There are thousands of varieties of fonts, yet choosing the one that helps you stand out is a really difficult task. It’s because some fonts may be beautiful but difficult to read, while others may be readable but not visually appealing enough to keep others engaged in your documents. which is the reason blackletter fonts are in fashion nowadays.

They are a class of fonts that are not only aesthetically pleasing but simple to read as well! It doesn’t matter whether you want to design T-shirts, logos, slideshows, or titles; everything designed with them looks just perfect and never fails to stand out.

So do you want to try them out? If so, then make sure to read this article to the very end. Since we are here, we are going to introduce you to the best blackletter fonts on Google Docs.

What is a blackletter font?

Blackletter is actually a calligraphy style that was inspired by the gothic and old English styles of the Middle Ages in Germany. This style was often used to write manuscripts and books at that time; however, for a while, this typography became forgotten. But in the 20th century, it rapidly gained popularity, and artistic culture didn’t hesitate to adopt it.

Nowadays, this typography is often used for punk, rock, street art, and heavy metal purposes because of its cool and dramatic styles. Even tattoo lovers love this typography and often design their tattoos with blackletter fonts. They work everywhere, from videos, logos, and t-shirts to Google Docs, which is why you will learn about many blackletter fonts in this article.

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Gothic Blackletter Fonts On Google Docs & Slideshows 

Have you ever used blackletter fonts? If your answer is no, then try out the gothic Google fonts mentioned below. They are all really charming and perfect for all your Google documents and slideshows.

1. UnifrakturMaguntia

UnifrakturMaguntia is a trendy blackletter that can easily add an ancient vibe to any design or document with its traditional-styled letters. Its large, sharp letters make it a great choice only for logos since such characteristics aren’t good for a text font. If you want to use it, make sure it appears only for display purposes in your designs.

It works for slideshows too; just make sure not to use it excessively as it might ruin readability.

2. Grenze Gotisch

Grenze Gotisch is another decent gothic Google font to this list, which is designed by Omnibus-Type. Unlike other Blackletter fonts, Grenze Gotisch has a way simpler design; it doesn’t have sharp edges or bold letters, yet it works perfectly on any kind of project. Its round ends give it a soft and smooth look, which is great for its readability, so do not hesitate to write some texts on your documents with it.

3. Pirata One

Pirata One is a lot like Grenze Gotisch because of its soft edges and smoothly styled letters, but it still works well as a blackletter Google font. It’s designed by Rodrigo Fuenzalida and has excellent structure and spacing, making it an ideal choice for headers and short paragraphs.

It’s a perfect option for digital screens as well, so if you want to design some YouTube thumbnails or website logos, then try it soon!

4. Medieval Sharp

Introducing the Medieval Sharp by Wojciech Kalinowski. It’s a black letter font that is inspired by ancient stone writings. Just like in ancient times, letters are not completely joined together; they have spaces between them, which adds an amazing historical vibe. 

This means if you are working on a project about history, then this font can come in handy and help you make your slideshows even more engaging.

5. UnifrakturCook

Grenze Gotisch was amazing, and if you liked it, it’s guaranteed that you will surely love UnifrakturCook. Both of these fonts are really similar, as they look almost identical. Smooth edges and soft letters are two appealing features of these fonts that help them stand out.

Therefore, you can use them as each other’s alternatives and create many amazing slideshows.

6. New Rocker

As its name suggests, New Rocker is a blackletter font that is inspired by rock music and culture. Designed by Pallari Type, it’s a harsh and loud font most often used for tattoos. Its spiky and hard letters easily indicate that it’s a great rock and street art font, so using it in your projects can easily attract gothic fans towards you.

Lastly, it has excellent readability too, so try to design some punk logos with it to make your content even more engaging.

7. Almendra SC

In this list we mentioned so many ancient-style fonts, so let’s take a look at a modern one too! Here’s Almendra SC by Ana Sanfelippo. Blackletter fonts are inspired by ancient calligraphy, but Almendra SC is a fusion of modern and historical styles at the same time. It has thinner letters than other blackletter fonts on Google Docs, but still, it never fails to stand out.

It’s a good choice for texts and subheadings, but if you want, you can try it for titles too!

8. Astloch

Let’s end this list with Astloch, which is another modern-looking blackletter Google font by Dan Rhatigan. This font focuses mainly on its aesthetics, which has turned it into a great display font. 

Although letters may be thin, this font can still stand out because of its amazing design. It’s a great pick for logos, headlines, and titles, but if you want to use it for some other purposes, then do not hesitate.

How to Add Fonts to Google Docs?

If you are new to Google Docs and don’t know about adding some new fonts to it, then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the font menu, and tap the “Add fonts” option on the top. Doing so will help you enter a new font window.

Step 2: Here you will get a list of fonts. You can choose from it or search for a font in the search bar.

Step 3: Once you have chosen your font, add it to your list by clicking on “OK” and then you are done!


Blackletter fonts on Google Docs are truly amazing, and using them for your documents and slideshows can easily help you become popular. 

Your content will be loved as well, so make sure to try them out. Lastly, since they are Google fonts, they are always free to use, so purchasing them isn’t a problem at all.

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