Are you busy crossing off everything on your to-do list for your wedding? The list would be incomplete without a beautiful wedding card. Wedding invitations are a teaser of your wedding that your guests would see first. You only get one opportunity to make an excellent first impression, right?

You’re planning a big fat wedding or a minimalistic ceremony. Whatever it is, there’s nothing as perfect as DIYing those cards and using wedding fonts to capture your essence. But you’re wondering how to find a place that will help create wedding fonts all by yourself.

Look no further, as Canva has a vast collection of wedding fonts. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best wedding fonts on Canva that take your wedding cards from just an invite to a statement of your big day.

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What are Wedding Fonts?

As in the name, wedding fonts are used on the wedding invitation cards. But unlike other fonts, they have all-things-wedding aesthetics, making them the obvious choice for any wedding invitation card. 

The most popular wedding Canva fonts are script, calligraphy, handwritten, serif, and sans-serif typefaces.

These typefaces stand out from the rest due to their elegant curves and resemblance to cursive handwriting of the calligraphy and script fonts. And the serif and sans-serif typefaces make up for the minimalistic touch that completes the wedding cards. 

Canva is the one-stop destination for every wedding font that will suit your wedding theme.

10 Best Wedding Invitation Fonts on Canva

Wedding cards set the tone of your wedding. To get the tone right, you’ve to choose fonts that are easy to read and yet make a lasting impression.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry; we’ve listed all the best wedding fonts on Canva that you need.

1. Brittany 

If you want your wedding invitation to feel like a handwritten note written by fountain pens, your search ends with the Brittany Signature font. Designed by CreaType Studio, Brittany adds an aesthetic touch to your wedding cards with its delicate curves. 

It sends a sophisticated signature yet royal vibe, perfectly fitting a big-fat-destination wedding. Even with its curves and free-flowing nature, it’s easy to read. 

2. Anastasia Script 

From the family of script and calligraphy wedding, Canva fonts come the Anastasia Script. Created by Antimainstype, this font has perfect calligraphy curves and gives a neat printed look. 

It gives off a classic old-fashioned letter feel and makes the wedding invitation look noble and elegant. Even after its continuous nature, it’s highly readable and adds a glamorous touch to the card.

Anastasia Script supports many languages, allowing you to create wedding invitation cards that speak your language!

3. Pinyon Script

If you want a traditional wedding invite, choose Pinyon Script. Its slanting calligraphy font gives the wedding invitation a classic and rich aesthetic. 

If you plan a royal wedding, Pinyon Script sets the right expectations. Designed by Nicole Fally is your companion for a classic wedding invitation card. Pair it with a hint of gold for an ideal invite to a traditional wedding.

4. Amsterdam One

If the wedding card is your way of showing your funny side, Amsterdam One is the one for you! It’s the first font in the family of four designed by lettesiro. This script typeface has a beautiful and stylish texture. Unlike other script wedding fonts, it comes in Italics and regular font type. 

And there’s more. The Amsterdam font family has three more font types. Amsterdam four is your jam if you go for a fun-themed wedding invitation card. 

5. Great Vibes

Designed by TypeSETit, Great Vibes is a simple flowing script wedding font with formal lower cases clubbed with more casual upper case letters. As in the name, the font gives off great vibes whenever you look at it. 

If your wedding theme is minimalism-centric, you must try this font out! Its simplicity and beautiful curves make it the perfect choice to shine bright on your minimally designed wedding invitations. 

6. Alex Brush

For the first time in this list, introducing a brush script font, Alex Brush. Its letters look like finished strokes of a pointed paintbrush. Designed by TypeSETit, Alex Brush exudes a feminine and elegant feeling. 

The short ascends and descents in the letters make this font different from script wedding fonts. The font gives a chic look to wedding cards, making it a perfect fit for a lovely wedding. 

7. Josefin Sans

Designed by Santiago Orozco, Josefin Sans comes from the family of geometric fonts. It is usually used for larger sizes. So if you’re planning on an extravagant wedding invitation, you might want to try Josefin Sans.

Despite its geometric features, it gives off an elegant and vintage feeling making it a perfect partner of traditional and rich colors for your wedding cards.

The bold and italic emphasis gives you a chance to experiment and play with the font. 

8. Daydream 

If you’re tired of looking at finely designed thin-lined fonts, freshen up with a chubby font. For those of you who can’t hide your excitement, presenting Daydream! The font speaks excitement and grooviness in each letter. Always use this typeface for the headings utilizing its psychedelic feel to set the mood just right. 

Designed by NendesKombet, Daydream works best for a contemporary style. So, choose Daydream and walk your way to a dreamy wedding invitation card made with a mix of everything trendy. 

9. Playlist Script 

If you love the perfect imperfections of your future better half and want to flaunt them off with pride, Playlist Script is for you! It’s a handwritten font designed with strokes of a dry paintbrush, giving it the aesthetic of an imperfectly perfect font for your special day.

It was designed by Artimasa. You can try experimenting with vibrant colors. The broad paint strokes will come out even better on a rich background. 

10. Malibu Ring

Last on the list is another calligraphy and script type font, Malibu Ring. The font is designed by Bustami Malibu Ring. 

It’s perfect for any fun tone paired with a mix of color gradients in the background. You can catch your guests’ eyes by writing the bride and groom’s names in this font. 

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Choose the Best Canva Wedding Font For You

Let’s look at the features of all wedding fonts on Canva in the cheat sheet below. You can even pair two fonts to add to the invitation’s aesthetics.

FontBest suited forStyles available on CanvaFont EmphasisPairing options
BrittanySave the Date imagesSingle StyleStandardJosefin Sans
Anastasia ScriptOld-fashioned letter designsSingle StyleStandardAny sans-serif font like Montserrat 
Pinyon ScriptClassic, traditional looksSingle StyleStandardSerif type like Forum
Amsterdam OneFun designsFour SylesItalicLovelo Line
Great VibesMinimalistic designSingle StyleStandardMontserrat
Alex BrushPaintbrush fontsSingle StyleStandardRoboto Regular and PT Sans
Josefin SansBody textRegular, Bold, and ThinBold, ItalicBrittany 
DaydreamDesigns have an element of excitementSingle StyleStandardAny thin font
Playlist ScriptHandwritten, paintbrush fontsSingle StyleStandardFoglihten Black PCS
Malibu RingTitles, signaturesSingle StyleStandardAny sans-serif font like Montserrat

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Nothing kick-starts a wedding like a personalized DIY wedding invitation card. And when it comes to DIY wedding cards, nothing works its magic like wedding Canva fonts. After going through the best wedding fonts on Canva, you can now choose the one that suits the tone of your wedding theme and personalize that wedding invite your way. 

From paint brush to handwritten to calligraphic, typefaces can change your plain wedding card into an extension of your nature subtly and gracefully. 

If you’re planning a wedding, now you know where to get your wedding invitations ready in no time.