Most of the Old English fonts come from or are based on medieval times, the era when typography took a new turn and designed some of the most elegant and amazing-looking typefaces.

Do you like their designs too? There’s a huge demand for them even in this modern world, as we keep making new discoveries about the past from time to time. That’s why these fonts are needed for a variety of past and medieval projects.

Therefore, if you are looking for them, then you are in luck, as today we have a huge list of the best Old English fonts you can ever find on the internet! Whether you need them for medieval designs or past projects, they are good for everything, so make sure you use their Gothic and black letter designs well.

As they are good for both titles and body texts, however, using them perfectly can be difficult at first because of their complex designs.

This is why you should read this article till the end so that you don’t miss anything and get to know everything about old English letter fonts!

What is an Old English Font?

Maybe you are new to the term Old English fonts and are wondering what kind of fonts they exactly are. If so, then here is a simple answer!

Old English fonts, also known as Blackletter or Gothic fonts, are a type of script that originated in Western Europe during the Middle Ages. These fonts have distinctive and elaborate letterforms characterized by their sharp angles, intricate lines, and ornate details. 

Old English fonts were primarily used for writing manuscripts, religious texts, and official documents during the medieval period.

In the current era, they are perfect for projects like Video game or RPG graphics, Engraving or etching designs, Calligraphy or lettering projects, and many more!

12 Old English Letter Fonts

Finally, here’s a list of the best Old English fonts for your medieval projects. So, get ready and check them out!


As the first typeface, we present Canterbury by Typographer Mediengestaltung! This font is inspired by common medieval and blackletter designs. So you can say this is probably the most simple design of any old English letter font you can ever find.

Also, if you like minimal fonts, Canterbury is probably for you, as it doesn’t have any excessive design, which makes it just perfect the way it is.


As its name suggests, Ghosthey by Alit Design was designed especially for scary and horror designs. Unlike the previous font, Ghosthey features some new additions to its design, including sharp edges and longer ends.

However, just because it was intended for spooky designs doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other projects. It’s good for many kinds of classical designs, such as Gothic or fantasy-themed designs. Lastly, it’s a paid font, so make sure you purchase it first!

Old English Five

Like Canterbury? Well, here’s a similar one, Old English Five! that was also designed by Typographer Mediengestaltung. It’s not much different from the Canterbury, as it also follows the traditional blackletter and old English font designs.

Therefore, if you are looking for something simple, then this font and Canterbury can be good options. Simple design means you can easily implement this typeface into a variety of projects, so try it out for signage and banners soon!


Have you ever wondered what happens if you mix old English typefaces with modernism? Well, here’s your answer, Remboland! It’s also designed by Alit Design, and it’s a perfect mixture of past and future.

In the past, it had the original old English design, while in the future, it has a flowing and stylish design that makes it look more modern than ever.

This stylish design makes Remboland a good choice for fashion projects that need a classic look, so purchase it soon!


KingsCross is yet another typeface to add to the list that explains its design and inspiration just by its name. KingsCross is designed by Typographer Mediengestaltung, and as you may have guessed, this font is based on royal designs, especially the ones during the medieval era.

They were a bit more stylish than the original blackletter fonts, which made them a bit different than the normal old English fonts.

Old London

Do you like geometric fonts? If yes, then Old London can be a great choice for you, as it’s also a geometric font, but in an Old English font style! This is another font designed by Typographer Mediengestaltung and can be considered the opposite of modern geometric fonts, as both represent a different time.

Old London is good for Decorative elements in artwork and Website headers, so consider trying this free font soon.

Lordish Blackletter

If you think KingsCross didn’t match the Royal theme enough, then here’s Lordish Blackletter, which is based on similar inspiration but has a better design! It’s designed by Creativemedialab, and has a much-improved design!

If you like some style in these blackletter fonts, then Lordish has it too; it’s pretty iconic and can easily rule over many of your medieval-based designs. So, if you have a good budget, then do not hesitate to purchase it; otherwise, KingsCross isn’t a bad choice either.

Helmswald Post

Tired of all these modified old English fonts and need something original? Well, you are in luck today, as we are introducing you to the Helmswald Post! It’s designed by Sharkshock, and the only modification it has is that it’s a condensed font, which doesn’t really affect its originality. That’s why, if you are a fan of original designs, then Helmswald Post is a must-pick!


Coming up next, we have IM FELL by Igino Marin. This font isn’t a blackletter font because, as mentioned before, all of the Old English fonts aren’t blackletter; they just need to be based on the medieval era. And since printing was pretty popular at that time, clear fonts like IM FELL were used really often for a variety of works.

So, If you want to go back in time and create some retro designs, then IM FELL will be the perfect choice for you.

Belong Faith

Normally, Old English fonts look pretty old and cold, but finally, here’s a font that has changed it! It’s known as the Belong Faith, and it’s designed by Alit Design.

Unlike every other old English font on the list, Belong Faith focuses on making Old English design more attractive and beautiful, which can help it work for many fancy and display works. So, if you like this combination, then try it out for Book covers and Tattoo designs.


Just like IM FELL, here’s another beautiful Old English font, Mordred! It’s designed by Typographer Mediengestaltung and it’s also inspired by the retro font used for printing important things such as documents. It’s pretty clear, and it will surely remind you of the medieval era in an instant. Besides documents, it’s a good pick for Clothing or apparel prints and Certificate designs too.


Last but not least, LaBrit is one last old English letter font you need to check out if you like medieval designs. It was created by Apostrophic Labs and is known for its swashes because they actually look really beautiful.

Its design may be inspired by calligraphy too, which can easily mean you get to use two different typographies at once. LaBrit should be used for display, so designs like Halloween-themed designs and Theater or movie posters. 


Old English fonts are still useful and worth a try, especially if your project’s theme is all about the past! So, try out all the old English typefaces we have listed here. From body texts to displays, they will fit just about everywhere, and since most of them are free, you can easily get access to them.