Hollywood, also known worldwide as the center of the American film industry, is located in the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. This place is famous for its glamorous lifestyle, popular studio centers, celebrity sightseeing, and iconic landmarks, but there’s one more thing that has helped Hollywood reach these heights, yet it still remains unnoticed most of the time.

If you are wondering what Hollywood’s secret ingredient for success is that it doesn’t get enough attention, then you will be surprised to know it’s their iconic sign! Located on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills, it was originally erected in 1923 as an advertisement for a real estate development.

The sign has become an internationally recognized symbol of the entertainment industry and the glamor of Hollywood. Today, whenever someone thinks about Hollywood, this sign appears in their mind, which easily tells how popular it is.

Also, this logo gave lots of recognition to Hollywood, and maybe without it, this industry wouldn’t be where it is today. Therefore, thanks to this sign, we are able to enjoy many amazing movies every day.

However, there’s one common question on many people’s minds about this sign, which is: What font does the Hollywood sign use? Hollywood has kept this topic so secret that even their hardcore fans don’t know the answer.

Fortunately, with some research, we were able to find the right font used in the Hollywood sign, and if you are looking forward to learning about it, then make sure to stay with us till the end!

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Hollywood Sign Font

Although the Hollywood sign was 100 years old at the time of writing this article, many people still didn’t know that the font used for it was Hollywood Hills! However, take this answer with a grain of salt, as the original font used for the Hollywood sign might be a custom work, but the closest or most similar font to the Hollywood sign’s design is Hollywood Hills.

Hollywood Hills is a bold display typeface designed by WSC, especially for large designs like the Hollywood logo. Because of its clear looks and clean design, Hollywood Hills has decent readability, which makes it visible to anyone, no matter how far away they are.

You can take the Hollywood sign as an example; it may be miles away from you, but since its design is clear, you can easily recognize it without hassle, which makes this font extremely versatile.

Thanks to its designer, WSC. Because of their creativity and hard work, we are able to bring the iconic look of the Hollywood sign into our designs, which can easily help projects stand out. Therefore, it’s safe to say you wouldn’t regret trying Hollywood Hills for designs like logos, headlines, titles, and advertisements.

It’s a free font and costs nothing to download, so do not hesitate and bring the elegant look of Hollywood to your designs with Hollywood Hills!


The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic logos ever, and it will continue to be one over the upcoming years. So let’s appreciate its beauty by using Hollywood Hills in design and projects. Hollywood Hills may be the font used to design the Hollywood sign, so feel free to use it whenever you want to design a logo to gain some popularity.

What font is used in Hollywood Sign?

The Hollywood sign must be a custom work, but the closest and similar font to the Hollywood sign is Hollywood Hills.
You can create designs similar to Hollywood sign using the font Hollywood Hills. It’s designed by ShyFonts.