Unlike Christmas, Easter doesn’t happen on the exact same date every year because it’s decided by the first full moon after spring. which means you don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen the next time, and this becomes a big problem for designers. 

During the holidays, designers have to design many greeting cards, holiday wishes, flyers, and even Easter commissions. which means if you are a designer who hasn’t prepared a collection of some sweet Easter fonts, then you will be in big trouble!

However, this doesn’t mean you have to leave all your important tasks and look for some Easter fonts since the good news is that we have already done it for you! Yes, you read that right. In this article, we are going to share a list of the most beautiful Easter fonts you can ever find on Canva. Make sure to check each of these typefaces, as they are desperately waiting to become a part of your Easter decoration.

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What Are Easter Fonts?

Easter fonts are filled with the sweet vibe of the popular Easter holiday. Their designs are cute and dazzling to properly fit with the festival’s environment. Bunnies, rabbits, and eggs can be seen in their designs as well to make them more eye-catching. Even if it’s not Easter, you can still use these typefaces for kids’ designs, sweet shop logos, pet shop decorations, or just some invitations or greeting cards.

Best Easter Canva Fonts

We are presenting you with 12 charming Easter fonts that will help you enjoy and celebrate your holiday better than before! That’s why you should make sure you try out all of them to find the one that works best for you.

1. Better Saturday

Although Easter happens on Sundays, Better Saturday can still help you design some promising designs! Better Saturday is a sweet handwritten font by Din Studios. Its letters look like they were actually written by someone, which adds a good personal touch to your designs. 

This also makes Better Saturday a good choice for invitations, greeting cards, and even quotes because such beautiful designs are always appreciated by people.

2. Amatic SC + Brittany

Two fonts are always better than one, which is why we thought it would be a great idea to add a combination of two beautiful Easter bunny fonts. Introducing the Amatic SC + Brittany combo, a playful combination of two handwritten fonts that suit each other very well. 

Their design may be simple and minimal, but it’s really effective if used for the right projects. From t-shirts to Easter decorations, this amazing combo is ready to make your Easter memorable.

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3. Better Together Script

Do you spend Easter with your family? If so, then the script Better Together Script by Katsia Jazwinska is the perfect pick for you! It’s also a handwritten script font with an adorable girly design that easily fits the sweet vibe of Easter. Not to mention, Better Together Script has good readability, which helps it stand out, so it will be better to use it for display purposes like big decorations or website logos for Easter.

4. Beth Ellen

Beth Ellen is yet another handwritten font you must add to your collection because its design is something no one can resist. With its small letters in cursive, Beth Ellen can help you write some important descriptions that will be noticed by your audience for sure, which means it’s good to use them for Easter texts. 

Whether it’s an Easter letter or just a simple wish, the warm letter style of Beth Ellen will help you let others know how much you love them.

5. Railey

Railey is a lovely and modern font that will help you create some unforgettable projects, so try it out right now! Its design is quite simple yet sweet at the same time, making it a good pick for Easter designs. The best thing about Railey is that it’s great for both display and text, so feel free to use it for various projects!

6. Halimun + Pacifico

Like the previous font combination? If yes, then try the Halimun + Pacifico combo! It’s also a decent mixture of two beautiful typefaces that make a great team. 

While using this combo, make sure to use Pacifico for your main texts or the design that needs the most attention and Halimun for small texts and descriptions, as it’s a signature font designed for short phrases.

7. Poppins + Brusher

Fortunately, we still have more combinations you will surely like for your Easter designs, and here’s another one: Poppins + Brusher! Poppins is a minimal, bold font, while Brusher, as its name suggests, is a brush font that adds an artistic effect to your designs. 

Using these two happy Easter fonts together will help you create a beautiful display combo, so feel free to try some logos and posters with them.

8. Handyman

For the Easter decorations, you can either choose sweet or simple fonts, as both suit the Easter vibe very well, and here’s Handyman, a minimal display font for some playful décor. It’s good for personal uses because of its simple style, so consider using it for Easter parties and decorations. 

If you want, you can try it for your commissions and work too, as it’s so versatile that it fits in designs that are not related to Easter as well.

9. Playlist Script

Playlist Script is a cool and modern display font with extremely attractive looks, and it’s designed by Artimasa. If you like creating projects that attract an audience to you, then Playlist Script can be the perfect match for you. Not to mention, this font can be a great addition to your designs to increase your sales on Easter!

10. Stars and Love Bottom

Need more sweet fonts for adorable Easter designs? Here’s Stars & Love Bottom, a script display font that’s a great choice for friendly and professional designs. 

You can easily celebrate a happy Easter by using Stars & Love bottom, as its character design is super attractive and will be loved by everyone, whether you are using it for work or just for fun.

11. Schoolbell

This list surely lacks some cute, happy Easter fonts for text projects, and that’s why here’s Schoolbell. It’s designed by Font Diner and has a really sweet yet minimal design for letters that steals attention with ease. 

Since this font is a text font, it’s safe to say that it will be a perfect choice for invitation cards, product descriptions, and an Easter day food menu!

12. League Spartan + Feeling Passionate

As the last font of this list, we have another font combination known as League Spartan + Feeling Passionate! This combo is a lot like Halimun + Pacifico because League Spartan is a bold display font while Feeling Passionate is a cursive handwritten font. 

Everyone knows how these types of fonts look great together, and that’s why giving them a try is a worthwhile option.


Canva has a collection of many beautiful Easter fonts, and here we have mentioned the best ones along with combinations. Feel free to use them, as they are perfect for all sorts of design projects. They will greatly help you enjoy your next Easter day, so make sure you check them out!