Baseball is one of the most popular sports to ever exist, and its fans are everywhere, even in the typography and design worlds. Maybe some of your followers are baseball fans, or perhaps your targeted audience is hardcore baseball enthusiasts. And if this is the case, then you should try out our Baseball Canva Fonts soon!

Why? It’s because baseball fonts are the most used and liked fonts among any other sports typefaces, which instantly makes them the best Sports fonts in Canva.

Also, if you pick typefaces from here, you won’t need to spend hours looking for sports fonts if you ever need them. Which can easily help you work on your projects without wasting a lot of time!

Lastly, they are super versatile and work for all kinds of designs, whether they are display or body text, which makes them pretty useful for any designer. You can try them for sport logos, sport-themed videos, games, websites, and sports jerseys too.

However, if you are still not convinced to use them, then consider reading this article till the end, since there’s a lot you need to explore!

Baseball Fonts on Canva For Sports Designs

Do not feel bad if you haven’t played or watched baseball before, as these Sports jersey fonts in Canva are for everyone who wants to craft some good baseball designs.

Sports World

Sports World is designed by Sergiy S. Tkachenko, and it’s based on the traditional design of sports fonts, which are often used in schools, colleges, and other places for events and decoration. Thanks to its bold and blocky design, Sports World can be easily recognized as a sports or baseball font and can be used for any project you are working on.

It’s free, and since its main work is displayed, feel free to use it for flags, t-shirts, and sports jerseys!


Graduate is just like Sports World in that it also follows a traditional sports design, but fortunately, both follow a different type of design, which can easily help you differentiate between them. It’s designed by Eduardo Tunni and is much thinner but more masculine, which is great since it’s a sports font, so it must look bold and confident.

Whether it’s your baseball website or your school’s sports event, Graduate will always be ready to help you out with its iconic look, so get it soon as it’s free to use!


Introducing Norwester by Jamie Wilson, which is a pretty simple yet satisfying-looking font in the sports category. Unlike the other baseball fonts on Canvas, Norwester doesn’t follow a specific sports style and keeps its minimal style, which still looks good because if a font wants to be used for sports or baseball projects, then it just needs to be bold and clear.

It’s good for a variety of sports designs, such as jerseys, as well as non-sports designs like business logos and advertisements.


Remember Anton? Antonio is just a more refined and condensed version of it! It’s designed by Vernon Adams and works much better than Anton, especially if you aren’t using it for digital purposes like website design.

Its long letter style provides it with much-needed readability, which can be good for sports jerseys and team logos as the audience will be looking at them from a long distance. Therefore, if you are a fan of condensed fonts, then get this free font soon.

League Gothic

Introducing League Gothic, which is a revival of an old classic font, Alternate Gothic. It’s designed by Tyler Finck, and it’s pretty similar to Antonio; however, it’s not that tall and is thicker instead. On top of that, you get a gothic look too, which isn’t often used in sports or baseball designs, but with this font, it would fit anywhere.

So, start designing your pending sports projects now! Fortunately, League of Gothic is good for both printed and digital designs, so you can easily make some good YouTube thumbnails with its help.


We have already talked about how good Antonio is, but that doesn’t mean Anton is a bad option; it’s still a good font and can easily be used to design some motivational texts for your team. Anton is designed by Vernon Adams, is available in every software, and provides an attractive look, which already explains how good it is.

You can probably use it for sports photography watermarks, baseball posters, and many more things, so get it soon as it’s also free!


Just like Anton, Montserrat is also a popular font, especially as a sports font in Canva. This font is designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and isn’t as bold or thick as the other fonts on this list. However, that’s not a problem since the only work you would do is create headlines or subtitles.

It’s a confident-looking font that lacks thickness, but that doesn’t stop it from being useful, so feel free to use it for subheadings or subtitles on your designs, videos, and logos.


How about using a modern Baseball Canva font rather than a traditional one? If you are in, then here’s Jarurat for you! It’s a bold and confident font with a pretty modern design, which would fit well with strong and modern teams.

If you are bored of traditional designs and want your team to look unique, then Jarurat can be a great option as it doesn’t only display your confidence but also fits well with this modern world, which can easily make people support you!


Like the modern take on Sports fonts in Canva? If yes, then here’s another one known as the Wide! It’s also a modern font, but with a wide design, which helps it display its design even more easily. Wide fonts aren’t common in sports or baseball designs, but maybe you can give them a try, as they always work pretty well everywhere. So, if you want to use Wide, then try some motivational designs with it.

Bebas Neue

Last but not least, we have Bebas Neue, which is pretty similar to Montserrat and Anton! It’s designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and also provides users with a bold and thick-looking design, which can be good for many display designs. Whether it’s a sports jersey or the team’s logo, Bebas Neue won’t fail to bring attention to your team, so try it right now as it’s completely free!


Whether you need sports jersey fonts in Canva or a typeface for your upcoming baseball video, we have already mentioned all the fonts you will ever need! Also, it doesn’t matter if you use them for baseball, basketball, football, or any other sport; they are just perfect for everything!