Beach fonts are fun to use! They are not only attractive but can instantly remind you of summer with their cool and exciting designs too. which is the reason they gain so much popularity during the summer. 

No matter where you go, beach fonts will surely be part of every advertisement, logo, quote, and greeting card you see. Other types of fonts cannot evoke the feelings of summer better than beach typefaces. When you look at them, you will be easily reminded of the sea, sun, ice cream, and tropical beaches, which is why they are the most perfect typefaces for this job.

Are you working on a summer project? If yes, then you are going to need many decent beach fonts for your designs. If this is the case, then consider going through our list of the 10 best beach fonts for summer designs! We have listed some of the best free tropical typefaces you will ever find online.

Their designs are cool and work perfectly for any summer-related project, making them a perfect choice for your work, so consider giving them a try!

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Best Beach Fonts For Summer Designs 

Finally, here is the list of free beach fonts you were looking for! Make sure to check them out and try each one out, as they are perfect for any summer design!

1. Palmsprings 

Palmsprings, by Billy Argel Fonts, is one of the most unique summer fonts and is well-known because of its creative design. When you use it on projects, you will get to see that it has a beautiful palm tree effect on its letters, which looks extremely beautiful and tropical. 

If your designs are about islands, beaches, or tropical areas, then it’s time you pick up Palmsprings for that project! Its creative design will easily make your projects stand out from the crowd, so do not forget to give it a try!

2. Sweetie Summer 

Looking for a summer font related especially to ice creams? If so, then consider checking out Sweetie Summer! Its design is completely based on ice cream, which adds a cool yet charming look to your projects at the same time. If you are looking forward to starting an ice cream shop, then Sweetie Summer has got your back!

Another great use of this font would be in kids’ designs since they really love ice cream, which means it’s time to design their t-shirts with Sweetie Summer!

3. Beachday Font

Beachday is a playful display font that should be used for summer projects that require legible designs. Its looks may be minimal, but they still evoke an amazing tropical and beachy vibe that will help you stand out.

You can even combine Beachday if you don’t like simple designs; using this typeface with other typefaces is one of the best things you can do to become more popular.

4. Summer Vibes

Introducing Summer Vibes, a beachy font that literally fills your whole design with amazing summer vibes! Designed by Adrian Spiegel, Summer Vibes is a display font with sketchy and fun looks that easily outshines any other summer design.

Since Summer Vibes is a sketchy font, it’s better to use it for display purposes like logos, advertisements, and quotes. Just make sure it’s the main text of your design; it will surely help you become popular!

5. Palm Beach

Remember Palmsprings? It has beautiful palm leaves on its letters, which looked really amazing. If you like it, then you must check out Palm Beach, another display font with a cool palm leaf design. The difference with Palm Beach is that the palm leaf design is inside the letters, which makes it completely different from Palmsprings.

Trying it out with different colors will make your projects even more attractive, so what are you waiting for?

6. Sand Beach

This list lacks beachy fonts, which is why there’s one called Sand Beach! It’s designed by Khurasan and is inspired by sand writing, which is something we often do when we visit beaches. If you like writing on sand, then Sand Beach is one font you must check out soon because it adds that effect to your designs.

Although it’s a display font, it’s not designed to get too much attention, so try to use it for small projects like invitations or personal projects.

7. Hello Tropical

Say hi to Hello Tropical, because it’s the next font you will use for your summer projects! Hello Tropical is a retro, sunny font that is often used for projects that will be used on beaches. 

The reason behind it is its grassy look. Most beaches are on tropical islands, and that’s why a font like Hello Tropical works well in such places.

8. Countryside

Countryside is another vintage font on the list that is inspired by the classical beaches of the 1900s. If you miss the older times or want the new generation to experience the fun of older times, then it’s time you pick up Countryside and design something nostalgic with it. People around will surely appreciate your project since vintage designs are loved by many modern people!

9. Make Summer Fun

Make Summer Fun is a playful and sweet typeface made especially for kids. Kids who desperately wait for summer and beach days should get to use this typeface because it will surely make them happy. 

You can even use the Make Summer Fun typeface for their crafts and t-shirts to keep this typeface in use. Lastly, if you like it, then feel free to use it for your own designs too; its playful look will make you always smile.

10. Summers

The last font on this list should be a cute and sunny typeface, so here’s Summers! A cheerful minimal typeface, perfect for personal projects and designs. 

If you are planning a summer party, then it’s best to use Summers for invitation cards. It has a good beachy vibe and a cute design that will make it hard for your guests to ignore your party, so consider trying it out soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Beach Font?

A typeface with a beachy, summery, or tropical font is called a beach font. They are always cool, have eye-catching designs, and give off a great summer vibe.

Can I use beach fonts for commercial projects?

It depends on the license of the typeface you want to use, so make sure to check its license before you use it for commercial purposes. 

What kind of designs are beach fonts best suited for?

As long as the design is related to summer, beach fonts are the perfect choice for it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a logo, branding project, t-shirt, advertisement, or poster!