Do you often find yourself lacking attractive fonts? Do your designs look boring and barely grab people’s attention? If so, then it’s time to switch to Liquid typography! It’s because nowadays, these fonts are gaining popularity pretty rapidly and have become the latest trend in no time.

All thanks to their stylish and attractive looks, they are versatile and fit in almost everywhere, which means no matter what industry you work in, you can always design amazing designs with them.

However, this liquid trend isn’t only about water-like fonts; liquid metal fonts are also gaining popularity. Their Y2K looks, vibrant colors, and dazzling designs are too much for this modern world, which is why you will be seeing them more often from now on!

Do you want to try them out? Do you want to design projects that draw crowds of thousands? If so, then just read this article till the end, as here we are going to introduce the best Liquid Metal and Fluid fonts for your projects.

They are perfect for a variety of designs, whether it’s DIY wall art, an advertisement, or a professional logo. Their liquid-like design will help them adapt perfectly, so without further ado, let’s get straight into the vibrant world of liquid typography!

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10 Liquid / Fluid Fonts You Need Right Now! 

There may be thousands of liquid fonts, but unfortunately, they aren’t as good as the ones mentioned in this article. So take your time to check them out.


Water turns its reflection into weird yet elegant shapes when you disturb its peace, and inspired by those shapes, here’s our first font, DOGHEBI! It’s designed by MDP Typefaces and is known for its elegant liquid design, which feels satisfying to use.

The only flaw about this font is its readability, but that can be fixed by using it in fashion or beauty projects, as in such designs, readability doesn’t matter but looks do! So, get this paid font right away if you have a good fashion design in mind!


It would be a shame if, in the list of liquid fonts, we didn’t have typefaces with water drop designs; that’s why here’s Psycho! It’s designed by Billy Argel Fonts and has a really clean and realistic design that can help you out with a huge variety of projects.

Such fonts are good, especially if you are working on a fruit juice logo, advertisement, or water-based product design. It will just make the design look more lively and realistic, which can easily get you a lot of attention.


Looking for a good display font? If yes, then check out Wetris by That That Creative, which is inspired by the shapes of water drops and puddles. However, this time it doesn’t have a realistic look, which makes it available for even more types of projects.

The best part about Wetris is that it’s so versatile, which means depending on the color you pick, you can change its liquid. For example, using green tones can help you display acid, while red ones are good for blood. It’s also paid, so get it soon!

Water Splash 

This list is all about liquid fonts, and their most common work is crafting a good water design. That’s why here’s Water Splash by PutraCetol Studio! It has a really fun and adorable design that directly represents water in every part. So, if you want to design a logo for a water park, a new water bottle, or a drink, just design it with Water Splash, and you are ready to go!

Solvent Family

As we go deeper into this article, we will explore more and more Liquid Metal fonts, and here’s the first one, known as the Solvent family. It’s designed by PintassilgoPrints and is considered a super decorative font for its shiny style and attractive style.

Also, it’s an all-caps font, which makes it an amazing candidate for display designs! Maybe some packaging projects, album designs, and greeting cards will work with it.


Squidwod is unique liquid typography on this list, as it doesn’t fit both the liquid and liquid metal categories, but you can say it’s a slime-like font. It’s designed by Ronny Studio and has a pretty spooky look, making it an ideal font for many Halloween designs.

But if it’s not Halloween, then try designing some scary posters or horror logos. Its design is so fun that you won’t get bored.


Liked Squiwod? Well, here’s another spooky fluid font for you, and it’s known as the Grinder. Designed by Ronny Studio, it is the scarier version of Squidwod, as it doesn’t have a really goofy design, which makes it a good choice for horror movies and music designs.

Maybe your horror can use this font a bit too and become even more fun. Also, since its design is pretty serious, Grinder can be used for luxury designs, so do not miss it out.

Rendi Wendy

Do you like weird fonts? If yes, here’s one: Rendi Wendy by Ana and Yvy! This font has a pretty design that resembles a bubble or water design, but that’s not all since it’s a retro font as well.

It can add a nice retro touch to your designs and make them look fun and lively with its weird liquid shapes! Most of the time, it’s good for cartoon designs, advertisements, and logos. So, in case you miss the classical times, consider buying Rendi Wendy!

Black Gunk 

As its name suggests, Black Gunk is a dark and rugged font that has made it into this list because it’s also a part of Fluid Fonts! It’s designed by Iconian Fonts, has a good display design, and is also a retro font.

Its black and dirty design gives it good readability, while the liquid design allows it to stand out, which easily tells us that sometimes dull things can be good too. It’s mostly good for horror and retro designs, but don’t hesitate to experiment with new things.

Wubble SVG

Wubble is an iconic liquid metal font coming directly from the Y2K era. It was designed by Am Parrett, and it was a popular font during the old days because of how well it fits into retro projects.

Since its design is based on love, it’s safe to say Wubble can help you out with your next Valentine’s gift. Lastly, it’s also an SVG font, so if you are a crafter, get this font right now and craft some classical liquid designs!


Fluid fonts will slowly but surely take over the typography world soon, so before it’s too late, check out all the Liquid Metal fonts we have mentioned in this article. They are perfect for all sorts of designs, so start right now or you may miss a lot of Liquid typography!

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