Have you ever wondered why bold or display fonts never go out of style? Or why does their use never decrease? Well, it’s because they are your best friends when it comes to designing stuff like logos and headings. They have large letter styles, bold looks, and beautiful designs, all of which are perfect to represent you and your work, which is the main reason why we will never see these fonts disappear from the typography world.

However, even with these great fonts available, many people pick the wrong typefaces for their headings, which leads to nothing but failure. Are you also one of those people who randomly choose any font for their headings?

If yes, then stop right there and make sure you read this article till the end. Because today we are going to introduce you to the best Google Fonts for headers!

If you are new to typography or are designing new headers for your work, then all these Google Fonts for Websites can help you out today and even in the future, so make sure to check them out!

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Why Google Fonts?

There are multiple reasons why you should use Google Fonts for picking fonts, and here are a few of them:

1. Wide Selection 

Did you know Google Fonts offers typefaces from a huge library? While looking in their library, you will get to see fonts of every variety, from sans-serif to handwritten to display!

2. Easy Integration 

Google fonts are designed to be easily integrated into applications and websites. This means you can easily add a Google Fonts link or important font files to your project.

3. Quality Fonts 

Google fonts are designed by professional designers, which means you can download safe and high-quality fonts at the same time.

12 Google Fonts For Headers & Titles

Finally, here’s the list of Google Fonts for Websites you’ve been waiting for! Make sure to check out each.


google fonts for heading

Anton is a popular bold display font, so there’s no way it wouldn’t be a part of this list! It’s designed by Vernon Adams and is actually a reworking of traditional advertising sans-serif. Now, its design is pretty modern and it is considered one of the best web fonts. Thanks to its bold design, it can display your work really well, and the best use of it would be as a header for news websites because it works perfectly for professional designs.

Bebas Neue

Another popular display font, which may not be as bold as Anton, is still a solid choice because of its clean looks. Bebas Neue is a display family that was designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa for projects like packaging, headlines, and captions. Since Bebas Neue has an impactful design, why not use it for Fashion, lifestyle, or portfolio websites? Such blogs require a lot of attention, and using Bebas Neue as their heading can easily help you succeed in no time!

Caesar Dressing

Do you like marker fonts? If yes, then consider checking out Caesar Dressing by Open Window. Caesar Dressing is a marker take on Greek alphabets, which means this font takes inspiration from Greek alphabets but with a marker style, which makes it really unique.

Caesar Dressing looks so clean, and thanks to its marker-like design, your audience will have an easy time reading your messages. Lastly, its elegant design is good for hotel, restaurant, and wedding planner websites.


Cinzel by Natanael GamaGama is inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions, and this font has given them a new life with its unique style. Cinzel letters look really adorable and are ready to be used for a variety of designs like headlines, logos, advertisements, and wedding decorations.

And since it has such a good design along with a clean style, it will never fail to perfectly display your designs. Moreover, websites about history, art, and culture can use this font to its full potential.

Days One

Looking for something simple? Then why not try out Days One by Jovanny Lemonad? It’s a minimal font with thick and beautiful strokes that can help you design some of the most impactful headings ever. Furthermore, let’s not forget it has a good modern vibe too, which can make it ideal for personal blogs, portfolios, educational websites, and tech startups. It’s easily visible, so beginner websites can benefit from it.

DM Serif Display

Known for its elegant and vintage-inspired design, DM Serif Display is a font with high contrast. It’s designed by Colophon Foundry and is ready to give you lots of nostalgia with its sophisticated design. If your website is based on classical or vintage subjects, then DM Serif can be a great choice for their headings, but if not, try to use it for High-end and luxury websites; you won’t regret it at all.

Erica One

Wait, do you prefer even bolder fonts? If yes, then maybe you are looking for Erica One. It’s designed by Miguel Hernandez and is a bold, stretched font with both great visibility and legibility. Its design says it may not be the best choice for professional designs, but for informal projects, it can do really well.

Music and entertainment are some good places where Eric One can be used, but if you need more examples, then consider it a pick for technology and gaming sites too.

Fjalla One

Fjalla One is a medium contrast font, which means among every other bold font, Fjalla One is not too bold or too thin; it’s a perfect font for a variety of designs. It’s designed by Sorkin Type and Irina Smirnova, and surprisingly, despite being a display font, it can be used for a variety of designs, which means it’s ready to be a text font as well. While it’s good for a variety of designs, business, and content-based websites would work extremely well with this font.

Krona One

Let’s take a look at some futuristic fonts like Krona One for your tech website! It was designed by Yvonne Schüttler, is a low-contrast font, and is known for its modern and clean design. You might even think this font has been picked from a futuristic game because of its design. And that’s the reason this font should work on tech and gaming websites for their headings.


Introducing Limelight by Nicole Fally and Sorkin Type, it’s a vintage font inspired by the Art Deco style of 1920. This type of design was often used at that time for Hollywood designs, so if you are a fan of the classical entertainment industry, then this font is probably for you. Furthermore, since it’s already good for Hollywood designs, why not use it for some entertainment websites? But if that’s not your niche, then it’s good for food blogs too!

Press Start 2P

From its name to its design, everything about Press Start 2P explains that it’s a font inspired by 90s games, and if you miss that time, then you must use this font. It’s developed by CodeMan38 and can obviously create some amazing gaming designs. Whether you run a pixel art website or a gaming blog, Press Start 2P can have a good impression of your website because of its design.


Michroma by Vernon Adams is a rework of some 1960s modern typefaces that were popular during the old days. And since we are already in the new year, the Michroma works really well with a lot of projects. And of course, it’s a modern techno font, which is why the best websites for it would be gaming, software, or tech ones!


Google Fonts for Websites can easily help you finish most of your projects because of their versatile designs. So, feel free to use some Google Fonts for the headers that we have listed in this article. Their design, readability, and style will easily help you stand out!

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