Looking to add a little personality to your designs? Have you given fun fonts a thought? Using fun fonts in your projects is a terrific way to give them a lively, original feel. 

From invites and flyers to social media graphics and website design, they can be used in various settings. But finding the right font can be difficult with an overwhelming number of options available.

We have the popular design tool Canva with a vast selection of fun fonts for free. Canva has a font for any style, whether you’re looking for bubbly or strong and edgy. We’ll present our recommendations for fun fonts in Canva, which will give your designs a little extra flair. Let’s get started and be imaginative!

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What makes the Fun Fonts Special?

Fun fonts are lighthearted and can give your projects charm and character. They come in a variety of designs, from curved and whimsical to bold and blocky.

The fun Canva fonts are unique because they were chosen especially to add a playful element to your creations.

What makes them special?

  • Playful and whimsical shapes: Fun Canva fonts often have irregular or rounded shapes that create a lively and fun feel.
  • Varying line widths: Many fun fonts in Canva have different line weights, which can are visually appealing. 
  • Bold and decorative: These fonts often have bold and decorative features such as flourishes, serifs, or decorative elements, which can add a touch of personality to a design.
  • Casual or handwritten style: Many fun fonts in Canva have a simple or handwritten style, which can add a personal and approachable feel to a design.
  • Versatile: Fun Canva fonts are often versatile and can be used in various design projects, such as social media graphics, posters, invitations, and packaging.

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Which Fun Font should I choose?

To help you find the right fit for your design, we’ve listed the features of all the best fun fonts on Canva in the table below.

FontFont typeFont styleFont emphasisBest suited forBest paired with
BorsokSans SerifRegular1Heritage brand or a craft-focused brand.Roboto and Montserrat
BowlHand DisplayRegular2Technology brand or a fashion brand.Open Sans and Lato
MarykateScript, handwrittemRegular1Children’s brandsGreat vibes and Pacifico
One little fontHandwrittenRegular, Bold2Food industry or kids’ craftProxima Nova and Gotham
ChewyScriptRegular1Children’s brands or a toy brandOpen Sans and Roboto
Le Petit CochonFancy, comicRegular1Luxury brand or a gourmet food brand.Sacramento and Allura
Zag thin dropsSans serifRegular1Art gallery of design agencyMontserrat and Raleway
Dreaming OutloudHandwrittenRegular, Italian4Children’s books or toy companyLato and Proxima Nova

8 Best Funny Canva Fonts

You must pick fonts that are both simple to read and leave a lasting impact if you want to set the correct tone. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry because we’ve compiled a list of the top fun fonts available on Canva.

1. Borsok 

The first funny Canva font on the list is Borsok. A font by Dastan Miraj, Borsok suits well on gift or greeting cards or craft projects. 

With thick and bold swashes and all capital letters, Borsok still looks friendly. It has soft, round curves and even letterforms. 

Its overall playful look, which doesn’t let it look loud, suits perfectly well for designs made for children. The multilingual support makes it a desirable choice for multiple designs.

2. Bowl

A font by Rodrigo TYpe, Bowl is a hand-display font. It has two styles in Canva, Bowl and Bowl outline. The font’s unique, geometric style makes it stand out from other fun Canva fonts.

Its bold lines, geometric shape, and rounded corners give Bowl a bold and clean look. 

3. Marykate

Looking for a fun font in Canva through and through? A font by TYpefairy, Marykate checks all boxes for a fun font. A Sans serif font, Marykate comes in two styles – regular and outline. 

The font gives a feel of a handwritten font, and the letterforms look like the handwriting of little children. 

The letterforms have a constant edge width but look differently angled and oriented, giving it a fun vibe.

The font would suit any gift cards, children’s merchandise, quotes, and even home decor and wedding invitations. 

4. One little font

If you’re wondering about the possibilities of using funny Canva fonts, One little font is here to surprise you. Designed by Nantia.co, One little font is a script font.

Again giving a handwritten feel, this doodle font is ornate with discretionary ligatures and around 80 logos of its own. The logos add a whimsical and cheerful look. 

One little font comes with multilingual support and looks perfect on food industry logos and menus. 

5. Chewy

Designed by Sideshow, Chewy is a puffy, rounded, and comic font. It has thick, curvy edges and looks bold but fun at the same time.

The font includes a variety of alternate characters and ligatures. Chewy would be suitable for advertising, branding materials, and packaging.

6. Le Petit Cochon

Le Petit Cochon has a cute and chubby appearance. It’s a pleasant typeface with compatibility with multiple languages.

Designed by Konstantica Louka, the handcrafted font maintains its balance and is neatly legible. It has a mixture of thick and thin edges and a varied height of letterforms. 

This font is ideal for you, especially if you’re looking for one for cute Instagram quote posts.

7. Zag Thin Drops

Zag Thin Drops has an artistic and fun look to it. A Sans serif and display font, Zag Thin Drops has extremely light edges which look elegant with the small curvy blobs at the end. 

Designed by Svetoslav Simon, Zag Thin Drops looks beautiful for logos, pictograms, and other graphics. 

8. Dreaming Outloud

The final one of the funny Canva fonts is a font by Elena Genova, Dreaming Outloud. The typeface has four fonts in Canva: Dreaming Outload Sans, Dreaming Outload Sans A, Dreaming Outloud Script, and Dreaming Outloud All CA. 

The font has a slim and uniform look, making it stand out from all fun fonts. Dreaming Outloud would be suitable for use in wedding invitations, feminine branding materials, and fashion or beauty-related designs.


You can make a masterpiece from any design by choosing the correct funny Canva fonts. Canva offers a variety of fonts that can give any project individuality and personality.

The choices are unlimited, from fun script types to strong sans-serif typefaces. 

So why not experiment with amusing, funny Canva fonts and let your creativity run wild? You’ll be astounded by what you can make. It’s time to advance your designs and make them memorable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use fun Canva fonts for commercial use?

It depends on the license of the font. Some fonts may be free for commercial use, while others may require a license or payment for commercial use. It’s important to check the license and terms of use for each font you use in your designs.

How can I access fun fonts in Canva?

The fun fonts are available for free in Canva. If you want to use the licensed fonts, you need to purchase them.