elements and Storyblocks are two popular digital platforms that provide their customers with high-quality assets, including stock photos, videos, music, and other digital products. If you are tired of creating assets for your content, then these two platforms can provide you with many helpful tools that will help you create something no one has ever seen before.

Both of these companies are amazing; the problem is choosing one of them. It’s because you can’t choose both platforms at once, especially when you are new and do not want to spend too much money. which makes many people wonder, “Envato Elements vs. Storyblocks: Which Is Better?” And if you are wondering the same thing, then consider reading this article to the end.

As we are going through a complete comparison between Envato Elements and Storyblocks, from their pricing, differences, user experience, and licensing, you will get to know everything about them, so make sure to stick around!

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Envato vs. Storyblocks: Main Difference

Although both platforms provide digital assets, some main differences make them unlike. If you are wondering what those differences are, then here are some:

Envato Elements 

  • Offers a variety of digital products, including templates, graphics, video templates, and audio tracks.
  • Has a marketplace of over 2 million digital assets.
  • Provides access to a community of over 10 million members worldwide.
  • Has a category option to make the search easier.
  • Offers only one subscription choice.


  • Offers a variety of digital assets, including stock photos, videos, and music.
  • Has a marketplace of over 1 million assets.
  • Provides access to a library of exclusive content, including 4K footage, and After Effects templates.
  • Doesn’t have a category option.
  • Multiple subscription choices are available.

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is an Australian subscription-based digital service that provides users unlimited access to a huge variety of high-quality digital assets, including photos, videos, graphics, and audio tracks. These assets are extremely helpful to designers, content creators, businesses, and marketers, as they help them create unique content that is guaranteed to help them stand out.

Once you purchase the subscription, you get access to all the assets on the platform with no additional fees. With 34 million monthly visitors, you can imagine how popular this company is and why you should trust it. Lastly, Envato keeps updating, so even if you have a heavy workload, you will never run out of unique content provided by Envato.

What is StoryBlocks? 

Just like Envato, Story Block is a digital platform that provides customers with unlimited access to videos, stock images, and music. While Envato is useful for all sorts of designers, businesses, and marketers, StoryBlocks is the best option only for content creators. since it provides you with just high-quality and royalty-free images, videos, and music. Storyblocks’ library includes over 1 million digital assets that are copyright-free and can help you create the most engaging content with ease.

Pricing & Plans: Envato vs. Storyblocks

Pricing is one of the most important things you need to consider when picking a subscription service from an online platform. So let’s take a look at the pricing and plans of both of these companies.

Envato Elements Pricing

  1. Monthly Plan

Envato offers only a single plan, which is the $16.50 monthly plan. It includes the following features:

  • Unlimited download of assets like videos, vectors, images, music, and more
  • Access to every single asset available on Envato
  • Can be canceled anytime
  • Simple licensing and commercial use for every asset
  • No additional fee or download restrictions

Previously, Envato offered a 7-day free trial that would provide you with almost all the features of the monthly plan, but it’s not available anymore. Therefore, it’s a great idea to focus on the monthly plan.

Storyblocks Pricing

  1. Unlimited All-Access Plan

StoryBlocks also offers an unlimited plan, which can be divided into either a monthly or an annual plan. The monthly plan costs $30 per month, while the annual one costs $360 per year. These plans provide the same benefits, which are:

  • Unlimited access to all assets available on Storyblocks.
  • Full access to the video editor
  • HD and 4K footage
  • Beautiful after effects templates

Just like Envato, Storyblocks also provided a free trial, but unfortunately, it’s not available anymore, which means you need to stick with the normal plan here as well.

Pricing & Plans: Results 

Although both platforms offer similar features with their plans, an Envato subscription seems like a better option. It’s cheaper and can save you a lot of money if you are a beginner, which means Envato is the winner of this round.

Stock Footages Comparison: Envato or Storyblocks

Millions of people visit these two platforms just for stock footage, so it’s important to figure out which company offers more so that you never run out of options.


If you go and search for stock footage on Envato Elements, the results will show you more than 2,687,318 footage available. which is a lot and can help you create content for a lifetime.


Storyblocks also offers a wide range of stock footage, and when you search for it, the results will provide you with 652,772 stock footage, which also sounds great!

Stock Footages Comparison: Results

When compared, Envato has more stock footage than Stockblocks; however, the Envato footage is of slightly lower quality than the ones on Stockblocks. Still, because of the numbers, Envato manages to win this.

No. Of Files & Downloads: Envato vs. Storyblocks

Before buying the subscription, the most important thing you need to know is the number of files and downloads you will receive. which is important because you never know when you will need to work on a project, and in that situation, if you have used all your downloads, the subscription will be of no use at all.

Fortunately, both Envato and Storyblock offer an unlimited number of downloads for every asset available on their platforms. From images to videos to footage, everything is unlimited as long as your subscription doesn’t expire.

No. Of Files & Downloads: Results 

Since both services provide an unlimited number of assets, it’s not easy to pick the best one, which is why this round is also a tie.

License: Envato vs. Storyblocks

Some digital platforms have very strict licenses, and we don’t want you to suffer from such a situation. That’s why here’s all the information you need to know about the licenses of these two companies.


Envato is known for its simple licensing, which provides you with the following features:

  • Commercial Use: Any asset downloaded from Envato can be used for commercial purposes. You can use it for your client’s projects or personal projects.
  • No re-distribution or re-selling is allowed: Make sure you never sell an asset from Envato, as it’s strictly forbidden.
  • One license can be used only once: If you use an asset and you want to use it again for another project, you will need to register for it again.
  • Can be used even after the subscription ends: If your subscription ends but you still have a registered asset, then you are allowed to use it.


Storyblocks also provides an extremely simple license, which allows you to use the downloaded assets for a lifetime. Unlike Envato, you are allowed to reuse the asset even after the project ends without registering it. Just make sure you don’t resell Storyblocks assets either, as that’s also not allowed.

License: Results 

When it comes to licenses, Storyblocks easily wins. While Envato also has simple licensing, Storyblocks offers fewer restrictions, which helps you work more easily.

Final Verdict

Envato or Storyblocks are both popular digital asset platforms that never fail to provide their customers with their best services. However, we can have only one winner, which is Envato! Envato Elements doesn’t only have lower pricing plans, but it’s also an ideal choice for almost everyone who works online. Licensing may be a bit problematic, but its other benefits will make you ignore that.

Storyblocks is also a good Envato alternative if you are just a content creator and want simple licensing, so feel free to pick the one that works best for you.


Is Envato better than Storyblocks?

If you are someone who wants to do more than just video editing, then yes!

Is Envato Elements free?

No, Envato used to have a 7-day free trial, but it’s not available anymore.