Are you looking for some trendy fonts that are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays? Do you want to design your projects and become popular too? If so, then you are at the right place, because today we are going to introduce you to some trendy fonts available on Canva!

Recently, these fonts became popular rapidly because of their modern looks and attractive designs, which make them perfect choices for display works, advertisements, flyers, and even packaging projects.

But that’s not all; some of these fonts are good for body texts as well, so it doesn’t matter whether you want to write a normal description or a beautiful menu for your restaurant; Trendy Canva Fonts can help you with almost every type of project.

That’s why you should stop looking for trendy fonts on the internet and make sure to read this article till the end. Since this is the only place where you can find the best and latest Canva fonts for your projects.

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10 Latest Canva Fonts for Eye-Catching Designs 

Here’s a list of trendy Canva fonts you must use! Fortunately, all of these fonts are free, so make sure you check them out and pick the one that works best for you.

1. The Seasons

Let’s start with The Seasons by MyCreativeLand! If you are a fan of classy and fresh fonts, this serif typeface is probably for you. It’s filled with elegance and beauty to keep everyone’s eyes on anything designed with it! This is the reason this font is used as the main text on most design projects. 

This typeface is a great choice for adding a vintage vibe, but if you want to take advantage of its elegant looks, try to use it for a deodorant or perfume logo; it will surely create a pleasing design.

2. Molenilo

We’d like to introduce you to Molenilo, a reverse contrast display typeface with a special characteristic that no other font can offer! It’s designed by Nurrontype and is a perfect choice for designs like logos and advertisements because of its bold style and unique looks.

This unique font can fit in well with modern designs too since special designs are becoming more popular day by day, which is why Molenilo is on this list. That’s why, once you get a good display project in your hands, make sure to try out Molenilo; your work will be enlightened for sure!

3. Agrandir Grand

As mentioned before, this list has many modern fonts, and here’s another one known as Agrandir Grand! This typeface was designed by Alex Slobzheninov and is very well known for its minimalist look. Despite being a display font, Agrandir Grand doesn’t focus too much on its designs and remains a wide, simple bold, which is something that makes it extremely unique and lovable.

From T-shirt designs to posters, Agrandir Grand is great for every funky and quirky design, so whenever you feel like designing some fun projects, feel free to check it out!

4. The Youngest Serif

The Youngest Serif is a handwritten serif font that was designed by My Creative Land, and a surprising fact about it is that it has become extremely popular in an extremely short time because of its unique and attractive design. 

This means if you are working on an aesthetic project, then The Youngest Serif can be a good choice. From fashion to feminine designs, this font works for every type of design that lacks beauty! So, do not waste time and get it as soon as possible, because right now it’s just so popular.

5. Tan Astoria

If you think The Youngest Serif may not be the best candidate for feminine designs, then check out Tan Astoria by TanType. It’s a quirky display font that comes with a unique look and a beautiful style never seen before, making it an ideal pick for feminine projects and designs.

If you are currently looking for a decent font for your cosmetic, fashion, or jewelry brand logo, then Tan Astoria should be your go-to option to become popular in no time. This font can work even better when paired with sans-serif fonts; that’s why you should try out new combinations too.

6. Lucidity Expand

Extended fonts never go out of style because of how perfect they are, and not adding one to this list was impossible. That’s why here’s Lucidity Expand! Designed by Aiyari, Lucidity Expand is an amazing display font on its own, but with the expanded looks, this typeface has turned into perfection, making it a decent choice for a variety of projects.

As everyone knows, expanded fonts have good visibility even in crowds because of their unique style, so try to use Lucidity Expand for projects like billboard designs, advertisements, or flyers.

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7. TAN Meringue

Like Tan Astoria? If yes, then try out Tan Meringue by TanType, which is also a unique, quirky display font to help you create amazing feminine projects. However, unlike TAN Astoria, this font is based on retro designs and styles, so if you are looking for a good vintage font or want to add classic looks to certain designs, then Tan Meringue can easily help you out! 

It may not look like it, but its characters are extremely easy to read, especially when they are displayed in larger sizes. That’s why you should try projects like logos with this classical font.

8. IBM Plex Serif

Looking for something simple and minimal? Here’s IBM Plex Serif by Mike Abbink, a serif font with a really simple design! Nowadays, it’s hard to see minimal fonts because everyone wants beautiful and shining fonts, but even with this much competition, simple fonts manage to stand out, which is why IBM Plex Serif is here. 

However, if you think it’s a bit boring on its own, try to pair it with its italic version for a little spice, and you will surely receive an iconic combination for your future projects.

9. Migra Extra Light

There’s no surprise that elegant typefaces are always a part of trendy Canva fonts, and if you are looking for the current most trendy font, then check out Migra Extra Light! It was designed by Pangram Pangram and is a great example of a good luxury font.

From design to readability, everything about this typeface is just so perfect that you can’t help but make it a part of your next elegant project. That’s why it’s often picked for designs like hotel logos, wedding designs, and restaurant texts. If you are working on similar projects like these, then make sure to try this font out!

10. Anton

Anton may not be a new font, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be trendy! Anton is designed by Vernon Adams and is a popular bold and display font already used by many popular magazines, websites, and businesses. It may not have anything special in its design, but still, it’s an iconic font only because it focuses on its minimalism, which is the only thing that makes it perfect!


Depending on the public’s mood, trendy fonts might easily disappear, so it’s better to start now with the ones we have mentioned above! Choices like Anton, Tan Astoria, and Molenilo are some of the latest Canva fonts that can help you become popular in no time. So, without wasting any time, get them right away!