Ever since the early 1970s, hip-hop has taken over the world with its strong, rhythmic beat and amazing rapping tracks. But did you know that the music industry isn’t the only place where it shines? Designers from all over the world have tried to add this style to their typography too, and surprisingly, they have never failed, which in turn gave birth to iconic hip-hop fonts!

These fonts are heavily inspired by hip-hop and graffiti styles, which gives them an attractive look that’s almost impossible to ignore.

So, who do you want to try these fonts out with? If yes, then keep reading since, luckily, we have a list of some of the best hip-hop Canva Fonts below in this article!

If you are a fan of hip-hop or just want to give this new style a try, all the fonts listed here are only for you and your projects! That’s why you should consider sticking with us till the end so that you don’t miss out on anything at all!

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Hip Hop and Graffiti Canva Fonts

The real purpose of any Graffiti Canva font is the display, so consider every font mentioned below a good choice for designs like logos, advertisements, and other display designs, and feel free to check out each!

Sprite Graffiti

As the first typeface, we are introducing you to Sprite Graffiti, a hip-hop font full of graffiti energy! Just like its name, it stays true to its origin and provides users with a fantastic graffiti art design, which looks pretty attractive.

Also, its designers have made it as readable as possible because they wanted it to be used outside of the graffiti community as well, which just makes this font even better. This font is perfect for advertisements, whether they are on TV, in print, or on the web!


Hip-hop art often has drips and drops in its design to show how imperfect things can be beautiful, and if you think the same, then Lacquer by Niki Polyocan should be a great match for you!

This font is also based on graffiti art, but the difference is that it focuses on an imperfect design and provides a drop-and-drop design on each word, which makes it look really unique. This font can be used for both body texts and display works, thanks to its unmistakable look.

Was KamuiNP

Looking for a reliable display font with a rap font style? Well, here’s Was KamuiNP! It’s considered one of the best display fonts when it comes to hip-hop fonts on Canvas, thanks to its attractive brush style.

It’s made for display, so places like rap and hip-hop song album cover will be great for it, but if that’s not enough, then design some posters and wall art too. You will be extremely satisfied with the results and enjoy using it again and again!


Liked Was KamuiNP? If yes, then here’s a similar font, Abys! It’s designed by Ioanajalfa, and it’s known for its brush style, which can easily remind you of many street graffiti arts! Thanks to the brush style, it has a pretty bold design, which helps it display your design pretty well.

Abys has similar uses as Was KamuiNP as well! However, it can have more uses, like being used in logos and advertisements, thanks to its versatile design.

Sedgwick Ave

Introducing Sedgwick Ave, which is inspired by beautiful handwritten graffiti art. It’s designed by Pedro Vergani and is probably the cleanest font available in this list, maybe because its design is a bit like marker fonts! It’s bold and good for display, so maybe you can use it in comics, movie posters, and advertisements.

Its eye-catching look will take no time to bring you crowds of thousands. So, add it to your list of display fonts now so that you can design something amazing with it later on!


We have mentioned how good Graffiti fonts are for display works, but did you know they can be good for texts too? If not, then here’s Mansalva, a Graffiti Canva font designed especially for texts, especially informal ones, because it has a pretty creative design despite being a text font.

Mansalva can be good for music websites, lyric videos, and descriptions of things related to hip hop and graffiti, so don’t miss it out.

Sprite Graffiti Shadow

Those who have already decided to use Sprite Graffiti should wait a bit, since here we have Sprite Graffiti Shadow! It’s completely the same font; however, the only difference is that you get a cool shadow effect with this version, which looks pretty cool.

You can freely change the color of shadows and use them the way you want. In comparison to the original and shadow versions, both fonts are equal, and you should use the one you like most.

Kooperative Scratched

Brush styles fit really well with the rap fonts, don’t they? Unlike the other graffiti and hip-hop fonts on the list, Kooperative Scratched has a pretty rough design, but that doesn’t matter as its brush can instantly remind anyone of the graffiti arts. It’s an amazing font for display designs, especially if you want to add some sort of calmness to your hip-hop designs.

AC Compacta Script

AC Compacta Script is yet another awesome rap font to add to the list, which can provide you with a pretty great design for display works.

It looks like Sedgwick Awe, as both are hip-hop fonts but do not seriously follow a graffiti style. It’s clean and smooth enough to be used for logos and headings in thumbnails of your rap videos. But if you get another typeface for that, then AC Compacta can still be used for lyric versions.

AC Pathetic

AC Pathetica is probably the best alternative to AC Compacta if you feel it isn’t graffiti-worthy enough. Both fonts look almost the same and have slightly different designs, but what separates them is AC Pathetica’s rugged look, which adds much more personality to it and helps it become a decent hip-hop Canva font.

It’s obviously made for your display works, like website designs, poster texts, and advertisements.


Have you ever considered using hip-hop Canva fonts on your projects? If not, then it’s your time, as above we have listed the best rap fonts you can ever find on the internet. You can use them for a variety of projects like flyers, game designs, and movie posters, so do not hesitate to try them out, as each typeface mentioned here is entirely free!