Puffy fonts are probably the cutest fonts you can ever use in your life. Their soft and fluffy-looking design can make any design look a hundred times more adorable than it was, but did you know cute designs aren’t the only place where you can use these typefaces?

Yes, you read that right. Depending on the theme of your project, fluffy fonts can easily fit into a variety of designs. Graffiti art can be a great example; once you use fluffy fonts there, they will instantly change their tone and adapt to a graffiti style, which easily makes them one of the most versatile fonts available.

So, do you want to give them a try too, and make some of the most unique designs ever? If yes, then get ready to receive the Puffy Fonts now, as we have already made a list for them!

Whether you need them for some cute projects or graffiti designs, or you just want to use them for fun, they are ready to work with you and create some cute designs. That’s why, without further ado, let’s get straight into the list of puffy letter fonts.

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10 Best Puffy Letters Fonts For Your Future Projects 

Puffy fonts are being used for modern design too nowadays, so take advantage of this chance and design some cool projects with the typefaces listed below!


Best Puffy Fonts

For starters, we have Millennial, which is a trendy Y2K font by Blush Font Co. If you are a millennial, then this font is only for you because, from its name, design, and theme, everything is based on the Y2K era, which was probably the most favorite time of every millennial.

It’s a display font, and the best part about it is that it can be used in a variety of designs for a variety of themes. As it’s already perfect for Y2K designs, cute designs, and graffiti projects as well!


Best Puffy Fonts

Simple puffy fonts are fun to use, which is why there’s another one known as the Nuke! It’s created by Graphic Pie, and it offers you a pretty simple yet effective design that should help you with projects like graffiti art, advertisements, and hip-hop art.

Also, since it’s based on the Y2K era, feel free to use it for retro and vintage logos, headlines, and t-shirt designs. Lastly, it’s a paid font, but a few dollars are really worth spending on this amazing typeface, so do not hesitate to purchase it.

Keep on Truckin’

Here comes another font from the past known as Keep on Truckin’ by Brain Eaters. This font is especially for classical and vintage design lovers, as it’s based on retro logo and display designs.

Furthermore, its letter design is pretty unique but still pleasing and readable to any eyes that look at it. You can easily use this typeface for display designs, especially if they are informal. Lastly, this font is free and works well for graffiti too, so keep trying new combinations with it!

Pixel Pop

Here’s another amazing puffy Y2K font known as Pixel Pop by Saintricchi. Although it doesn’t have a pixel design, despite its name, it’s still an adorable choice for a variety of designs.

Thanks to its shiny and gorgeous look, it’s good for modern projects, retro designs, anime designs, and more. And since it’s this beautiful, it’s obviously a display font, so make sure you purchase this font soon and start working on every pending project!


Previous fonts were too overdesigned. No problem, as here’s Chewy by Font Diner. It’s a minimal, puffy letter font with a clear and simple design to please everyone who is tired of fancy typefaces.

Thanks to the clean and simple design, Chewy can be used everywhere; whether you want to use it for personal designs or professional ones, it will fit in and make your work easier. So, feel free to design some cute logos, advertisements, and flyers with it, as it’s free to use!

Double Bubble

Bubble fonts can also be counted as fluffy fonts, so why not use Double Bubble? It’s a 3D bubble typeface by epdesigns; in its design, each letter floats in peace, which looks really fun to use.

Furthermore, Double Bubble is extremely versatile because of its design, as it doesn’t only fit graffiti arts but also works well on school projects, bubble gum advertisements, and DIY crafts like t-shirts. So, if you like this font and think you can work well with it, then make sure to purchase it soon.

Happy Brown Cat 

Introducing Happy Brown Cat, a simple yet effective puffy letter font ready to make you as playful as a brown cat! It’s designed by Lazy Poony and is known for its minimal yet effective design that can help you with a variety of projects.

From logos, packaging, and branding to personal projects, feel free to use Happy Brown Cat wherever you need! It can be used for graffiti arts too, but only if you don’t want them to look complicated or overdesigned.

Simple Rounded

Simple Round is a minimal and rounded fluffy letter font by Peax Webdesign that can be a good choice for many modern projects. If you like outline fonts, then this can be great for you, as its main focus is its strong outlines that always keep a puffy shape.

With some colors, this font can do really well for projects like summer and school designs. You can even consider designing t-shirts with it since it’s extremely readable.


As its name suggests, McKloud takes its inspiration from cloud design and offers a pretty unique design, which is not common nowadays. This font is designed by Apostrophic Labs and can come in pretty handy when you feel like your designs need uniqueness.

Since it’s a cloud-based font, why not use it for summer or rainy designs? It would easily fit there and help your products sell extremely easily, so try it out soon as it’s completely free.


In the end, we would like to introduce one more puffy letter font with a bubble style, because they can be really fun! It’s known as Pomelo and is designed by Saintricchi. It’s also an outline font, which means you get multiple styles in just one font when you buy Pomelo.

If you are wondering what it is good for, then feel free to use it for designs that require some attention. This font is pretty attractive, so it’s best to use it for those projects that need some attention to shine.


Whether you wanted puffy fonts for graffiti art or some other designs, we have listed the best ones in this list. They can be useful in a variety of ways and designs, so make sure you give them a try and use them in your projects. Since they can do pretty well in display projects and help you get popular.

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