Fonts play an important role in a cosmetic or makeup brand’s success. You can’t just choose a random font, design your logo with it, and call it a day. Since you are selling feminine products, you will need something that suits your work and your brand’s personality. In such cases, there’s no better option than beauty fonts! They are sweet, and feminine, and can easily help your logo become the center of attention with their charming looks.

If you still don’t think it’s a great idea, then take a look at popular cosmetic brands like L’Oréal. It’s one of the most popular makeup brands and uses Trade Gothic LT Standard for most of its designs! Why? because it’s a beautiful feminine beauty font that completely fits with their company’s personality. This way, they don’t only design impressive designs but get a lot of attention from their audience too!

Therefore, do you want to take advantage of these fonts to make your cosmetic brand famous as well? If yes, then continue reading this article till the end, because here we have mentioned the best cosmetic brand fonts that will surely help you design outstanding projects!

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Why Beauty Fonts?

Beauty fonts are extremely charming, and because cosmetic brands also sell products about being beautiful, these fonts are the safest option for their designs. They do not only fit makeup companies, but their cute and stylish looks are attractive too, which helps them gain a lot of attention as well.

If you notice, every single cosmetic and makeup brand has designed their logos with beauty fonts, because that’s the only way to become successful in this field.

10 Beauty Brand Fonts For Logos

Here is the list of makeup logo fonts you needed for your brand!

All of these are good enough to be used for logos; make sure you check each font’s license before using it.

1. Lemon Jelly

Introducing Lemon Jelly, a stylish display brush font by Billy Argel Fonts! It’s probably the best font for any cosmetic brand logo, as it’s really sweet and is often used for display purposes. When used as a logo, it will easily grab people’s attention too, thanks to its amazing readability.

It’s free, you will not get bored of designing cosmetic brand logos with it, and it will keep helping you stand out, which are some reasons why it is a must to try out Lemon Jelly!

2. Gavensy

Looking for something feminine? Here is Gavensy! Designed by Second Son Radiance, Gavensy is a girly display font mostly used for cosmetic brands, magazines, jewelry, and many other kinds of feminine projects. 

At first, it may not look like a great choice for a logo because of its little, thin letters, but when used with the right background or size, it easily stands out and defeats its competitors with ease. Choosing Gavensy for your cosmetic brand logo is totally worth it, so feel free to purchase it soon!

3. Cannia

Ever looked at luxury brand logos and wanted something like that for your designs too? If yes, then consider trying out Cannia. It’s a luxury font, inspired by the stylish typefaces used by popular companies and hotels. 

Using Cannia for your logos will make others think you are an expensive and professional brand, which is actually really beneficial for you. So, think about using it soon, as its design is something no one can ignore.

4. Verona

Verona looks quite similar to Cannia, so if you liked the previous font then you should give Verona a chance too! It’s designed by Inspirationfeed and is a beautiful sans serif that can be used for many types of headlines and logos. 

It has a unique letter style that looks extremely eye-pleasing and attractive, making it a good choice for your display designs.

Lastly, Verona has 50 beautiful ligatures too, which allows you to get even more creative and design more attractive designs.

5. Milgnite

Normally, makeup brands don’t use bold fonts, but if the bold fonts are like Milgnite, then there’s no reason to hesitate. Milgnite is a stylish, bold font designed especially for displaying purposes like logos, advertisements, and branding. It’s feminine and stylish looks make it good for cosmetic brands because sometimes even bold, stylish fonts look good on girly projects!

6. Thread

Thread is a bold display font, just like Milgnite. However, the difference between both of these fonts is that Thread has tall letters that are really unique and add a charming look to projects. 

Not to mention, Thread is used mostly for simple and minimal designs, which makes it a good pick for makeup brands that want a modern or minimal theme rather than a stylish one. Do you want to be a little simple with your brand too? If yes, then make sure to try Thread!

7. Recoleta

This list has tons of modern fonts for cosmetic brands; therefore, let’s take a look at past fonts like Recoleta too so that you can add a retro vibe to your logos! Recoleta is a stylish, bold font by Latinotype, generally used for displaying works.

Designing some logos, t-shirts, and advertisements with this font feels like such a fun task because of its unique and bold looks. So, do not forget to try it out before you start designing your logos!

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8. Bodoni XT

Next up, we have Bodoni XT, yet another beauty brand font that should be available in your collection before you start designing your logos. It’s a strong and impactful display font designed by Manfred Klein for any industry that needs a logo that can help them stand out.

Although it’s not feminine, Bodoni XT still works well with cosmetic brands because of its stylish looks! It’s free; if you want to use it, then download it right away.

9. Dubiel

With so many stylish and beautiful fonts, we cannot forget about minimal fonts because they also make a great impact on beauty designs. And that’s the reason Dubiel is here; it’s a simple display font by David Rakowski mainly used for logos and headlines. You can either use Dubiel as your main text or keep it in the subtitle; it looks good everywhere, so the choice is yours!

10. Perfectly Nineties

Before the list ends, let’s not forget Perfectly Nineties, one more stylish beauty font for makeup logos! It’s designed by Jen Wagner Co. and is really attractive, which adds a good amount of beauty to feminine logos. Using a good background and colors for Perfectly Nineties will allow you to create outstanding logos, so get creative and start right now!

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Beauty fonts for cosmetic logos will always leave you surprised with their attractive designs, which is why it’s best to use them in your upcoming projects. Above, we have mentioned every beauty font you will ever need for your logos, so feel free to try them out and enjoy designing!

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