Each year, we need to be prepared for many kinds of parties, including Halloween, Christmas, the New Year, anniversaries, birthdays, and many more. Celebrating all these parties can be annoying sometimes, especially when you don’t have a lot of time because of your busy schedule. However, this situation turns even more frustrating when you realize you don’t have any good party fonts.

Fonts play an important role in any party’s decorations, from invitation cards, greeting cards, and the party menu to the party banner. Everything that requires text will need a good font so that your party looks beautiful and guests remain engaged. Using the old fonts may sound like a good idea, but if you have used them before, the upcoming parties will feel really boring.

And picking some good fonts at the moment will take hours, which can waste a lot of your time. But do not worry at all since we have already prepared a list of some of the best party fonts available on the internet. To know more about them, keep reading till the end and make your parties more enjoyable than ever!

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10 Most Decorative Fonts For Parties

There’s nothing to fear since the list of the best party fonts is here. You can use them for any party purpose, whether you want to design greeting cards or a party menu. Just use them; they will surely add a fun vibe to your gatherings!

1. Birthday Party—A Handwritten Font

birthday party fonts

Starting this list with “Birthday Party“—a quirky, handwritten font that can easily add a childish and fun look to your party decorations It was designed by KA Designs, and they recommend customers use this typeface for quotes, invitations, and t-shirts. If you have any party t-shirts, then designing them with a birthday party font can be fun.

As the name suggests, it’s great for birthday parties too, so it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult; this font works best for everyone.

2. Wildside | Bubbly Handwritten Font

cute party fonts

Here comes the Wildside, which may sound like a savage font but is actually a cute and bubbly handwritten font. This typeface is also designed by KA Designs and has really charming looks as a decorative font.

Its bubbly and cute looks make this typeface a great pick for kids’ birthdays or school parties. From party decorations to party menus, everything will look pure and dazzling, and kids will surely love it, so make sure to purchase Wildside soon.

3. KG Chasing Cars

party fonts

Need an innocent theme for your party? No problem. Here’s the KG Chasing Cars, a super innocent font by Kimberly Geswein. This font looks exactly like party decorations, ribbons, and banners. It also has a fun party look that can make your gatherings even more enjoyable.

Not to mention, designing greeting cards becomes even easier with this typeface because of its simple yet attractive designs. It’s really versatile, and the best thing about it is that it’s free to use.


decorative fonts

Spring break is the time when many college students get relief from their classes and throw some parties to enjoy. And this is where spring break will be needed the most.

This font, designed by Blush Font Co., has really cool and relaxing looks that can make your friends enjoy their break even more and remain relaxed at the party. which is why giving it a try is really worth it.

5. Candy Time

kids party fonts

Whether you like candies or not, Candy Time will surely make your parties more colorful than before with its tasty look. This font looks exactly like candy, which makes it a good pick for birthday parties. Letters are bold and large too, which gives them great readability and will keep the guests engaged.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a teenager; as long as you like candy, using this freebie for your decorations will surely be a good option.

6. Be Bright + Swashes

free party fonts

Every wedding that is decorated with Be Bright + Swashes surely becomes iconic. Be Bright + Swashes is a sweet handwritten brush font that gives a relaxing feel to any design, making it a perfect option for peaceful and chill parties.

You can take wedding parties for an example; this minimal brush font will surely add an amazing atmosphere to such a party, so try it soon.

7. After Party

party invitation fonts

After Party is one of those fonts that can easily add a more aesthetic and appealing look to a gathering. It’s a cute display font with really charming and dazzling looks. When it comes to displaying, nothing can beat this font since it’s really shiny and lovely.

It can easily catch people’s attention, so design greeting cards so that people show even more interest in your parties!

8. Balonku

Bubbly fonts always make a good impression at parties, which is why here’s another one, Balonku! It’s designed by Vable Studio and can be an excellent choice for display purposes because of its large, attractive letters.

It’s really fun to use this typeface because of its bouncy and squishy designs, so using it will surely make your parties fun. Lastly, it’s free, so do not hesitate to use it.

9. Cheri

decorative party fonts

Do you want a sweet theme for your party? If yes, then Cheri can easily help you out and make your parties sweeter than ever. Cheri, designed by Fontalicious, is a decent display font with bold borders that easily make it stand out.

It’s better to use this font for the main decorations of a party as it has high visibility, which makes it hard to ignore anything designed with this font. So try it out soon because it’s free as well.

10. Within Hopes Font

birthday party fonts

Last but not least, Within Hopes is another display font to the list that has quite a retro style. which means if you are having a reunion party with your friends soon, then using Within Hopes can easily help you remember your old times.

Its bright colors and enough boldness makes it a good choice for any party, so make sure to design as many decorations as you can with it.


Decorative fonts never get boring since their main purpose is decorating and attracting people to them. In the above list, we have mentioned the best-party fonts available on the internet. 

Most of them are free, so do not forget to try them out and make your gatherings even more memorable.

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