Are you planning to create a Google Doc that will give your audience an unforgettable fright? Well, look no further! You’ve come to the right place. 

Nothing can replace scary fonts when it comes to designing graphics or illustrations focusing on the spooky vibe. Not knowing where to find the spooky fonts can be scary. But now you can focus only on designing the scary illustrations you’d thought of. 

Google Docs have your problems covered. You can get the best Spooky fonts on Google Docs without spending a single penny.

As these fonts are available on Google Docs, they’re easy to access without buying or downloading them. And the cherry on top is that these fonts suit perfects to Google Slides too. So, be it a document or a live presentation, you’re now ready with the right fonts to create an eerie and ghostly impact on your audience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your spooky on and create spine-chilling designs with the Spooky fonts on Google Docs. 

Find the Best Halloween Font on Google Docs

FontDesignerBest Suited For
CreepsterSideshowVintage-styled horror movie or book titles and posters. 
ButchermanTypomodoHalloween-themed materials or haunted house promotions.
EaterTypomodoChildren parties
Jolly LodgerFont DinerHalloween parties, children’s spooky-themed events
LacquerNiki Polyocan, Eli BlockDesigns with a hint of intrigue.
NosiferTypomodoHorror movie titles, heavy metal album covers
FlavorsSideshowCreative yet spooky aesthetics.
Metal ManiaOpen WindowHeavy metal music, rock bands
ArbutusKarolina LachFantasy book covers, fairy tale illustrations
PiedraSudtiposProjects that require a touch of sophistication with a hint of mystery.

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Spooky Halloween Fonts on Google Docs (Google Fonts)

Here is a list of the 10 best Spooky fonts on Google Docs that you can use anytime on your device right away.

1. Creepster

Our very first Halloween font on Google Docs is Creepster. Like its name, Creepster has an uneven, hand-drawn appearance that looks like a horror movie title. The characters are thicker on the top and get tapering toward the ends. 

The font creates a spooky effect with uneven strokes and edges. Designed by Sideshow, the all-cap letters of this font scream alarm. While the multi-lingual support makes this font appealing to create designs in multiple languages, Creepster doesn’t fail to remain legible. 

If you’re looking for a classic and vintage scary design, Creepster is your font.

2. Butcherman

You can call Butcherman the long-lost sibling of Creepster. This font also gives a chilly vibe with bold characters tapering toward the lower end. But this font has characters with highly varying widths.

A font by Typomondo, Butcherman also comes in all capital characters. The edges are mostly plain, slightly distorted toward the lower side.

A highly legible and multi-lingual font, Butcherman won’t fail you in your attempt to scare with your design. 

3. Eater

Another font by Typomondo, Eater gives off the vibe of walking through a dense forest. The font comes with characters of varying widths, and the characters have little pointed spikes coming out from the edges.  

Though a scary Google font, Easter would perfectly suit designs made for children with a scary theme. 

Following in the footsteps of other scary fonts, Eater comes with all capital letters and multi-lingual support. 

4. Jolly Lodger

A vivid font  Jolly Lodger blends uppercase, bold letters with curved, ornamental decorations. Its whimsical yet slightly frightening appearance makes it appropriate for designs with a Halloween or horror theme.

Designed by Font Diber, the font has strokes with multiple edges, giving it a geometric appearance. A highly readable font, Jolly Lodger comes with multi-lingual support. 

5. Lacquer

Looking for something handwritten to evoke fear? Check out Lacquer. The uppercase font Lacquer has thick, rounded letters and is bold. Its glossy, almost liquid-like texture can add intrigue or mystery to the writing by making it seem more mysterious.

With some letters appearing to be written with blood, Lacquer is alone enough to send chills down your spine. 

Niki Polyocan and Eli Block designed this font with multilingual support. 

6. Nosifer

Take a break from the handwritten fonts, and check out Nosifer. This font looks like a freshly printed set of words running with blood. 

Typomodo designed every character of this font to appear like blood is flowing down in the form of droplets through them.

If you want a jagged and distorted appearance resembling scratched or distressed surfaces, Nosifer is your choice. 

The bold, condensed font with sharp, angular letterforms comes in multiple languages. 

7. Flavors

Designed by Sideshow, Flavors gives a break from the bloody and scary Google fonts. A font with both uppercase and lowercase characters, Flavors has a flowery appearance. 

The font has letterforms with highly curved edges. Each character is surrounded by a granular design, adding a scary element to the flowery font. 

If you’re looking for a less scary font, choose Flavors.

8. Metal Mania

A font by Open Window, Metal Mania justifies its name with a metallic and edgy appearance. It features sharp edges, giving it a rugged and robust appearance.

The industrial look is elevated with the pointed and elongated edges at the ends. The entire letterforms have a wavy effect resembling goosebumps. 

This bold and all-caps font is highly legible and makes a perfect partner in crime for your hair-raising designs. 

9. Arbutus

Arbutus is a fun, handwritten-looking font. It can be used to give the text a hint of whimsy or mystery because of its organic curves.

Designed by Karolina Lach, Arbutus gives off a geometrical vibe because of its highly pointed and multi-edged strokes. 

This font comes with multi-lingual support and has both uppercase and lowercase letterforms. 

10. Piedra

Piedra has elaborate, sweeping letterforms. It has a calligraphic design that resembles mystical symbols or old inscriptions.

A font by Sudtipos, the letterforms have multiple small cuts throughout. These cuts give Piedra a scary yet unique look. 

This font is highly legible, has both uppercase and lowercase letters, and supports multiple languages. 

What makes A Font Scary?

The Halloween fonts on Google Docs are meant to be scary and stir up feelings of fear, mystery, or gloom. They often sport unusual and odd letterforms in keeping with supernatural, Halloween, or horror-related themes. 

You can use the Halloween fonts on Google Docs for horror movie posters and book covers, gaming, Halloween designs, party themes, and even for branding and marketing. 

Here’s what makes Scary Google Fonts special:

  • Visual Impact: Scary Google fonts have a unique aesthetic impression that evokes anxiety, gloom, or mystery. They can effectively set the mood for any content with a spooky aesthetic.
  • Attention-grabbing: Scary Google fonts catch people’s attention because of their unusual and distinctive designs. They have the power to pique the viewer’s interest right away.
  • Emotional reaction: Thrilling fonts might make you feel scared, excited, or uneasy. This emotional reaction can have a greater effect on the message or story.
  • Differentiation: Scary Google fonts stand out from typical or popular typefaces, making them an appealing option for those looking to distinguish their projects or leave a lasting impression.

Final Thoughts on the Halloween Fonts on Google Docs

Halloween fonts on Google Docs are available to help you if you want to add a hint of creepiness or arouse terror in your designs. These fonts can instantly make your text creepy and frightening with their unusual and distinctive styles.

The selection of scary Google fonts is only a click away, whether you’re creating Halloween party invites, working on a horror-themed project, or just looking to explore the darker side of typography. 

So, make your designs gothic-inspired with the Spooky fonts on Google Docs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Spooky fonts on Google Docs?

In Google Docs, select the “Font” dropdown menu and browse the list of available fonts to find your scary font. You can also type in the name of the font you want.

Is it possible to use scary fonts in Google Docs without downloading or installing any other software?

Google Docs allows you to use scary fonts without downloading or setting up any additional software.

Can I change the font size and formatting in Google Docs?

Yes, using the formatting tools in the toolbar, you may modify the size, bold, italic, and other formatting options of scary fonts in Google Docs.

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