Have you tried every single font available on Canva and can’t find any new fonts to work with? If yes, then it is guaranteed your life in the design world has become pretty boring, but what if we told you it can be fun again with the help of some secret fonts?

You read that right! There are some secret fonts hidden in Canva that are hard to find, but in this article, we will reveal them so that you can continue your work again!

These aren’t fonts; they are Canva elements, which can be found by typing keywords in the search bar. Once you do this, some beautiful letters will appear in the results, and these letters can be considered fonts since once you click “See more” on any letter, you will get access to its entire collection. From A to Z, you will have every letter available to use.

Now, you may think, why should you use them when they aren’t even real fonts? Well, it’s because you can’t find such amazing designs anywhere else on the internet.

They are unique and come with really attractive designs that will keep your projects looking good.

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10 Best Hidden Fonts on Canva

Whether you’ve been searching for Secret Canva Fonts for a long time or just want to use them to get your inspiration back, every Canva Letter element is great for your work, so check out each!

Hand Drawn Block Letter

Introducing the Hand Drawn Block Letter element design by Sparklestroke Global. It’s a bold and blocky Canva Letter element with a really attractive and colorful design.

If you like block-shaped fonts, then maybe you should try them out soon, as their eye-catching design can easily bring a lot of attention to your design and help you get popular. Its intended use would be as the main text for posters and advertisements. Lastly, it has a retro look too, so try it out there as well!


Do you like bubble fonts? And can’t find any good ones on Canva? Well, your problem is solved now because we are introducing you to Canvabubbleletters by Lemuel Taytay. It’s just an adorable Secret Canva font that has remained hidden until now so that it can spread its cuteness to the fullest.

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This Canva letter element works best, especially for kids’ designs, because of its childish and cute looks, which makes it a great choice for birthday parties and school projects.

Pink Balloon Letter

Like the Canvabubbleletters? If yes, then you must check out Pink Ballon Letter by StylishDesign! Why? Well, it’s because it’s basically the realistic version of Canvabubbleletters; it literally looks like real balloons in letter shapes, which makes them look really adorable.

However, Canvabubbleletters were mostly used for kid designs, but Pink balloon letters can be used for any kind of party, whether it’s an anniversary or your 18th birthday. Feel free to decorate with them.

Chalk font

Miss your school? Well, here’s Chalk Font to give you nostalgia for your old days! It’s designed by Boholine, and just like every other Secret font on Canva, it’s got an amazing design that can easily bring you a huge amount of attention. This element will give you the exact same design as normal chalk would so feel free to use it for some creative designs. Though it would be the best choice mostly for school designs, you can.

Metallic letters

Bored of childish designs? If yes, then let’s move on to something modern with Metallic Letters by Miracle. This Hidden font on Canva looks exactly like what steel pipes would look like if they were shaped into letters, which gives this design a great personality

Also, the art shines like real metal, which means it will easily attract people towards you and make them interested in you. If you work with modern chrome metallic designs, then this Secret font on Canva can help you a lot, so check it out.

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Groovy letters

Let’s go back to the past with Groovy Letters by Anka Drozd! It’s a simple and retro-looking Hidden font on Canva with a really adorable bubbly design. Although it’s not as bubbly as the other bubbly fonts on this list, it can still work on similar projects.

But its real potential can be seen in classical projects such as logos, advertisements, and headlines. That’s why if there’s an upcoming project with a classical theme, don’t forget to use Groovy letters for it.

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Neon letters

Since we have covered the past, let’s talk a bit about the future too with Neon Letters by Ken111! There are many neon elements available on Canva, but this one is probably the best because, from its colors, lighting, and letter design, everything about it is just perfect.

This Neon letter is an amazing choice for party, hotel, or restaurant logos. They can work perfectly for modern designs or light business designs too. It’s a really fun design, so don’t miss it.

Retro zine letters

Retro magazine letters looked just elegant and amazing, so do you want to use them? If yes, then it’s time to try out the Retro Zine Letters by Nanami Creators. The best part of this element collection is that each letter has its own unique design, which isn’t available in the other zine letter collections.

Retro magazine letters are really fun to use because of their classical yet elegant looks, which means once you get this pack in your hands, you won’t be able to stop yourself from crafting perfection!

Scrapbook letters

Scrapbook letters are just like Retro zine letters, so in case you didn’t like the zine letters, maybe you can try scrapbook ones. They are pretty adorable and were designed by Croomi.

Fortunately, each letter in this collection also has a unique and separate design, which makes it even more fun to use all the letters. Whether it’s a personal project or a professional one, scrapbook letters will help you design remarkable classic designs, so try them out soon.

Dreamy Chrome Letter

Do you like chrome designs? They are always shiny and look so elegant; why wouldn’t anyone like them? That’s why here’s a dreamy chrome letter by Riko Laguilles. It’s the last edition of our Secret Fonts on Canva and comes with a really beautiful design that can surely steal some spotlight. It will be a great idea to use this font for jewelry designs, as that’s the only place where these letters can shine the brightest. 


Using Canva Letter Elements as fonts may not seem like the best idea at first, but as you start trying them out, you will get used to them. So check out designs like Metallic letters, Chalk font, and Scrapbook letters to discover a whole new world of typography!