From time to time, bubble fonts keep making their comeback thanks to their playful, friendly, and childish designs. They never fail to relax and soothe people’s eyes and souls with their adorable-looking designs.

And since the modern world is full of bold and professional designs, people crave sweet and cute designs, which is why they are gaining so much popularity nowadays.

Do you want to add some sweetness to other people’s tiring lives too? If yes, then you are going to need lots and lots of bubble fonts. Finding them one by one can be an annoying task, but since you have landed on the right page, you don’t need to worry about this anymore.

Today, we are going to introduce you to the best bubble letter fonts on Google Docs! They are good for Google Slides, Docs, and a variety of other projects, so do not hesitate and check them out now!

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10 Bubble Letter Fonts On Google Docs

Whether you have previously used bubble fonts or not, the ones listed here can drastically improve your projects, so check out each.

Whether you have previously used bubble fonts or not, the ones listed here can drastically improve your projects, so check out each.


Introducing Modak by Ek Type, which is not actually a bubble font but still fits the theme because of its rounded edges and chubby letter designs. In reality, it’s just a normal bold font, but thanks to the chubby look, now it can be considered an adorable bubbly font ready to attract lots of attention.

So, as long as your project’s theme is related to something cute, do not forget to use Modak.


You must be wondering why a body text font is on this list if it isn’t bubbly, right? Well, it’s here because Sniglet extra-bold version is an extremely beautiful, bubbly font. It has a chubby body, full of love and sweet energy, ready to be expressed through your designs.

Sniglet is designed by Haley Fiege; it’s popular for its original version, but once you are going to use the extra bold version soon, make sure you use it on some good titles to help it get popular.

Chela One

Next up, we have Chela One, a decent bubble letter font on Google Docs that is often known for its bold and beautiful letter style. It’s designed by Miguel Hernandez and features a pretty cute and readable design that can be seen from far away.

The most common use of this font is display, thanks to its approachable and lovely design, which can easily allow it to be the main text of the majority of projects. Also, it’s a good choice for school designs, so try it soon as well!


As its name suggests, Coiny is a rounded bubble display font designed by Marcelo Magalhães. It’s a pretty sweet font that was designed especially for Latin and Tamil letters, but now it’s available in more languages, which makes it a really versatile font.

Just like every other bubbly font, it has an amazing display design, so feel free to use it for some cute shop logos, greeting cards, or t-shirts. It will shine on your project like a real coin, and you will get popular in no time.


Normally, bubble fonts can never be used for body text, but there’s an exception, which is Jua! It’s designed by Woowahan Brothers and is known for its rounded letter style, which looks so good to look at. It may be inspired by retro brush fonts, but surprisingly, it has no swashes.

Which is actually good for a text font because you want them to be as simple as possible. Jua is good for any kind of text most of the time; just make sure you use it in places that require some cuteness.


Tired of the tasteless things you see in this modern world? If so, then here’s Chewy to save you! It’s designed by Sideshow, and this font never loses its taste. It doesn’t matter how many times you have used it; you can always come back to it and start a new, fresh design.

Its letter design is inspired by long bubbles, which look quite adorable. Chewy seems to be a good option for almost all types of headings and titles, so try it whenever you can!

Concert One

Here comes another rounded, bubbly font with an eye-catching look, known as Concert One by Johan Kallas. If you are a fan of display fonts, then trying out this one is a must for you because it’s inspired by the 3D lettering of the 19th century, which makes it a really unique pick in this list.

Lastly, Concert One has amazing readability, as its design is the most simple you could ever see, so if you want to add some details while using this font, do not hesitate.


Fredoka by Milena Brandão, surprisingly looks a lot like Concert One; however, the difference between both is that Fredoka is bolder and a bit wider. Both of these fonts are rounded display fonts with minimal designs, so maybe you can consider them as each other’s alternatives.

That’s why feel free to switch between both whenever you feel like it, as both of these fonts can help you out with a lot of projects.


Ever wanted a stylish bubble font? If so, then maybe Shrikhand will be the perfect choice for you, as it’s a Latin and Gujarati display font! It’s designed by Jonny Pinhorn and looks pretty different from the entire list because it doesn’t feature any rounded edges and focuses on a stylish design, which makes it pretty unique. The letter design looks pretty retro; maybe you can have a lot of success designing some retro and classical display projects with it!


Last but not least, let’s not forget Chango by Fontstage! It’s another bubble letter on Google Docs that doesn’t have a rounded design, but it doesn’t matter because it’s still a good choice for displaying your projects with no hassle.

This font may be suitable for some modern designs, as its edges are a bit hard, which makes it a perfect choice for business logos. Furthermore, it has the potential to be a good heading for Google Slides too, so try some presentations with it too!


Bubble letter fonts on Google Docs can easily take over the typography world thanks to their eye-catching and adorable designs. The fonts mentioned above are great picks for your next projects, and the best part about them is that they are completely free since they are Google fonts. So, do not hesitate to try some new ideas with them.

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