There are two art styles that were invented in the 20th century, which are art Deco and Art Nouveau. However, despite both being equally beautiful, art Deco gets all the recognition, which always keeps art nouveau underestimated.

However, in the past few years, something has changed, and people have started understanding art nouveau’s real potential, which is why they are falling in love with its elegant designs, beautiful curves, and fine lines.

So have you become an art nouveau enthusiast too recently? And design some beautiful pieces of art with it? If yes, then there’s no better option than typography to enjoy this unique art. Since it has come to the spotlight recently, it’s guaranteed that you will have a hard time finding some good Art Nouveau Fonts.

Fortunately, you are in luck, as the good news is that we have already done this work. This is why we are ready to introduce you to some of the best art nouveau typography!

If you think this art style deserves more recognition and should become more popular, then make sure to check out each font and use them in your upcoming projects as well!

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What is an Art Nouveau Font?

An Art Nouveau font is a typeface that is inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, which was an artistic and design style that flourished from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. It’s characterized by its intricate and flowing organic forms and was a reaction against the academic art and rigid design of the time.

Art Nouveau fonts typically feature elegant, curvilinear, and decorative elements, often resembling plant motifs, flowing lines, and stylized curves. These fonts seek to capture the graceful and fluid aesthetic of the Art Nouveau movement.

They were used in various forms of visual art, advertisements, posters, and printed materials during the Art Nouveau period.

At the moment, Art Nouveau fonts are loved for their artistic appeal and nostalgic designs, which makes them perfect for display projects such as posters, magazines, catalogs, and many more.

11 Elegant Art Nouveau Fonts

Every Art Nouveau font is unique and has a different use, so feel free to try out each, so that you can find the one that works best for you.

Peachy Fantasy

Art Nouveau Fonts

We just mentioned that art nouveau fonts are perfect for display works, and to prove that right, Peachy Fantasy is here! It’s designed by epdesigns and provides you with adorable curved and wavy designs that look so elegant and fun to use!

This font is good at provoking nostalgia as well; thanks to its retro and classical-looking design, you can easily make vintage projects with it. So, if you want to use it, then social media, packaging, advertisements, and branding can be some amazing places!

Runy Tunes Revisited NF

Do you like ancient-looking typography? If yes, then you are in luck because Runy Tunes is a good art nouveau font that features some sort of ancient typography.

It’s designed by Nick Curtis, and it’s a little bit based on Norse typography, which makes it a good choice for movie posters, especially because its design remains pretty mysterious. But if you want to use it somewhere else, then magazines and apparel can greatly benefit from this elegant typeface.


So you liked Runy Tunes? If yes, then you must try out Wansura too, as It’s also based on some sort of ancient typography and art nouveau style at the same time. It’s bold and leaves a good impact on designs, which makes it an ideal choice for a variety of display designs.

You can either use it for art projects, history-related designs, or fashion brand logos. It works perfectly in just so many places, so take advantage of its flexibility and make your design world more elegant.


Are you looking for a slightly simpler Art Nouveau font? If so, then maybe you should try out Amarante by Karolina Lach. It’s a medium-condensed art nouveau font with a pretty simple design.

It’s good for those who prefer minimal and modern designs and don’t want too much art in their projects. This unique design of Amarante makes it good for logos, as this way it has amazing readability, which is why many businesses use it.


Since we have talked about minimal fonts, let’s get back to fancy art nouveau fonts, which include Pruistine! It’s designed by graphicook, and it’s probably the prettiest Pruistine font because of how detailed and elegant it looks. This font gives off many feminine vibes too, so consider it a good choice for feminine projects like clothing designs, perfume logos, flower shop designs, and many more.


Designed by Ikiikowrk, Reimbrandt is one of the most iconic art nouveau fonts because, from a romantic vibe to beautiful curves, this font has everything other art nouveau typefaces need.

Also, it’s well known for its nostalgic and vintage style, which makes it good for many classical designs too. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether you are crafting a Valentine’s Day gift or a retro logo; you will always have fun with Reimbrandt.


Introducing Nerea by Patrirs20, which looks a lot like Reimbrandt! However, it trades off the bold design to be more feminine and thin. It may be inspired by cursive letters too, which makes it an even better option for fashion, clothing, and makeup brand projects.

But that’s not all; its cute side allows it to be more useful by helping with wedding designs and a variety of DIY projects.


Here comes Edda by George Williams. It’s a simple art nouveau font with a bit of an ink font design, which makes it a really unique pick for this list. This is probably the first art nouveau font that may not be a good choice for display projects, as it’s too thin to display your designs.

But fortunately, it can be a great option for signature or heading designs. So, whenever you need a good signature font, don’t forget our elegant Edda!

Love & Peace

Full of elegance and energy, Love & Peace is here to help you out with some whimsical designs. It’s designed by Fenotype, and it’s known for its energetic design that can easily spread happiness and positive vibes!

This is the reason it only uses its display work; the more it displays your work, the more happiness it spreads, which makes you popular too. So, use it for projects related to love, kindness, and happiness; it doesn’t matter whether they are DIY crafts or professional logos.


Remember Peachy Fantasy? If you liked it, then here’s a similar font known as Tan LIEBE by TanType. It has the same curves and wavy designs, but the difference is that Tan LIEBE is thicker and bolder, which makes it the better display font.

You can use it for similar projects, as both fonts are sweet and will perfectly fit everywhere thanks to their versatile designs. However, since Tan LIEBE is a paid font, make sure to purchase it first.

Della Respira

Art nouveau typography is remarkable, and you understand it instantly when you see Della Respira by Nathan Willis. It may not be as stylish as other fonts on this list, but its simplicity is what makes it an iconic typeface. It’s good for a variety of projects, from headings, logos, and invitation cards to DIY projects; its simple design allows it to be good everywhere. So do it and forget it, as it’s free!


Art Nouveau style is getting popular rapidly, so take advantage of the best art nouveau typography before you leave; they are going to help you a lot. Thanks to their elegant and sweet looks, your designs will become everyone’s favorite in no time, so make sure to give them a chance.

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