When it comes to branding and design, startups often face the challenge of creating a strong visual identity. Because the start is always the hardest part, and in such a business, getting noticed can take time. There’s no secret path to instantly becoming popular, but there’s one important element that allows you to establish your identity well, which is picking the right fonts.

It’s because fonts either make or break your business, which means if you pick a font that matches your startup’s theme and has a good design, then you aren’t going to have a hard time gaining some attention for your startup.

But that’s where many business owners go wrong: they pick typefaces that look appealing to the eye but don’t match their startup, which leads to nothing but failure. This mistake is common, and if you are afraid you might end up making it too, then consider reading this article!

Because today we are going to introduce you to the Best startup fonts, along with some Fonts for SAAS! If you work in either of these industries, then you are in luck, as we have explained how you should pick the right fonts, so let’s dive in quickly!

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What Kind Of Fonts Are Best For Startups?

Always remember that fancy or appealing fonts aren’t going to help you, especially in the startup and SaaS industries, so always pick these types of fonts!

Display Fonts 

Display fonts are bold and beautiful but don’t have any fancy designs, which makes them a perfect pick for startups. Because in such a work, you must look as professional as possible, which is why impactful and bold display fonts that represent you well are your best friends.

Sans-Serif Fonts

Sans-serif fonts are clean, modern, and minimal, which means they have everything a SaaS business needs. They can display your design well and allow all your audience members to read your messages without any interruptions, so consider using them as well!

Script Fonts 

If your startup focuses on creative or artistic ideas, then Script fonts are probably for you, as they may be a bit stylish, but at least they are readable, look professional, and don’t ruin their legibility with fancy designs. Which also makes them good picks for many types of startups!

10 Best Start-Up SAAS Fonts To Gain Attention! 

Now that you know what type of fonts are good for your startup and SaaS website, let’s take a look at some good choices available. Make sure to check out each!


Inter by Rasmus Andersson is a really popular variable font family that has been used by many startups! A fun fact about this font is that it was actually crafted for the computer screen, which means there’s no way it wouldn’t be a good choice for your startup or SaaS website. Its minimal design allows it to be great for both body texts and headlines, so it depends on how you want to display it on your website to gain attention!


Montserrat can be an amazing pick whenever you are in search of professional and impactful fonts, thanks to its unique design. It was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and is versatile enough to fit in different places like headings, texts, logos, and even advertisements. Lastly, let’s not forget about its appealing design; it may be minimal, but it’s still really attractive, which can help your startup get a nice kickstart!


Bored of minimal fonts? Then try out modern fonts like Polar! It’s an impactful display font designed by Daniel Uzquino that is often known for its bold design. Normally it’s used for a variety of advertisements and flyers because of its attractive looks and attention-grabbing style, but since we are talking about startups here, why not use Polar for your logos or sections? Its modern and beautiful style can make your website irresistible to lots of visitors!


Remember when we talked about artistic startups a while ago? Well, if you own one, then you should give Gelica a try. This font is designed by Eclectotype and has a pretty playful and appealing design that can help you become the center of attention. From a bold body to decent readability, this font has everything you would expect from a perfect display typeface, so consider it an ideal candidate for your titles and headings.


Is your website’s main focus the text body? Is it hard to find a good typeface for your news website? If yes, then Domine has got your back! It was designed by Impallari Type, and from day one, it was designed to be a perfect text font. It’s so good that even a popular marketing website, Convertkit, has used it as its body text! So, what are you waiting for? Add this small yet beautiful font to your list and make an eye-catching startup.


We are back to some more bold display fonts as we introduce you to Söhne! It’s a high-legibility font with an impactful design that will let your visitors know how professional you are. But that’s not all; Söhne comes with 16 different styles, which provides you with just more and more good choices to pick from. Stripe.com has used this font, and if you want to be like them, then check out this font soon.

NaN Hyena

Modern SaaS websites really deserve some attention, and if you think the same, then it’s time to try NaN Hyena! It’s a humanist font designed by Reymund Schröder and provides a really unique style that isn’t common nowadays. This font can work well as the text for SaaS websites, especially modern ones because this font has a good modern and professional vibe, which can help you a lot!

Neue Montreal

Neue Montreal is a versatile grotesque font with the spirit of a display font, which already makes it the perfect typeface for your startup. Although it’s not as bold as the other display fonts on this list, it still has a letter design that can stand out from the crowd and bring traffic to your startup and SaaS websites! Lastly, it’s getting popular nowadays, so feel free to go with the trend.


Introducing Lausanne, an extraordinarily sophisticated sans-serif font with an ultra-organic aesthetic that has helped it reach this list. It’s designed by Nizar Kazan and relies on its beautiful looks to be a good pick for a SaaS website. Of course, we can’t use fancy fonts, but fortunately, there’s nothing fancy about this typeface, as the only beauty it has is its professionalism.


Last but not least, Mabry is a modern display font that has recently been used by many professional websites like Gumroad! Thanks to its modern design, Mabry is an amazing choice for SaaS websites and even business startups. Its unique design helps you gain attention, while the impactful looks make customers visit your website again and again. So, if you feel like using it, then design some good headlines with it soon!


Increasing your startup’s popularity is hard, and so is finding the best startup fonts, but fortunately, we have mentioned the best ones above in the article. Make sure to check them out, as there are some good fonts for SAAS as well, which can literally change the life of your website gradually!

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