Google Fonts is probably the best place on the entire internet where you can get the best fonts. Why? Well, the primary reason behind this is their free fonts. No matter what font you want to use, you will get it for free.

Also, they provide you with a variety of typefaces, including handwritten, bold, blackletter, and sans-serif. You can get everything you want from them.

And in this article, we are going to cover their condensed fonts, because did you know many people consider condensed typefaces to be bad fonts? It’s all because of a misconception that says condensed fonts will make your designs look cramped, which may result in unpleasant results from all your hard work. However, this isn’t even close to the truth, as nowadays condensed fonts are one of the top fonts. 

Their style and design fit pretty well in this modern world; from logos to magazine covers, people are using them just about everywhere. They are a perfect fit for Google Slides too, so if you want to stop believing in such misconceptions and design something amazing, then stay till the end!

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8 Condensed Google Fonts You Need To Try! 

Narrow Google fonts are soon going to take over the typography world, and here are the 8 best Thin Fonts on Google you should try before that happens!


Introducing Abel, a modern condensed Google font by MADType! If you are a fan of clean and modern-looking fonts, then this typeface is probably for you. It was actually made for newspaper headlines and posters, but as things got more modern, this typeface started becoming a better option for web and digital works.

From website logos and headings to Google slides, there are many places where Abel would fit perfectly. The best part about Abel is that it’s not only a good display font, but it works well at small sizes too!


Anton is a popular Condensed Google Font that’s been around for a long time. By now, many people have used it, and it’s always a favorite pick in Vogue magazines, so why not try it?

It was designed by Vernon Adams. It’s actually a rework of a traditional advertising sans serif typeface, but to fit the modern world, it has a design that would work well on the web. Which is why it’s a great font for Google Slides.

It’s also a good pick for advertisements, just like it was in the past, with a variety of headlines as well.

Archivo Narrow

In case you were looking for minimally condensed fonts on Google, here’s Archivo Narrow by Omnibus-Type. It’s a narrow font that was originally designed for highlights, headlines, print, and digital platforms. Surprisingly, even in the digital world, it’s doing the same work, so if you need a font for any of these projects, then Archivo Narrow can be an amazing choice.

Also, its simplicity gives it good readability, no matter how small the text is, it will always be readable. So, get Archivo Narrow as soon as possible and get those printing projects done!

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is yet another popular Google condensed font to add to the list. It was designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, and it’s actually based on an old font called Bebas. It is considered a display font rather than a narrow font because of its good design and ability to represent texts perfectly.

Which is why it would be an amazing choice for almost all of your Google slides. But if that’s not where you want to use it, then packaging designs, captions, and headlines are also some great places where this typeface can work. So don’t waste time and get this font right away!

Big Shoulders Text

Big Shoulders text is probably the most different font available in this list, as it has a thinner and longer design than every other font in this list. It’s designed by Patric King and is actually a superfamily of condensed American Gothic variable fonts, each created for the Chicago Design System and the citizens of Chicago.

These three fonts are Big Shoulders, Big Shoulders Stencil, and Big Shoulders Inline. Each font has a unique style and can make your Google Slides better than ever, so make sure to check out each and pick the best one.


Looking for a font with Latin and Devanagari support? Well, here’s Teko by Indian Type Foundry. It was originally designed to be used as headlines and other display work. And guess what? It’s perfectly doing everything you would expect from it, from company logos and thumbnails to Google slides.

This font works well in a lot of places. Thanks to its versatile and clean design, even from large distances, it’s easy to understand. Which easily makes Teko the ultimate condensed font for your projects.


Condensed fonts don’t always have to be thin; sometimes they can stand out by being bold, just like Stastliches by Rian LaRossa and Erica Carras. Sometimes this font may even look like a display font, which is good, as it just increases its uses and makes it a more versatile font than the others.

Since it’s bold, it will be an excellent pick for professional designs such as slides for office meetings or business logos.

Pathway Gothic One

If you are interested in Gothic fonts, then here’s Pathway Gothic by Eduardo Tunni. It’s also a simple, narrow font with a bit of a gothic touch that makes it stand out a bit more than the other Thin Fonts on Google.

Furthermore, it’s a condensed font, so it’s a good choice for Google Slides, subtitles, headings, and even special texts. Recently, this font has been updated with aesthetic modifications, so if you have used it in the past, it’s a good idea to update it and try out the better version.


Finding a Condensed Google Font isn’t hard at all, as every font available there is perfect for your project, but the ones mentioned above are probably the best picks. So, if you enjoy using Narrow Google fonts in your projects, check them out, as they are good for a variety of projects like Google Slides.

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