Psychedelic fonts have certainly taken over the trend over the past few years because of their aesthetic designs and the psychological appeal they cause with their unique style. This is why more and more designers have started using them, and surprisingly, they are receiving positive feedback often, which explains how well these fonts can do in this modern world.

And if you are one of those designers who want to try their luck on psychedelic fonts, then you must read this article! Today, we are going to introduce you to some of the Psychedelic Canva fonts. Most of the time, they are used mainly for aesthetic purposes, so if you want a good font to attract a good amount of audience, then use these Psychedelic Fonts for your logos, advertisement headings, and flyers!

Lastly, Psychedelic fonts are inspired by the hippie style, and if you think that trend should come back, then this is the best time to use psychedelic fonts! That’s why, without wasting time, let’s take a look at our Trippy fonts on Canva.

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10 Psychedelic Hippie Fonts on Canva

When it comes to adding an outstanding aesthetic look to designs, there are no other fonts that can do this job better than Psychedelic Canva fonts, so make sure to check out each if you want to design appealing projects!

TAN Nimbus

Introducing TAN Nimbus by TanType, which is a bold and retro psychedelic font. This typeface is known for its playful and attractive letter design, which is quite approachable at the same time.

This means using this font doesn’t only provide you with a good display font, but the chances of getting noticed also increase a lot. While this font design is based on vintage styles, it’s still good for the modern world thanks to its unique letter design and bold style. So, get this paid font soon, as it’s a perfect choice for branding and digital designs.


Do you like rugged and retro designs? If yes, then it’s time to try out Rugrats, a psychedelic font that was inspired by marker writing. Furthermore, it’s designed by Jayde Garrow and can be a great pick for personal projects!

Since its design is pretty minimal, you don’t need to worry about its readability, which can allow you to craft some good wall art or pillow covers with it. Its simple design will surely bring so much joy to you and your life, so get it right now, as it’s completely free!

TAN Kindred

Bring out your hippie sprit, as TAN Kindred, the reverse contrast display font, is here! It’s designed by TanType, and just like TAN Nimbus, it provides you with a really unique letter style that might even remind you of classically bold advertisements!

TAN Kindred is a perfect choice for a variety of display designs, including headings, titles, branding, and packaging. It’s even better if they are related to vintage designs because this font has a good classical vibe. It may be a paid font, but it is an extremely worthwhile purchase.

ART Nuvo

Miss the old advertisements? If yes, then try out the Psychedelic Canva font, ART Nuvo, by Phil MacIsaac. It’s based on retro advertisements from the 1960s and 1970s, which means using this font for your upcoming projects will take you and your audience back in time. So, get ready to use it for some good display designs like flyers, logo headings, and even website design if classical design suits your website!

TAN Meringue

TAN Meringue is a true psychedelic font as it’s appealing, features a unique style, and leaves psychological satisfaction in the viewer’s mind, which is why it’s on this list. It’s also designed by TanType and has a good and bold design, which provides decent readability.

Unlike the other TanType creations, this typeface is quite stylish, which means that in the fashion and beauty industries, this font will work extremely well as their headings and logos.

TAN Astoria

Need some more elegant psychedelic Canva fonts? If so, then you should check out TAN Astoria next! It’s designed by TanType and provides you with one of the most beautiful font designs you could ever find.

Just like the other fonts from TanType, this one also has a unique letter style, but it’s really special and well-designed, which can help you create some magnificent projects. While it’s a good choice for beautiful designs, it can fit in many places, so do not forget to purchase it.

Migra Extralight

So far we have talked only about bold, trippy fonts on Canva, so here’s a thinner one, known as Migra Extralight! Although it’s a good psychedelic display font, it’s not bold because some fonts don’t need a lot of legibility to become useful.

Migra Extralight’s thin design makes it an ideal choice for a variety of invitations and greeting cards. You can even use it on professional works like advertisements as subheadings and even the main text if you find the right project for it.

TAN Pearl

Still, looking for the best psychedelic fonts on Canva? If so, then Tan Pearl is probably for you. It’s also designed by TanType and is known for its playful yet elegant design.

Also, it’s said that TAN Pearl teases you with its curves, which can be fun, so be careful while using it or you may end up designing your every project with it. From its looks, TAN Pearl seems like a perfect font for luxury projects like hotels, restaurants, or fashion projects. Being this good probably means it’s a paid font, so make sure to get it soon.

Libre Baskerville

Many display psychedelic Canva fonts but no text fonts; that doesn’t seem fair, and that’s why there is Libre Baskerville! It was developed by Impallari Type and is a well-known web font that has been used as text on many websites. It may be a text font, but its beauty can confuse you, so be careful while using it!

Furthermore, from italics to bold to regular, it looks perfect in every style, so feel free to use your preferred style. Lastly, this free font is good for descriptions, subtitles, and every type of text.

Bright Retro

Who’s ready to take a look at another retro psychedelic font on Canva one last time? Because here’s Bright Retro, which provides a nice balance between old and new. If you are someone who prefers both modern and retro designs, then this font is probably for you. And since it’s a display font, its only work is being a good heading, so try some logos, brand designs, posters, and t-shirts.


Finding the best psychedelic fonts on Canva can be hard, especially since this trend has recently started. Fortunately, we have mentioned some of the best Trippy fonts on Canva in this article. Take full advantage of their appealing looks and elegance to gain attention in no time!

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