Did you know bubble fonts are one of the most appealing typefaces ever designed? All thanks to their bubbly design, which comes with really adorable shapes and colors, it makes them everyone’s favorite instantly.

Whether you’re a kid or an elder, bubbly fonts will steal your heart, and you will fall in love with them once you start using them on your projects. Which is why they are a popular pick for displaying works like logos and advertisement designs.

So, shouldn’t you use them soon for your upcoming projects? Of course, finding some good Bubbly fonts by yourself can be frustrating because there are so many good choices available. That’s why we have already done this work for you, and to make it even easier, we have picked the best Bubble Canva Fonts from Canva so that you don’t have to look over the entire internet!

Therefore, make sure you stay with us till the end, because whenever you need some good display typefaces, these Bubbly Fonts on Canva are going to help you out!

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What is a Bubbly Font?

A bubbly font is a typeface with rounded letter forms; they often come with appealing and cute designs as their only purpose is to be a good display font. They are a popular pick for kids and summer designs, as bubbly designs are popular for such projects.

They are good picks for logos and advertisements as well because they are still highly readable despite their appealing looks. Lastly, these fonts can adapt to a variety of styles, from vintage to modern, so it doesn’t matter what you like, you will always find a bubbly font that matches your preferences.

10 Adorable Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Your wait ends here, as we introduce you to the Bubble Canva Fonts! Each is unique, so make sure to check them all out.


Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Since Bubble Canva Fonts are best at kid-related designs, let’s take a look at a font that can easily get this work done! Here’s Balabeloo, a whimsical and playful display font with an adorable bubble design. This font has rounded strokes and edges, which are more likely to remind you of childlike designs. Which is the reason it’s considered a good pick for kids and school designs. So, make sure to try it out for t-shirts, school bags, book covers, or toy stickers.


Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Wedges is a fun and chubby font that was designed by Dm Letter Studio. Its bold and bubbly style gives it really decent visibility in crowded places, which makes it a good pick for many display works like logos for ice cream, toys, or food shops! It can also work well with advertisements because of its attractive designs. And lastly, it has a good vintage vibe too, which makes it viable for classic designs.


Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Need a perfect font for T-shirt or clothing designs? Check out Borsok by Dastan Miraj! It’s another bold, bubbly font, but it’s unique as it’s a really good choice for clothing designs such as t-shirts. Thanks to its rounded and bold design, it can easily fit and provide you with fascinating designs. This font has Russian support too, so if you want some Russian letters on your designs, then feel free to use Borsok.


Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Remember when we mentioned there’s a bubbly font for every style? Well, here’s a modern one, especially for those who want to live in the future. This font has a really modernized design so that it can perfectly fit in tech and futuristic designs. This is the reason Gota is a good pick for website logos and headlines. If you also want your website to look modern but in a sweet style, then make sure to use it.

Genty Sans

Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Genty Sans is already a popular font because of how beautiful it looks. Surprisingly, it has a really different design than most of the typefaces available in this list, which makes it really unique. It was designed by Ilham Herry and can be a good choice for logos and flyers. But if you want to use it to its full potential, then consider designing some love and romance designs with it, because that’s what it’s made for!


Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Chewy is a fresh and bubbly font that should be used, especially when you are frustrated and can’t pick a font, because its refreshing design will help you relax! It was designed by Sideshow and may not be as bubbly as the other fonts available here, but still, it’s really rounded and has a really good shape that can help you create some fun summer designs instantly. Chewy is perfect for both formal and informal work, so use it wherever you want!

Bubbleboddy neue

Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Need a Bubbly font on Canva that can fit a variety of designs? If yes, then check out Bubbeboddy Neue! It’s designed by Zetafonts and focuses on a really rounded design, which looks really adorable. A great thing about this font is that it has thinner versions too, which makes it a good choice even for those projects where you don’t need bubbly fonts.

Bubbleboddy Neue is good for professional designs, logos, and website designs most of the time, so do not forget to give it a try.

Baloo Bhaijan

Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Need a round and friendly typeface, so why not try out Baloo Bhaijan? It was designed by Ek Type and has become really popular because of how well it supports Latin and nine Indian languages. Yes, you read that right. Baloo Bhaijan doesn’t only support Latin but can also help you with Indian languages like Bangla and Tamil. This can help you with many Indian designs that are impossible with other typefaces.


Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Chango by Fontstage is a minimal Bubble Canva font that may not have anything special in its design but still stands out because of its simplicity. You have also noticed it’s not rounded like other Graffiti Bubble Canva fonts. Well,  it’s because you can still stand out despite being different, and that’s what Chango wants to tell you. It’s a good idea for headlines, logos, and every project that needs a bit of simplicity.

Bubble Letter Elements

Bubbly Fonts on Canva

Last but not least, we are introducing you to the Bubble Letter elements, which are not fonts but elements by Trendify available on canva! They have a really creative design and may even remind you of graffiti art because of their looks. They are good for a lot of projects, so if you want to get them, just put this code in the elements search bar: set:nAE5Dd_QScs


Bubbly fonts are friendly as always, which is why everyone loves them. We have mentioned the best Bubbly Fonts on Canva in case you need some for your upcoming projects! They are good for kids’ designs, summer projects, logo creation, and many more, so do not forget to check them out!

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