As their name suggests, luxury fonts are those typefaces that greatly evoke elegant, sophisticated, and classical vibes in designs. Most of these typefaces are stylish, bold, and beautiful, designed to represent richness and professionalism. That is why hotels, fashion brands, and big businesses are the most common users of these elegant fonts.

They are completely different from normal fonts because, from becoming the center of attention to being legible, they can do everything that will help you turn your designs into perfection. You can take Vogue magazine logos as an example; just looking at them tells how perfect and elegant those designs are, and it’s only because they use luxury fonts for their projects!

So do you want to design some rich and classical designs with luxury fonts too? If so, then consider reading this article to the end. We have already mentioned some of the best luxury fonts you will ever find. The list is big enough to satisfy you with the magic of luxury typefaces, so make sure to try out all of them!

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What is a Luxury Font?

As mentioned before, luxury fonts are typefaces with rich, elegant, and prestigious vibes and looks. Looking at them can remind you of luxurious brands, and that’s one reason why jewelry and fashion brands are always in love with luxury fonts. If you want to add professionalism to your projects and designs, then such expensive-looking fonts can be a great choice for you.

Furthermore, businesses, companies, and restaurants also need professional and elegant looks to stand out, which is why luxury fonts are always available in their kits.

Free Luxury Fonts For Logo Designs

The luxury fonts you were waiting for are listed below, so make sure to check out each of them because they are free to use!

1. Libre Bodoni

Let’s start this list with a minimal, free luxury font known as Libre Bodoni. It’s designed by Impallari Type and is a normal serif font used mostly for simple designs. You can use it for logos, invitations, or any other design that requires a responsible main text.

Additionally, Libre Bodoni has three more styles, which are italic, bold, and italic bold! All three styles of this font are beautiful and can add a decently classical look to designs.

2. Vanity

If there’s a font perfect for magazine logos, then it’s probably Vanity! Designed by Hendrick Rolandez, Vanity is a modern display font with cool looks, which helps it grab your audience’s attention really easily. 

Its modern look quickly fits the fashionable looks of magazines, which is why for such works there’s no better option than Vanity; even music album covers would look perfect with it. Lastly, Vanity has a large family too, which includes many dazzling fonts you must check out soon.

3. Cinzel

Inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions, Cinzel is a royal and luxurious font you should surely add to your collection if you like ancient-styled typography. Although this typeface comes from the past, it easily stands out and grabs a good amount of attention because of its unique looks and sophisticated vibes.

Its letters may be thin, but on a decent background, they can easily shine out your competitors, so make sure you design a beautiful background for it soon.

4. Parisienne

Need some stylish and soft, luxurious fonts? If so, then here’s Parisienne! A stylish typeface inspired by advertisements from the 1960s that can add a decently classical yet professional look to your projects. Furthermore, the best thing about Parisienne is that it can be used for both display and text purposes because of its stylish and cursive looks.

5. Kawoszeh

Love antique fonts? Here’s Kawoszeh! It’s a royal display font inspired by antique objects and writings from ancient times. Those designs that need a retro and luxury look will be highly benefited by Kawoszeh because of its ability to outshine other designs and its uncommon letter design.

Although Kawoszeh’s letters are unusually shaped, they still have good readability, which will allow your audience to understand your messages and logos even from long distances.

6. Avoda

With its ability to elevate any creation, Avoda is ready to help you create some projects that will go viral. It’s a free luxury modern font designed by Typefactoryco that should be used for magazine covers and logos most often because its futuristic looks make it perfect for such projects. 

This also means it’s good for cosmetic, clothing, and jewelry brands; its feminine vibe will easily help you attract customers, which will keep your shops crowded. That’s why you should make sure to add Avoda to your collection and use a good background to make it stand out.

7. Bodoni Moda

Bodoni Moda is a luxurious display font you can often see nowadays in the magazine, business, and hotel logos! Why? because it’s truly beautiful and futuristic, which perfectly fits the professional and modern vibes of these industries. 

Its letters are bold and have amazing readability, which easily shines no matter where your design is placed, so consider giving it a try soon.

8. Chamberlain

Introducing another royal and luxurious font known as Chamberlain, designed by RaisProject. Chamberlain is an attractive serif font with sharp letters that add an impactful vibe to projects designed with it.

It’s good for headings and logos, so try to use it for display purposes for the best results. What makes this font even more interesting is its second version, Chamberlain italic, which is equally charming but has italic looks.

9. Newyork

Newyork is the most leisurely font on this list, and the reason behind this is the dazzling looks that help it become popular in no time. This font is not limited only to your luxury logos, but it can work for invitations, advertisements, branding, and even websites as well.

Not to mention, its design is something your audience cannot ignore at all because whenever they look at it, they will get attracted to your designs automatically.

10. Zanna

Zanna is a modern and expensive-looking font designed especially for those who do not want to use thin or illegible typefaces for their luxurious projects. From decent visibility to enough beauty, Zanna has everything a normal font can’t offer you, so why not try it out once?

Its large letters are good for logos; consider designing your main texts with them; you will surely receive some unexpected results!

11. Masvis

Masvis is one font you would use for your fashion brand; why? Because its design is so sophisticated and feminine, it would easily fit in any girly industry like a clothing or jewelry brand!

However, if you don’t have any logo projects, then consider using them for some fun designs like greeting cards, invitation cards, or home décor! You will surely design something that will easily catch everyone’s attention.

12. Love

Let’s end the list with Love, another luxury font with some good readability and bold design to help you design some creative projects. 

Love looks a lot like Zanna, so if you didn’t like Zanna then you should try Love because it can provide you with all the same services but with a different design that can highly improve your projects!


Luxury fonts are truly fantastic; their designs are just eye-catching, which helps them easily steal attention. But that’s not all; their modern looks easily fit the current era, which is why they are used so often. 

If you want to add professionalism to your designs and make them look more sophisticated, then make sure to try out all the free luxury fonts mentioned above.


What font does Dior use?

Dior’s luxurious logo uses the Nicolas Cochin font. It is a premium font designed by Georges Peignot, and published by URW Type Foundry.

What font is used for luxury?

Luxury brands use various fonts for creating a luxurious brand image. This list includes Bodoni, Zanna, Avoda, and so on. By using these fonts, luxury brands are able to create a visual identity that sets them apart from their competitors and reinforces their premium positioning in the market.

What font is Gucci?

Gucci’s logo is created with Granjon.